WordPress QuickTip: Meteor Slides
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WordPress QuickTip: Meteor Slides

August 25, 2019

WordPress Quick Tip: Meteor-Slides Today I want to show you a useful plugin that enables you to place a slideshow on your WordPress pages or in your posts. The plugin is named ‘Meteor-Slides’ and can be downloaded on the official WordPress plugin site: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/meteor-slides/ The settings are pretty straightforward. You can define the default size for the slides. The transition style, speed and duration. And you can select, which navigation elements should be used. To add your images, you use the custom post_type ‘slides’. This will accept one featured image, an optional link, and you can assign it to a specific slide show if you have set up one or more. The slideshows are just the equivalent to categories in regular posts. To include your slideshow on a page, you can use the shortcode [meteor_slideshow] You can use the slideshow name as a parameter like slideshow=’home-slides’, so you can show different slideshows on various pages. You can also use metadata to send special options to the slider script. They can all be found on the jQuery cycle page: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/options.html For example, to force the slider to fit into a specific width, you can use metadata=”width:600″ The slideshow is responsive by default, this means, for smaller devices, it will adjust the size automatically. If you want to use the slideshow directly in your template code, you can call it directly. If you do that, the first parameter is the name of the slideshow, the second one is the list of metadata. In this example, I set the width, the slider effect and the slider speed.

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