WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2015
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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2015

August 8, 2019

David A. Cox: Hello everyone and welcome to
the class we are live right now. We have over 140 people for this class. We are talking
all about WordPress. I am joined today live with Mr. Mark Collier and well, this is his
first time in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am basically going to be manning the chat window
for those people who are here live, for those of you who have never been to one of our live
classes, you can check them out we are completely free service. Just go to our website at pcclassesonline.com
we really want to hear your feedback, we are always trying to get better at what we do.
If you want what you can do is at the end of this class leave us a comment in the section
below. Let us know how we did, we want to know how we can do better, so really constructive
feedback we much, much appreciate. Mark, take it away… sorry, damn it okay,
see it doesn’t take me along the script. We have a couple of quick thing we want to
go over really before we begin because this is one of the most difficult topics for us
to teach. The first thing we want to talk about is if you have not yet started building
a website. There’s a couple of things you should know about and I want to mention there
are a ton of links that are going to be in the not section of this video. If you’re
watching on Youtube you’re going to find them where it say “Show more” just beneath
the video that will reveal if you’re watching on our website it will just beneath the video.
Getting a domain and hosting, okay there’s a lot of different companies there out there
and we all have our different opinions. The one that we tend to recommend and who use
is a company called Bluehost. You’ll find a link in the description of this video, we
like to be transparent with all of you, a lot of the links that you’ll see below we
have formed relationships with these companies but we formed relationships after we were
already using them, okay. These are legit relationships. If you do use any of those links, we do usually
get a small commission for that, it’s not any and really significant but it does help
us keep what we do. Bluehost is who we recommend for both the domain and getting the server…
hosting, sorry having a brain fart on my end. If we need help with setting that up their
support is really, really good I also want to mention that if you have problems with
Wordpress, we have heard from other people that Bluehost has offered support with people
who encounter problems with WordPress. It’s not unheard of, trust me the other thing you
can always do is you can always just simply Google if you a problem with WordPress Mark’s
going to kind of show you that I think in just a moment. When it comes to getting graphics for your
website, we want to give you a few different resources here. The first one is a really
great website, the photos that you’re about to see in the website that we’ve built and
that we’re going to be building live for all of you is from a website called depositphotos.com.
They have really high quality imagery, they’re a fantastic website, the other is a service,
it’s a web service it’s free for the most part called canva.com for those of you who
are here live Mark is actually teaching a class on Canva later on this month and for
those of you who are watching the video right now, you can look for it on our website by
then it might have already come out. Canva is a really easy tool to help you design some
really nice looking graphics. I think I’ve covered everything that we need to get started
here, Mark jump into it. Mark Collier: All right, all right. Okay,
so before we get started here I’m going to show you a website that we’re going to
build today but before we jump into that, I just want to kind of frame today’s class
and make sure you all know what we’re trying to do. The main purpose of today’s class
is to teach you the basics about WordPress. We intentionally are using the 2015 theme
that comes with your WordPress installation. In the future we’re going to probably do
some classes some premium themes but for this time, we want to just show you how to get
in and out of the basic features of WordPress. There are going to be a number of different
things either I’m going to show that this theme actually can’t do out of the box that
another theme could possibly do and I just want to make sure that you know the scope
of this class and what we’re trying to cover. With that in mind let me drag my window down
here so you can see it and I’m going to show you basically what we’re going to try
to accomplish today. David: Donuts, by the way I should have probably
mention if you’re hungry you’re going to hate me. Mark: Sorry, right so we’re going to build
just a really basic site today called David’s Donuts and it’s just going to have some
demo pages like a homepage and a product’s page and maybe a news page and contact. We’re
just going to fill in those pages as we go today, add some graphics and that type thing
so that you can learn how to generally get around. Again, there are a couple of things
that this particular theme cannot accomplish and I’m going to show that as well because
I think it’s important that you know the difference between what a free theme can do
and possibly what a premium theme can do. This is site that we’re going to build today
and we’re going to add some text and some graphics in there and maybe embedded map perhaps
and also we’re going to add in pages on the left side. When you first log in to your website or when
you first log into your WordPress installation you’re going to see a dashboard that looks
