Winter Soldier’s METAL ARM Explained!

August 15, 2019

Captured and subjected to scientific experimentation,
Bucky Barnes plummeted from atop a mountain during an attack aboard a HYDRA train. Surviving the fall due to the physical enhancements
garnered during his captivity, however, suffering horrific injuries, including the loss of his
left arm. Bucky was recovered by HYDRA, and placed under
the Soviet-based Winter Soldier program; reprogramming his mind into that of a deadly assassin, while
providing him with a cybernetic prosthesis to replace missing arm. The densely metal plated bionic arm provides
him with strength that is beyond that of Captain America, and is capable of tearing through
thick shielding, as well as deflect gunfire and be used as protection against abrasions. Though extremely strong and durable, the bionic
arm is susceptible to being damaged and requires ongoing maintenance and periodic repairs. The arm, paired with Bucky’s enhanced strength
and combat training, give him the edge over many enhanced opponents, and grant him the
ability to overpower his adversaries. Well, most of them anyway.

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