WordPress Migration – How To Move Free Blog to Self Hosted 2019 (WordPress.com to WordPress.org)
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WordPress Migration – How To Move Free Blog to Self Hosted 2019 (WordPress.com to WordPress.org)

August 15, 2019

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  1. Faster & UPDATED WordPress migration 2018 video now live here! ➡️https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDJl5Eofhp4

    Thank you for watching and hope you can complete WordPress migration! Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

  2. Hola!, estoy aquí, Anteriormente escribrí en un video antiguo.. Puedes apoyarme con algo en el teme Mr Tailor y visual composer

  3. Such a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much. I watched the entire video. However, I just can't find the add new theme button or search for new plugins. I am forced to use the default 2017 theme. Can you please help

  4. Hi, thanks for this helpful vdo. I need little help. I am having three issues in Catch Base theme:
    1. unable to edit footer. When I click on edit area the cursor moves to some other place in editor. I don't know to control this.
    2. Site logo and background image is appearing when I activate theme however these can be seen on theme test drive preview.
    3. I have changed featured content to home page; it is working on theme test drive preview but not working when I activate for live.
    Need your help.

  5. Going through this tutorial at the moment, such a great guide so far. I had to map my domain on wordpress.com to a different URL and I cancelled this mapping the domain feature before I started the tutorial(maybe I shouldn't have done this). Now I've downloaded wordpress.org but when I try to log in it says "Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain".

    Any tips? I'm a little lost

  6. Hey Greg, I just have to say this is the best video I have ever come across. You are amazing. I am flabbergasted that I even found this and that you took the time to provide it. You gave me a lot of info. and made me laugh with ur analogies and ur wittiness😂🤣. I wanted to watch the entire process b4 I did it myself. When I get home this will definitely be the first thing I do. Umm I will comment again after the process is done with a link because I will mention you in my "In with the new post". It would be stupid on my part not to mention you even if I am not a big blogger yet lul. Anyhow much love for me to you. Like way too much. You are great.

  7. 👍Thank you so much. This is terrific detail & info for beginners. I appreciate you having the patience to do this and your voice sounds so kind, that helps too. 🤗💞🤗

  8. After visiting my domain name I still realize it wordpress.com. I tried opening the Hostgator market link and using the admin link and password provided and it states its incorrect. Should I wait couple hours before doing this step?

  9. Hey, nice tutorial. I have a custom domain at wordpress.com and a changed the servers names to the Hostgator ones, now i have to wait, right? Cause when i try to get in the site i receive the message "Your connection is not private" and a i can´t connect. Also my dashboard is still at wordpress.com. I just have to wait or i did something wrong? hehe

  10. Hi, when its time for me to redirect. I notice my wordpress.com version blog already has a no symbol beside it, after clicking on it I put in the wordpress.org domain but got a message "saying there is a problem adding site direct". Could you please advise? Is this step necessary?

  11. Thanks for the video tutorial. I've been sweating over this migration process for months now – each time I think I've got it, another step pops up, and I have to learn a whole new jargon to understand the help articles. Your video is much more understandable than anything else I've seen so far, and I have referred to it often trying to get to the next step. I can now actually get to my new site on wordpress.org using my domain name and not the temporary domain address I was given; I can also start to make changes and publish them. Whew! One question: I can't get to the dashboard using [mydomain]/wp-admin; I have to go through the hosting service (BlueHost). Is that normal, and can I change it?

  12. I've wanted to make this transition for so long and decided to do it today following along your video. I got as far as step 5. Any times I've wanted to login to my godaddy account it's worked fine. I tried to follow along your video, going to godaddy to manage my already owned domain. I clicked login and typed in my details. I hit login. It stayed loading for about five minutes so I reloaded it. "connection timed out" came up. Now every time I go to login this comes up. The godaddy site works fine but as soon as i hit the login to my account button, the login screen wont come up, it just loads until it times out. I checked on is it down and it says the sso.godaddy.com is working fine. My boyfriend went on godaddy and hit login to account and the screen popped up straight away for him. It's just me it's not working for. Could something along this process have effected this? Driving me mad spent a whole day trying to login.

  13. hey i have problem here my webhosting is bluehost and i need to transfer my website from wordpress com to wordpress org but i also need to change domain names but the domain names is also in bluehost and i already exported can you help me plsss

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