something like this and depending on how wide your monitor is, you may have two columns
of widgets here, you may have three, it all depends on the width of your monitor. The
widgets that are shown here can vary depending on what you’ve turned on and off, for example
you can reduce the size of these particular widgets just by clicking the little up or
down arrow right here and making it hide and you can also drag them around to the two different
columns that are here to put them in the order that you like to see them in. Also, if you’d like to just turn some of
them off or not see them you can go up here to where it says “Screen options” on the
top right and then when you click on that it’s going to drop down and depending on
what page you’re on it’s going to show different options here and it says “Show
on screen” and if you don’t want to see something like for example at a glance you
can just unclick it and goes away and you can unclick any one of these and they will
all not be shown. David: If you’re ever on this page and you’re
like “Where did the options go” that’s the first place to look. That can be very
confusing. Mark: Absolutely. That’s a great point,
in fact I’m going to show you that on when we start creating pages for our new website
here in a little bit because it honestly… it took me a few months to figure out where
that option was and what was all up there. You can customize this page to look however
you’d like and let me make another addition, for example David and I both have our own
log ins to the PC Classes Online page and when I log in I can see that different dashboard
than him because you could customize this for each user, so that’s important to know
as well. Over on the left side you’ve got your navigation or your menu and I’m not
going to go over every single thing that’s over here because you’re not going to use
all of them today but I will hit the highlights. As you can see on the top, on the left we
have our dashboard which is where we are now and on the next one underneath that, underneath
home is update and I want to stop there for a just a moment because this is a really important
tab that a lot of my clients have somehow ignored and it’s really important that you
not do that. Updates, let me just show you what actually there, when I click on updates
it’s going to show me what updates I need to install or update for my site and in this
case, it says I’m using the latest version of WordPress and it’s says all of my plug
ins are up to date and my themes are up to date. However, there will be a time in the
future probably in the next few days where something is going to come out with an update
and it’s going to have a little number inside a red circle that shows right here next to
update and you need to pay attention to that because most of the time the updates are related
to security. You of course want to keep your website nice and secure, so you want to update
your plug ins and your themes as often as you can. There are some exceptions because, you want
to make sure that any updates to plug ins that come out are compatible with the version
of WordPress and the theme that you are using but outside of that, you want to make sure
that you keep things updated, okay. We’ll jump down here to posts, that is as it sounds
like, that is where you add a new blog post and well, I have an actual… I have an entire
class dedicated to your first WordPress blog post. If you want to learn that in more detail
then we go over to that, you can check that video might as well and we’re going to put
that in the description so you are aware of that. We won’t go very deep into post today
because we already have that resource for you. Media is where you upload all of the
different pictures and videos and files that you want to use on your site. David: Mark, not just photos and videos, also
will that apply to… I’m asking, will that also apply to like something like an audio
clip? Mark: Yes. David: Okay, so really anything that you’re…
any files of any kind that’s where it goes? Mark: That’s a great addition and you can
also do PDFs or Word docs, any file at all, you can upload there. David: Perfect. Mark: That’s a great question. I’m so
glad David’s here. David: Gold star for me. Mark: That’s right. You can go to recess
early. David: Okay. Mark: Then we’ve got pages, which is just
what it sounds like. That’s where you view what pages you currently have and you add
new pages. Comments are where somebody might leave a comment on a blog post if you’ve
got comments enabled. Feedback is where you see what someone has filled out on the contact
form, I’m going to skip that a little further. Appearance, is a tab that you’re going to
use a lot as you’re building your site because when you roll over appearance you’ll a lot
of different options here, your themes, customize, widgets, menus, header background, Mojo themes
is actually a plug in that comes in if you’re using Bluehost. If you’re using another
service for your hosting you may not have that and then edit CSS and editor. These are
all things that you’ll probably use of most these you use quite often. Plug ins, is where you will install plug ins
to add additional functionality to your site and there are tens of thousands of plug ins
available, so you will probably use that. In fact I just did a video last or earlier
this week on my top seven plug ins that I use for every website that I built, so you
might want to check that out to see that ones that I recommend as well. Now, I might mention
some of those today. David: We’ll of course post the links to
those in the description of this video. Like I said we’re going to give you a lot of
resources in that note section. Mark: Exactly, and then users that’s where
of course what it sounds like, that’s where you would add users for your website for example
