WordPress, divi child theme install, migrate to live,  start to finish
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WordPress, divi child theme install, migrate to live, start to finish

August 30, 2019

So many questions on the Facebook Groups and Divi Theme users and WordPress frankly Are how do I set up a wordpress install on DEV server? how do I install divi and how do I install a child theme and – Once I’ve made my amendments. How do I then port that to a live site? So this is a deep dive into all of that with Andrew Palmer from Elegant marketplace So as you can see above here. I’ve gotten a marketing collateral This is my business for hosting and I’ve got a little thing called artwork Archive Koto uk and this is where I do all of my testing so I dialed in to my Control panel and all I do is I scroll down and you’ll see something very similar to this in your control panels if you’ve got A control panel based hosting if you’re using something like Flywheel or WP engine which we like as well It’ll be completely different, and you can just set up the stuff there So I found my wordpress blog. I’m going to install that now and I’m going to call it child theme install I’m going to install it into a separate folder and that’ll only give me an option to install a single blog unit and So that’s been installed to that So we’re going to give this a title of child theme Install I’m going to change that user name to Andrew and I’m going to keep that password as well Check your spelling on all your emails I tend to misspell things And I’m going to discourage the search engines from indexing this site. That’s quite important That’s another question that gets asked as well so as soon as you install your wordpress Just discourage the search engines from the very start I’m going to not save that password. I’m going to log in now, and it’s going to be Andrew and The password that I copied and pasted. I’m gonna ask it to remember me because I’m a bit lazy like that and there we are we have a new wordpress install I’m just going to add this to my Password manager I’m going to update to the latest version of wordpress if you – four point eight point one at this time I’m basically making sure that the wordpress is completely clean install and I’m going to update all the plugins that come with wordpress as well So word pressing this door. I’m going to go to my plugins And I’m going to see that they need updating so I’m just going to go to the update available and simply update all of them now I tend not to use Jetpack, and it’s a bit controversial, but It’s actually quite a good program if you use it properly so read the manual on Jetpack And there are some really quite good things, and there’s some security situations I quite like accuse omit anti-spam as well, I Tend not to use insight a WP personalization made easy, but it’s a quite a good thing as well So just have a look at all these things and learn about what wordpress actually installs into your website straight away So now it’s time to install the latest version of divi, so I go to appearance themes add new theme upload theme Choose my file now I’ve got a certain place where I keep my updates And it’s called divi version control and here’s the latest version now Now it does take some time to install this wordpress or divi rather When it first came out was a couple of megabytes And now it’s 7 mega and depending on your connection. It can take a little while to upload to your server decompress and install the theme So that’s now installed I can activate that Now one of the things that I like about divi is it does actually tell you to read the divi Documentation or have a look at the documentation and I totally recommend Reading the manual is quite surprising How many people don’t know where the divi documentation is but when you install divi it tells you exactly Where it is so go and have a look at that as well if you’re new to divi and even if you’re an older divi user It’s a good idea to go there because they do update it from time to time and certainly at the moment There are some very brand new Divi documentation bits and pieces around especially around the visual builder So take advantage of the service, but elegant themes offer and go and read the divi documentation I’m moving on swiftly. We’ll just add a new theme Now I’ve downloaded a theme from Elegant marketplace, obviously and I’m going to upload that theme I’m going to go and find it and I’m using the medical child theme here. I’ve unzipped the file Generally when you download a child theme from Elegant marketplace? It will say unzip me this particular one doesn’t but you know if you’ve got problems with style dot csS not showing up That means that the theme that is all the theme file has got other files in it And you need to open it up and have a look at the documentation And obviously go into the child theme itself and install the child theme So just select that and we hit install now Now that’s been uploaded so we can activate that So now on this particular child theme. We have to go to the divi library and Install the layouts, so what we do is. We just hit possibility import Choose the file and then we go to Medical channel theme Layouts JSon now It’s a four megabyte files that may take a little while to import, so we’re going to import all of the divi Builder layouts And hopefully it will import without any issues now if you have a particularly slow