Wir bauen ein DROHNEN – JETPACK! | Unsere menschliche DIY Drohne #2
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Wir bauen ein DROHNEN – JETPACK! | Unsere menschliche DIY Drohne #2

August 21, 2019

We already told you that we are going to build a human drone! We missed the propellers the last weeks, we are going to explain it at the end. But we can start now! We also got our new, much stronger motors This one is the hacker A200 from Conrad this one has 15kw=about 20hp We are using those, we are just attaching them the same way as on a normal drone. at first we are not going to fasten the pilot direct under the drone, to make it as safe as possible It will look like a jetpack on your back, lifting you from behind. Of course this project is much more complicated and has to be a lot safer than our other projects. So we are using professioanal materials this time. Thanks for planning everything with us, Jens Weber. We are beginning with a few tests right now! This one is our new propeller, it is even bigger than the last one. We are fastining it the “wrong” way, to blow the air up. We will attatch it on a scale, to see how strong the motor actually is. The propeller will press the scale down, this way we can meassure if the drone can actually lift us Each one should reach about 20 – 30kg, because the manned drone will weigh about 100kg I hope we are safe here! It reached 35kg, what weans 140kg for the whole drone! That should be more than enough! Now we tested everything, so lets start to build the drone! So the main frame is finished, we will fasten the motors later Now we have to test if it really holds a person! We will attatch a sattle to this profile to hold the person We will sit on this sattle later We will attatch a safty belt here and fasten the whole thing under the drone! So our frame is finished, now we are going to test if it really is strong enough to carry a person! I am the first today and hope that it really will hold me! I think it passed the test! So we only have to fasten the motors, wait for the propellers an than we can lift of! We are now going to test, if it is possible to carry the whole thing on your back We are attatching the motors now, this will make it a lot heavier! It really is heavy! We need a support, so you can stand better But the motors should lift 160kg, than it should be no problem! Unfortunately we can’t continue now, because we have to wait on our CCW propellers. A drone always need CW and CCW propellers, but we didn’t find the CCW ones, because nobody else needs them. So we asked a company in China to make some, but they need to long to send them. So we decided to ask a very expensive company in czech, the are building them right now and promised to send them is three weeks. Thank you very much for supporting this project on patreon! If you also want to held us, and see your name on the drone, you can support us on peatreon. We are glad for every help! Leave a comment down below, if you think the drone will lift of some day! Or let us know if you have any other ideas! On our instagram story you always will see live updates, so please follow us there! If you want to see the drone flying, please subscribe and we will see us in the next video!

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  1. Ihr seid für mich der beste Youtube-Kanal..sogar besser als mein eigner =D..(euer Format ist sogar um Welten besser 😉 Und weil ich euch und das was ihr da macht so gut finde, ihr vorallem sehr authentisch wirkt und ne Menge Arbeit in eure Projekte und wirklich unterhaltsamen Videos steckt, bin ich seit heute auch ein Patreonunterstützer. PS: Ihr seid die Einzigen die ich bisher über diesen Weg unterstütze.

  2. WTF don't make it look like you are going to fly it in the headline and then say in the video that you are waiting for parts!!!!

  3. I'll donate U guys money if one day U can afford to give me one of these please dream for me to have one of these just can't afford it 🙁

  4. Why do people keep using the word 'drone' when they mean 'quadcopter' or 'multi-rotor copter'? Drone just means unmanned aircraft

  5. Good one you Gona beat hacksmith;!but it's more easy to put 5 smaller engines on your back way and 4 small around arms ;!check my old channel zeinstain2011;! thanks

  6. Sir can you please tell us that which motor did u used and it's links. Of motor. ESC and battery and flight controller that u r using

  7. People like Paul Moller and Glenn L. Martin spend their whole lives trying to build and machines like this and you guys just whip one up in the garage! Amazing. Fly safe.

  8. Wäre mir echt zu krass mit da dranzuhängen. Holz ist jetzt nicht das dauerfesteste, gerade bei Lochleibungen

  9. So while user is developing passenger drone two guys with a YouTube channel in Germany are making drones capable of lifting people on thier own. Well done to you guys absolutely mad work

  10. Instead of Motors. Replace on blower technique means wind direction per your requirement .it's reaches performance.

  11. I like you but i'm french and i dont all enderstand …. You Can make text on french ? Thanks for watch this 😜

  12. نشاااط ولحيوح شعبييي رووعة دخول نشاط مع راسك  وبرطاجي لابغيتي كين أحسان شعبييي عند  ديدجي سعيد شخدة مروكان إشتراك في القناة وقوم بي أضغط على الجرس ليسيلك الجديد ومرحباا بكم في قناتكم لي الاعراس المغربية طوب،  👇👇👇👇https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vZz4yWU76WE52O4Y5O_Uw

  13. Hai try to make a simple flight with single proppeller we can our support is allways come on we can

  14. Irgendwelche Leute die Computerspiele spielen, haben viel mehr Abonnenten!?
    Was stimmt mit den Leuten nicht?!

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