David and I are both users on our website and you can assign somebody a particular log
in level like they can be an administrator or an editor or whatever depending on what
you need them to be. Then there’s tools under the settings and we’ll talk about
settings here in just a minute. In fact let’s just go ahead and jump into settings right
now because this is a good thing to do pretty early on. If you roll over settings and the
fly out comes out here and this first thing is called general. Let’s go ahead and click
on general and what we’re going to be to do… there’s a number of things we’re
going to do here but we’re only going to focus on a couple at the moment. You can put in the site title and the title
is what shows up right up here in the browser tab where it says David’s Donuts and then
the tagline “Just another WordPress site” what was the one that you came with the other
day? David: David’s Donuts, they’re totally
fat free in the middle. Mark: [Typing] Free in the middle. Very good,
so that’s our tagline and when I save it, the browser tab will update when I refresh,
so that’s what you can do there. Your Wodpress and site URL that’s going to be something
we’ll probably talk about in a future video but for now this is probably going to be pretty
populated with the address of the site when you set up your host in, so don’t mess with
that unless you understand what you’re doing. Then email address, this is what you want
to put in whenever somebody fills out a comment or anything, any notifications that come from
your website you’re going to want to make sure that email address is your email address
otherwise you will never get the notifications which is kind of important. I’ll skip through most of this at the moment
but you might want to go ahead and set your time zone so that things are tagged at the
correct time, so that it won’t throw you off. The same thing with Dave format, whatever
you prefer and that kind of thing and then you go down to the bottom and you click save
changes. Then we’re done there and then the next thing I want to do is, let me take
a stop here for just a moment and I’m going to show you what the site looks like right
now as it sits because we haven’t done anything yet. This is what the site looks like when
we haven’t done any customization whatsoever, this is the way it comes out of the box with
the 2015 WordPress theme and so if it has a side navigation or side menu and then the
content is over here on the right. Right now what it’s showing is it’s showing
a sample blog post called “Hello world” and that just comes with your first WordPress
installation. We’re going to edit this here shortly and change this out but it doesn’t
have any color, it just has a slightly darker color here and then white on the sidebar or
the menu. If I were to refresh this, I believe that it should show our new… yup, there
we go. There totally fat free in the middle, it updated there and it also updated in the
navigation or I’m sorry in the browser tab in the top, so you’ll that. What we’re
going to do is going to bounce back in forth and see this develop as we build the site. Again, this is where we’re headed and this
is where we currently are. Let’s jump back over to the admin panel and let’s start
working through this and if you got questions that are directly related to what we’re
doing you can go ahead and put it in the chat and David will keep track of those and I may
stop through this from time to time to answer some if they’re related to what I’m doing
right at the moment. If it’s not, then we’ll try to address those at the end, so go ahead. David: Do you want a quick one? Mark: Go for it.
David: We have a couple of good ones that are coming in here. Yvonne was asking a question
is there a way to… when you were talking about plug ins, is there a way to see a list
of plug ins that no longer work with the new update? Mark: Man that is a great question. Let me
make sure I understand, I’m going to answer that in two ways because I’m not entirely
sure which way you’re asking, so if you are considering adding a new plug in that
you don’t already have in your site at the moment, when you go to the plug ins tab and
in fact I’ll go ahead and do that now but I’ll try not be ADD and jump all over the
place. When you go where the plug ins and click add new, you can see right here on some
of these featured ones, it’s going to say “Compatible with… “ I’ll highlight
it right there “Compatible with your version of WordPress” and so it will tell you whether
it’s been tested with your particular version or not. You’ll see that all of these right
here, this one right here for example theme check is “Untested with your version of
Wordpress.” David: Danger, danger, danger. Mark: That doesn’t automatically mean it
won’t work but you do want to be careful because you just don’t know. David: Will it cause harm potentially and
if it does can you just simple uninstall and if like nothing happen? Mark: See, now he kind of [phonetic] teed
that up for me because that that answer is not easy. David: What? Are you implying that I already
know the answer? Mark: Yes, I think so. If you install a plug
in that has been untested with your version of WordPress that does not mean that it won’t
work. It might work, it might work great but it also might not work and here’s there’s
so many different possibilities of what might happen. I’ll give you a couple of real quick
and then we’ll move on. It might conflict with another plug in, which… who knows what
that’s going to do it might cause your plug ins not work, it might crash your site. There’s
really no way to know because there’s so many different plug ins and so… there’s
really no way for me to answer what would happen because they’re all so very different.