server or your server isn’t running Php 5.6 which all servers need to use as a minimum for divi then have a word with your Host and they can change it for you Or you may be able to change that in your own control panel So that’s all nicely Imported and we can go to all our pages now And what we can do is we can add all our new pages, and we can use the divi builder And this particular one we can load from the library add from library and we can see all of our pages there So I’m just going to load up the home page for now I’m going to Publish that I also need to go to my menus Set up my main menu create my menu and I’m going to add My homepage that menu so I’m going to set it as my primary menu and save it Now that’s going to have a look at the site Now what we see here is what people see quite a lot especially new users One can forget to set the homepage as the page that you want to see now wordpress, generally sets your blogging pages as the pages that you want to see so let’s go back to the theme customizer and We go to our static front page And we say we want to have a front page display of a static front page And that would be our home page our post page. We just need a blank And we can save and publish that page now And that’s it. That’s the child theme installed. You can see that the items are in there, and it’s up to you to build out your content and Make sure that you are delighted with your new channel theme now next. We’re going to export this and Import it into another wordpress install using the all-in-one migration Plugin So we’ve installed the child theme. We’ve put all the pages in we’ve put in the different menu items and We’ve also done the permalinks to make sure that we’ve got friendly permalinks So when we go through to the different sections the pages look nice on the url so the next thing to do is to install a nice little plugin which is free up to 500 megabyte sites and That’s called All-in-one migration now you can do this from your dashboard so you just go to Plugins add new And you type in here all-in-one migration? hit return And with a bit of luck all in one migration will turn at first and it has so you just simply install that now activate it And you go to the menu item on the dashboard and you say export and you Export to a file now there are premium options for this too exports of Dropbox Google Drive Amazon S3 Onedrive and whatever boxes, and that’s now said that I’ve got a 64 megabyte file and it says download it so I’m going to hit on download and I’m going to put that into My file that I’m using for this particular training session And I’ve got that there this chance to install version, so I’ll save that down Now again depending on your internet connection that will take either seconds or minutes like mine I’ve got a slow internet Connection so bear with it Now that’s done. So you can close that down quite happily And you can go and view that file in your folder And it will say it’s a w press file and the next thing we do is go to our live site so we happen to have a spare line called love figures it was done for an accountant and they decided to go against that name so It’s totally spare and we can now install The child theme that I installed on the temporary domain, so let’s just go to the dashboard add a new plugin Which is the all-in-one migration? install that activate Go along to the dashboard menu item and hit import and we can import from a file and we know that that file is there a lovely thing about All-in-one migration is that you can actually? Just rely on it to change the urls across the whole site. So once this is imported We can be assured that it will work perfectly so That’s imported now and you’ve got some warning messages the import process will overwrite your database media plug-ins and themes and Each other you have a backup of your data before proceeding to the next step always good advice But as this is a very clean wordpress install. We don’t need to worry about that. So we just press continue So that’s imported successfully so what we have to do is now We’ve got to save our permalink structure twice, so we go to the permalink settings and That will always ask us to log in so we’ve got the username and password from our previous site we login we say save changes and save changes again And you can see that. It’s changed to child theme install when we visit the site It will be exactly as it was on the development site now realize. This is a live site So we’ve got everything going for us The last thing to do is before you actually go live and tell your client that it’s all there you go to your general settings reading and Uncheck discourage search engines from indexing this site now I do a little seo course as well, so it’s always a good idea to install an seo plug-in and Anybody who knows me my preferred option is all-in-one seo And that’s it for today. So you’ve learned how to install wordpress We’ve learnt how to install a dEv server For your wordpress development. We’ve installed a child theme We’ve amended all the content We’ve back that up using all-in-one migration and we’ve now turned that into a live site as well So good luck with it and enjoy And I’ll speak to you soon

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  1. Hi there, when importing a site file through all in one migration… Will it overwrite any posts? Or just all the pages?

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