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Wonder Man – Simon Williams (Explained in a Minute) | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University
& I’m going to explain Wonder Man in about a minute. Simon Williams’ first appearance was in
‘Avengers #9” in October of 1964 and he was created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. Simon inherited his family’s munitions factory
after his father died and his older brother Eric refused to run the company. Simon was a good scientist but a horrible
businessman and the company was losing money because they couldn’t compete with their
biggest rival, Stark Industries. He didn’t know that Eric was involved with
various crime organizations, so when his big brother suggested embezzling money into outside
business interests to finance the company, Simon agreed. The board of directors found out after a lengthy
investigation and Simon was brought up on racketeering charges and sent to prison. Bitter, the 22-year-old Simon Williams blamed
Tony Stark for all his troubles, telling anyone who would listen. Reading quotes of these accusations, Baron
Heinrich von Zemo arranged for Simon to be released and offered him the power to seek
his revenge if he would subject himself to Zemo’s experimental devices. Simon agreed and underwent the procedure and
became an ionic being, imbued with unearthly energies. Simon became incredibly strong, able to face
the combined might of the Avengers single-handedly. Simon faced several problems with his new
ionic form and the Avengers were the only people who helped him, swaying the powerhouse
to join their cause. Simon seemingly “died” in battle against
Zemo. After a length of time in suspended animation
to stabilize his form, Wonder Man became a full member of the Avengers, but he developed
a fear of death after the traumatic experience. Simon’s strength is in the class 100 range,
putting him in the same category as the Hercules and Thor. He is resistant to most forms of damage and
his body has no need to eat, drink, or breath. He is also extremely long-lived. In one reality, he lives for more than a millennium,
changing his name to Hollywood and helping the original Guardians of the Galaxy. After gaining more control over his body,
Simon developed the ability to fire blasts of tremendous energy. While he used to require a specially designed
jetpack made by Tony Stark, he developed the ability to fly on his own. He can transform his body into a pure ionic
energy form as well, and he is so powerful that he will always emit a red energy from
his eyes, thus he wears dark shades to hide this effect. He was trained in basic hand-to-hand combat
with Captain America. He possesses an advanced degree in electrical
engineering and his intelligence is classified as “gifted”. However, his true passion is acting and he
can often be found pursuing a leading role. And that’s Wonder Man, in about a minute.

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  1. can see simon williams in agents of shield taking on a new AIM!! as them turning him into a ironic human because of sickness,
    It'll be better if his a famous actor and model with a high file clothing line call wonderman wear or something!! instead of hating stark he should blame his brother makes more sense then blaming stark!! his brainwashed by george tarleton as Aim's weapon, not on nathan filion being wonderman I think ricky whittle would be better as wonderman.

  2. Love Simon I think they should do a tv series on him and his soulmate and true love Wanda the Scarlet Witch instead of coming out with a tv series on the Vision and the Scarlet Witch to me Simon and Wanda make more sense plus as funnyvas it sounds the initials of their code names and first and last names are the same also I don't recall Nathan Fillion ever playing Wonder Man.

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