What I would first do before you install any plug in is to see if it’s been tested with
your version of WordPress and then go to that plug ins page and look at the reviews and
the comments to see if there’s any indication that there might be a problem, so that’s
a good question. Let me keep rolling here and David will keep
collecting those questions as we go. The first thing that I want to do, let’s go back to…
so here’s our demo real quick, you see we’ve got a wooden background over here behind the
menu or the navigation and then we have just a large picture of donuts which is making
me very hungry and we’re probably going to have donuts for lunch whether it’s appropriate
or not just because I’m staring at it. Then we’ve got some pictures with some donuts
here and some text. I’m going to go ahead and start by first going back to our admin
and we’re going to add some pages into the menu here and then we’re going to then customize
the background and I’ll talk about why there’s not a logo here in just a minute. In fact
David if I… or when you guys in the chat, if I don’t mention the logo here in a few
minutes make sure that I do because that’s really important to talk about. David: Noted. Wait, what? Never mind. Mark: Right, okay. In fact I’ll just do
that right now. [laughter] Mark: One of the things that you need to be
aware of for some free themes in fact for premium themes as well is they all have different
functionalities built in and one of the things that the 2015 theme does not have is it doesn’t
have built in a way to put a logo in there, in the menu or in the top and so you are stuck
with doing a couple of things either adding some code to make that happen or use a plug
in that will allow your logo to be put in there. I intentionally left it this way because
I want you to see that even people that work with WordPress all the time can run into issues
with plug ins. The only way in 2015 theme that you can get a theme in there, I’m sorry
a logo in there is to either do code which I don’t want to do in this class because
I’m trying to teach code. What I did was a couple of days ago, I found a plug in that
will suppose to allow a logo to automatically be populated into there. Strangely enough it worked earlier in the
week and then when I did the live class on Thursday the plug in all of a sudden mysteriously
did not work during the live class. This is what happened is, when I decided yesterday
and this morning to try to find a different solution that would be easy for everyone in
the class, I uninstalled the plug in that was not working and it crashed the entire
site. David: That’s not good. Mark: That’s not good and of course I can
figure out ways to fix it but I wanted to leave it here because what I did was, I went
ahead and reinstalled the plug in again and it doesn’t display the logo like it supposed
to but it displays instead this words, “2015 demo” with a square around it. Indicating
that that’s where the graphic is supposed to be but it doesn’t display. David: One of the things we wanted to make
very clear especially to those of you who have not yet started building a website, is
this should be a major thing that you should be aware of in why you may want to purchase
a premium theme over the free theme. Because a lot of the premium themes come pre installed
with these plug ins that you know are going to work and frankly it just makes it work
better and more reliably. You don’t want to obviously be… this was an actual business
and not just something we mocked up, you don’t want your whole site to crash just because
you tried to put your logo at the top left, it’s ridiculous. Mark: Well, in fact I specifically am not
trying to malign the person that made this plug in, so I’m not going to mention to
you which one it is because that’s not my purpose but I will tell you the mistake that
I made that really probably cause this and I’ll go ahead and just tell you. I mentioned
a few minutes about making sure that a plug in was tested with your particular version
of WordPress, like it says right here. The other thing you always want to look at is
this right here. It says “Last updated three weeks ago” or “Last updated one day ago”
or one month or six moths in other works you want to make sure that this plug in has been
updated relatively recently. Well, I violated my own rule and I downloaded a plug in that
had not been updated in two years and you know what? [crosstalk] Low and behold, guess
what? It didn’t work or it crashed, so just be aware of that. David: Bad sign. Mark: I’m going to move one from that but
I wanted you to know that in the 2015 theme you cannot natively add a logo in here, so
I’ll be interested to know if any of you guys are actually using the 2015 theme. If
you find a way to get a logo in there easily, I know how to do it with code but if you find
a plug in to do it that would be great, so let us know about that. I’m going to move
