WordPress for Android: How to Add Media to a Page or Post
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WordPress for Android: How to Add Media to a Page or Post

September 2, 2019

Hi, and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to add
an image or a video to a page or a post using the WordPress for Android app. Open up the app and tap on Pages or Posts
to edit an existing page or post. You can also use the orange circle
in the bottom right to create a new one. Once in the Editor, tap on the spot
where you want to add your photo. Tap on the first icon, the media icon,
to pull up the media picker. You can choose a photo or video from
your device, take a photo, or browse your WordPress media library. To select more than one image, hold down
on the media until a number shows up in the top corner. Then, tap on the check mark in the
top right to insert your media. To remove your image or video, just tap
on the media and tap on the X that appears in the top corner. And that’s it. You can download the WordPress apps
for desktop iOS and Android at apps.wordpress.com.

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