WordPress Posts vs Pages – Quick Tutorial
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WordPress Posts vs Pages – Quick Tutorial

August 12, 2019

In this lesson I wanna be showing you how
to actually create your post and pages. Before we do that I wanna talk about what’s the difference
between the post and the page. Was there is for the category and a tag. And no actually
create a post on the page and not try to show you how to customize it a little bit. So what’s
the difference between a post and a page and it may seem like an arbitrary distinction,
but a post we can generate in good things like blog entries. When their time sensitive
in nature and they appear in the RSS feeds. And i think that that’s most important part,
that post appear on RSS speeds, where’s pages do not. So to me that if you want to update
your users with by in the RSS feed that’s where you’ll make up post. So when you think
in a post, but it was like a blog pages are a little bit different where they’re more
static pages. Things that I like contact pages about its home pages is not that it doesn’t
change very often but it just not time sensitive in nature right, so it’s nothing that you
do update your users every time you create a new post. So categories and tags are a way for you to
organize your post. And the difference here is actually fairly of gray areas by categories
are we can think of it as much broader grouping. Where you think a bit like a le menu item.
Right? So things if you’re making a WordPress tutorial site Things like been reviews videos.
That’s gonna be organized into categories they brought, VS. Tagged in my opinion much
more specific. So for example with in the category, themes you would have tags like
best themes, themeforest things like that and within that category overview as you would
have a tag of plugins interview. So you get think of it that tags are included within
categories. So this area is actually where gonna be adding or editing our post. And so
the first part is gonna be our title, so we can just enter in any arbitrary title and
this is going to be with the actual content of our blog post is gonna be same things goes
with if your creating a page and we gonna space it in anything that we want, and these
menu options are just like you would do in Microsoft Word. It is allows you to customize
your website a little bit or customize the way the content actually looks. So if you
want to bold something you just select it and click bold, and you want to italicized,
same thing is going to strike through if you wanna cross something out. If you want to
trade a bullet to list, it very similar to how you would do it in any type of word processor,
but you just highlight it what you want to bullet, and you can either put it as opposed
to lists, you put as the number list whatever you would like. This next thing is actually
give me a blockquote and it’s specific to WordPress, but pretty much sure that does
a puts things in quotations. And depending on how your theme works it’s gonna show up
a little bit differently; maybe in identity may be slightly different color. That’s entirely
depend on the actual theme. This is gonna be actual if we want to add a horizontal line.
And everyone to do different alignments, but the next thing are gonna be links, so these
are hyperlinks NC may or may not be familiar with them , believe so what you used to direct
your users to either secondary website or another page on your actual website. So shall
you actually how to insert a new link so shall we click on that and say we wanted to user
to go to Google right. And the title is when you hover over the actual link what they’re
gonna show up as and it’s gonna be that had a right there and if we can either open it
in new tab or we cannot open in new tab and was just add link. Alternatively if you wanted to search with
that current post are the current Pages that we have, we can also link that to itself right.
So we had you can imagine if we had multiple post, multiple pages we could interlink our
website. So for example if you want to say contact us here were just locate our contact
page if we created one and then we can make it that way and you just gonna click add link.
From here if you want to delete the link, all you would do is just removing the link
the button right next door. So if you want to actually create a new category a new tag,
all we would do is create a new category with press the add new category button, type whatever
you want the category to be called, and just add a new category. The same thing goes with the tag. If you want
to create a new tag for example a plugin review we just typed in and click add. And I did
mention featured image before, but it’s highly dependent on the actual theme and sought some
things may display the featured image as a thumbnail next to the blog excerpt or it may
be a full-size image as they depend on the actual theme. And I’ll show you actually how
they add different media items and different images in the next lesson. So the last thing
we gonna be talk about exactly how to customize the structure of our post a little bit more
the first thing being is this URL so depending on the permalink that you have set up. Generally
it’s just gonna put the title right after your URL. But you can easily change it to
something else for example if you want it to be video or if you want to be much longer
as well as you want it is shorter or longer. And that you can distinguish your website
right? So now the new URL for this new post is gonna be our domain/video. So in this public
section there are a couple things I wanna talk about. The first being if we not finish
editing our post we can just save it as a draft. So similar to a Microsoft Word Document
save draft just like hitting save. Preview we can actually figure out what is out posting
a look like specially add new images are different bullets points things like that its gonna
be looking a little bit different than this display right here. The next thing is that
visibility it’s actually gonna display. If you want it to be public, if you want to be
password protected post are also private, but generally we gonna always make this a
public post. So the last thing is actually publishing our
article. And the default setting is for to publish immediately so if we create publish
our post will go live. But alternatively if we say we created a lot of posts all at once
or we just want to schedule to a certain date we could easily do that, all you gonna do
is change the date and click OK, and this would change to a schedule now and you just
click schedule. And so once you’ve actually scheduled or publish our posted it’s not set
in stone. So it is the update our new post so if you want to add more content to it we
were just added and we just update it.

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