and we’re going to add some pages, so the first thing you want to do is go over to your
menu on the left and you want to hover over the word pages and you can either click on
the word pages or you can click on add new, it doesn’t really matter it will go in the
same place. We’re going to go to add new and when that comes up, I’m going to go
ahead and dismiss this little pop-up there and I’m going to add a homepage first, so
you just simply type a title up here. Then What I’m going to do right now, I’m
going to add any content here yet, I’m just going to click publish and then when it comes
back I’m going to add another three pages as well. We’ll go back up to add new on
the top and I’m going to add page called donuts and publish. It’s eventually going
to come back for me, let try it one more time. David: [joking] Would you like me to start
singing? Because that’s going to make the likes go through the roof, I’m sure. Mark: I specifically don’t want you to start
singing. Okay, I’m going to quickly add another one, in fact I’ll maybe just add
one more for the second time. I will add our contact page and publish, so of course right
now there’s no content in any of these pages and the other thing you need to know about
Wordpress is just because you add a page doesn’t mean that’s going to actually appear in
the menu. Even though those pages are there if we go back to our website so far and refresh
you’re going to see that there’s absolutely nothing that’s changed at all. We have not
got any pages listed over here, so even though we’ve added them, now what we need to do
is we need to add them to our menu and there’s one other step that we need to take. First of all I want you to go down to settings,
right here and we’re going to go over to reading. All right, we’ll click on reading
and what we’re going to do is right now the way that the website is setup is that
it is showing your blog posts on your homepage but we want to change it from blog post to
what’s called a static page to display something different. Right here, you’ll see it says
front page displays and it says your latest post. We’re going to change it to a static
page and then I’m going to go to front page and click this down arrow and I’m going
to click home because I want our front page to be our homepage. Then if we had a blog
built in we would click post page and we would click the blog page here in the list. I don’t
actually have one yet, I’ll go ahead and click sample page just for now and then we’re
going to go down here and click save changes. Now, not a lot’s going to change but I’ll
go ahead and refresh here. Now, you see that it says home and then the only reason that
it’s showing edit and leave a reply or I’m sorry, the only reason it’s showing edit
is because we are currently logged an outside user would not actually see the word edit
right here. Now, let’s go back to our admin side and now we’re going to add those pages
to our menu. If you go over to this side and go to appearance and then go down to menus,
right now it’s asking you to create a new menu and give it a name so I’m going to
type main menu, you could call this anything you want. David: I think when my son was helping me
work on some different things he called it “Main menu of mainess” so you can call
it anything you want because no one’s going to see it but it does help you to identify
which menu you’re currently working with. Mark: I’m going to click create menu and
then when that comes back it’s going to show right here, is our main menu which there
isn’t anything there but here are our pages that we can put in the menu, so I’m going
to click home, donuts and contact and I’m going to click add to menu and they’re going
to show up right over here in just a moment. Now, here are the three that we are going
to add to our menu. The next thing you can do is you can drag them in the order that
you’d like them to be displayed. You can click and drag home up to the top and I can
take contact down to the bottom. Then you can click save which I’ll do that now and
then when we go back to our website and refresh you’re going to see… sorry, pardon me,
hold please. See, I miss something, this is important. I didn’t do anything because down here on
the menu settings you need to click where in the theme it’s going to be displayed,
so I’m going to click primary menu and click save menu. Now, when I go refresh we’ve
got home, donuts and contact right here and then I’m going to talk about this other
content here below in just a moment. David: Mark, would you like to throw you one
of the question from the chat? Mark: That’s what I live for. David: Okay, let’s see there’s quite a
few great ones here. Katie a question, does the site go live right away or are you able
to work on it offline before actually making it live? Mark: That’s an excellent question Katie.
