Winners Revealed in the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge by Local Motors

September 7, 2019

Today we’re at the Airbus Group conference center here in Munich and we’re doing the judging session for the Airbus
Cargo Drone Challenge. The main prize was judged by a panel of high-level
executives from from the Airbus Group. We created a pool of entries with high-potential and then stand presented to the jury body. We say okay, we want to have very widely described what we want and then use a crowd development
community to give their inputs to what we think is the need of a customer. The challenge was very important for us.
It’s our first experience and there are more engineering processing and I hope
that this platform will save lives in the future This is really what the challenge has been about; it’s about testing, experimenting, and learning through the process. I would say we’re pushing some people
out of their comfort zone — quadratically — and for others, it’s been a complete eye opener, it’s also been
breath of fresh air coming in. The whole process of having an open crowd sourcing for a concept is really a good idea and the quality of the responses was
absolutely enormous understanding and this was really really great yeah yeah yeah when doing so we invite the community
again and was built around that project and we’re going to share everything we
do in terms of engineering its and flip the process and invite everybody to
participate in that and give feedback that challenge our assumptions child her
ideas give me ideas and we’re going to go into the next step prototyping that vehicle to towards a
flying a prototype

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