There’s a lot of variable on that as well but there are different parts inside WordPress
that go live as soon as you click save and there are other parts that don’t. Example
on this particular page regarding the menu or the menu structure, as soon as I click
save menu whatever changes I made go live right then, okay the only way that you could…
there’s a couple of ways that you could have it not go live like you could build this
site offline on your computer locally. Most people don’t do that but you can do it that
way and then upload it later, that’s a little more complicated or you can build it somewhere
else on your server that is not your primary domain name, so that no one’s looking at
it. As a general rule, a lot of these changes that you make do go live right away. Some
of the exceptions would be, if you created a page or a post you could save it as a draft
and then it would not actually go live until you published it. Also, if you created a page which we’re
going to do in just a minute or as you noticed, when we created those pages until we added
it to the menu no one actually saw it, it never showed up. Those are a couple of options
on how… when things are shown live and when they’re not. I don’t know if that answer
your question if it didn’t feel free to give us another question and we’ll see if
we can get back to but that’s a great question. While we’re on the menu structure, okay
I want to show also how to make a subpage. How when you hover over a page name on a website
a lot of time there will be drop down below it. Of course I just realize I’m using hand
gestures like you can actually see me. [laughter] Anyway, so let’s say that you wanted to…
for donuts to be a subpage of home, it’s really easy. All you do is you click on donuts
and drag it to the right [crosstalk] and it snaps right in. In fact I think that on this
one… yes if you wanted to do a second level of sub items you can actually drag contact
further [crosstalk] sub… David: Snaps right in. A sub of a sub. Mark: I think because we’re doing a donuts
thing, everything is making me thing of food. I want a sub of sandwich now, so yes but that’s
all you do and it wants you to save it then it becomes permanent and that everybody can
see it. I’m going to drag it back over but that’s how you would with a sub page. I’m
going to save this one more time and there was a question from Thursday that I’m going
to ahead and answer now because somebody is going to have it. If you wanted to add an
item to your menu that was link to another website, like for example if we wanted to
put a PC Classes in our menu. It’s really easy to do as well, go over here to this left
side and if you click custom links then it gives you this option to put a URL in, so
we’re going to put [typing] pcclassesonline.com and then, so you put in the address that you
want to there and then what you want the text say. We’re going to say just to keep it short
we’re going to say PCO and I would just add to menu. When I click add to menu it’s
going to be right below contact, right here. You can drag it in whatever order you’d
like and then when you click save, I’m going to go back over here to like side and refresh.
Now, you’ll that PCO is one of the links here and if I were to click on it, it would
take you to our website so that’s how you can add an external link there. I’m going
to go ahead and remove that but and of course you could make that a sub item, you could
drag it around and put it wherever you’d like. Now, to remove something from here, if you
just click the down arrow on the right side of that little box, you can go to remove right
here. Okay, and then I’m going to save it again and then it would be gone. Now, I want
you to know that that is just removing it from your menu it’s not actually deleting
the page, the page still exists so that’s important to know that distinction. Now, the
next thing I want to show you is that over in our demo we’ve got the subtext like home,
how sweet it is our donuts know they aren’t healthy who wants a healthy donut anyway?
That kind of thing, now this is unique to this particular theme but the way that you
add that text, is when you go back over to menus normally there’s going to be a place
right here for you to put a description but it’s not showing. David where do you think
it’s hiding? David: [joking] In my pants? I don’t know. [laughter] Mark: I can’t believe you said that out
loud, fantastic. Okay… David: [joking] Hi, everyone I’m Steve Carell,
how are you? Mark: I’m going to mute your mike now. David: No, no. Mark: Up here… wow. David: How to throw Mark Collier off his game. Mark: Well, there it was. David: Make a pants joke. Okay, go ahead,
go ahead. Mark: Anyway, okay. If you want to add those,
it’s an option that’s hiding up here under the screen options that I mentioned when we
first started. If you click the down arrow this is all relative to what page you’re
currently on, it’s going to have different options depending on what page you’re on.
You’ll see the description right here is not clicked. I’m going to go ahead and click
description and then now I’m going to close that and when I come back to here again you’ll
see that now there’s a field here that wasn’t here before. Make sure you always check the
screen options when something is not showing. I can write [typing] how sweet it is whatever,
you know what my OCD is not going to allow to do that, so [typing] sweet it is. All right,
something like that and then under donuts we can say, [typing] no, they aren’t healthy,
who wants a healthy donut. Okay and things like that and you can have whatever you’d
like there and when you save the menu, then we’ll go back and we’ll refresh and now
you see that the subtitles are there as well and of course the PCO button’s gone. You could add whatever you’d there that’s
looks kind of a nice little add on that comes with this particular theme. Again, not all
themes have that but this one does and it’s really nice. All right, so I’m going to
move on to something else here, is there any questions related to what we’re talking
about right now David that I could answer? David: There’s a few that are little bit
off topic, good questions but… not really any really interesting in here though, I think.
[crosstalk] they are totally out of topic, yeah. Mark: We are definitely reading your questions,
want to let you know we’re reading those and we’re going to try to get all of them
but I’m going to try to just stay in this flow here and then if it’s not about what
we’re doing right now, we’ll try to get to it at the end, all right. That’s how
you add items or pages to your menu, okay. The next things I want to do is I want to
show you how to start adding backgrounds and things of that nature, okay. We’ll go back
here, I’m going to go over to the left side again and go under appearance, we’re going
to spend a lot of time under the appearance tab there. If you go down to customize…
then you are in the customizer here and it’s going to show you a preview of your site here
on the right and then as you make changes here on the left, it’s going to appear here
so you can see what it looks like and it’s not permanent until you click save up here. Back to your question earlier, I’m sorry
I forgot who asked that but back to your question if you… until you click save this is not
actually going to go live. What you can do is go under… this area is called your header
and if you want to go under header image and click that it says you can apply the header
on smaller screen on the sidebar on widescreens and what it says here and what it says here
is you can crop images to your liking after clicking add new image and they recommend
954×1300 pixels so if you want your picture to not stretch or be stretched out of proportion,
you want to make it 954×1300. As a side note, if you don’t have a graphics program that
you can make something like that in, canva.com is a great place to do that because you can
actually tell it exactly how many pixels you want to make something and make it really
easy there. I’m going to go ahead and click add new
image here and I’m going… and it opens up our media library here and I can either
go to media library and use anything that I’ve already uploaded which in this case
I haven’t uploaded anything yet or I can upload a new file which I’ll do that now.
Then you just navigate to wherever you have your file in this case I’ve got some right
here, I’m going to upload this wood background right here and in just a moment when it uploads
I’m going to click select and crop. I’ve already made it to the size I wanted, so I
don’t have to crop it but you could crop to whatever size you need it and then I’m
going to click crop image and now it’s there. Now, we’re going to about the color of the
text in just a moment but there’s the background so if I hit save and publish, if I go back
and refresh again there it is. We’ll be able to change the color in just a moment.
Now, we go back over here there’s some other options here, this is also another place to
change your site title and tagline and you can turn things on and off here depending
on what you’d like to show. Then if we go on to colors, you can change your base color
scheme, for example if you said dark let’s see what happens here. See, now it changed…
it automatically change a number of settings for you including the color over here and
also the background as well as your content background and you could click through these
and see some basic options and see what it looks like. You could just make it kind of a large change
right there if you like or you can customize each one as you go down and chose a background
and a header and sidebar, text color and that kind of thing. You see here where I’m in
the header and sidebar text color, if I make that white you see now I can read this right
here so I’m going to ahead and drag it to the corner. You can drag anywhere in here
and it will change the color as you go. I’m going to drag it to white and I’m going
to click save and publish and now if you go back here you will see that we are getting
closer to our demo which is right here, okay. I just saw another little thing I want to
mention, over on the demo here, you see that the main navigation or the main pages are
all caps. That’s actually really simple, that’s because when I was on the menu page
when I typed the name of the menu or the name of the item you can type it in all caps or
however you like and it will show up there as well the same way. David: Good to know. Mark: Okay, cool. David: You want a quick question Mark? I don’t
[crosstalk] know if this is going to be a good one for now or later, so you can tell
me [crosstalk] and a couple of people have asked this question, so I’m going to just…
a few people asked… I’m going to ask the version that Yvonne gave which was how do
you set up the site so that we can work on it and no one sees it. If there’s something
like creating sub… I think she means sub-domain called like wp-admin is there a way to not
publish the sub-domain until we are ready and then move it into the domain name. We
really like to work on this while it’s development so no one sees it. Mark: Bring up a question. Okay, sure. There’s
actually a couple of ways to do that. There’s one way that I like doing it that’s probably
the easiest thing for me personally. There two ways you can either… on your host, on
your hosting program, you can go in and… like for example this one right here is called…
you can see it, it’s not hidden, you can see pcclassonline.com/wordpress/live2015demo
so that’s where this page currently is and unless somebody knew this address they wouldn’t
know to look for it anyway. You can actually install it somewhere on your service that
has an address that is not public and then when you get done, you can… Bluehost can
help you if you know how to, you can point your domain to that specific folder on your
server when you’re ready for it to go public. However, if you’re working on the site that
is not done yet and there isn’t currently a site being shown, there’s actually an
easier way to do that in my opinion. Let me take hopefully 60 seconds, 90 seconds to tell
you how to do this real quick, really easy. If you create a page under pages, add new
and you can create a page called landing or a page called coming soon or whatever you
want to, some of that nature what you can do then is once you’ve made a page, you
can just put your graphic on their or anything that you want just for people to see when
they come to your domain and then if you go down to settings and go back to reading where
we were earlier. You can then say, you want your front page to be and you’re going to
choose landing or coming soon or whatever that page you made and then what you do is
after you do that you save that and then when you go to your menu under appearance you can
go to menu and you can make a different menu that only has that landing page in it and
no other pages. In other words when they come to your site
all they see is that one page and the other one just still be in developed in the background
and you can work on them but they only see that one page and the only way they’d see
the other ones is if they have the direct addresses to them which they’re not going
to have. David: Good information. I know a lot of people
or quite of you were asking that in chat right now. Mark: Great. There’s also some plug ins
you can use that create landing pages for you. Those are really cool too, those are
great but this is just… that’s one of the easy quick ways that I use, so excellent
question. Let me get back to where we were there of course my… kind of focus back to
where we were. So far we’ve made the pages, we’ve changed the color over here, we’ve
put in some subtext before we move on to the content over. I’m going to show you where
this stuff is coming from, these widgets right here the recent post, the recent comments,
achieves and so on. I’m going to show you how to remove that and maybe how to add other
things if you want as well. Because if you notice over in our demo, we’ve got location
and hours listed there and in fact I’m just going to copy this real briefly so I don’t
have to type it again, because I’m going to have to type in a minute. I’m going to
show you how to do that. That is… that content over there is under
appearance and widgets. When you open the widgets area, you’ll right now that there
are recent posts and so on just like you saw over on the sidebar of the demo we’re building.
Right now what I want to do is I want to get rid of these six different widgets, so there’s
two ways you can do it, there’s a slow way where you can just click the down arrow and
click delete and it does that or you can just drag it and drop it over here and just get
rid of it that way just by dragging it back over into the available widgets area. This
actually happens live as you do it, so there’s no save button on this page. Now, if I go
back and refresh again, you’ll see that there’s nothing over there. That’s how you get rid of those and then
if you want to put in our location and hours widget, all that that was if you scroll down
over you’ll find one that says “Text” and if you just click and drag this back up
to your widgets area right here and drop it. Now, we can click in here and we can put our
text in here. You can put a title, this is like maybe the location and hours or whatever
you’d like it to say and then I’m going to go ahead and paste in the text so I don’t
have to type it again. There’s like… an address and maybe some hours and phone number
and email address and if you click automatically add paragraphs down here, what that’s going
to do is that’s going to automatically put each one of these lines with you hit enter
between these, it’s going to automatically let them be displayed that way if you don’t
it’s going to just run it all together, so I’ll click save. Now, we refresh and
there’s our location and hours just like that. There are also other widgets over there that
you can drag over there and play with as well depending on what you want like a calendar
of blog post or contact info, things of that nature. David: One thing just to add in here is I
mean obviously this is a demo page that is not a real business but for those of you who
are business owners and thinking of doing something like this you may want to reconsider
publishing your actual email address on the website and instead using a contact form which
I believe we’re going to show people how to [crosstalk] in just a minute. Mark: Perfect. David: Reason being it’s a great way to
just get a ton of spam out there. If you only knew how much spam I get from that short period
of time, well I’m not so sure where I publish my email address, trust me I have… it’s
one of my things I do as soon as I wake up is go through it and delete all the junk. Mark: That’s right. I would recommend that
you don’t put an exposed email address like that but rather use a contact form instead,
so that’s great David, that’s a good reminder there. The next thing we’re going to do
is let’s go over here and we’re going to put some content and the first thing I
want to, I’ve told you that I don’t want to use any code with we do this but actually
there’s going to be just one little piece of code that I am going to show you. How to
get rid of this page title here and we’ll do that here in just a few minutes, in fact
David in a minutes I closed a window so I’m going to have to open another one, so when
I get to that point if you want to fill some more questions for just a minute we’ll do
that. David: Sure. Mark: So, I’m going to go ahead and I’m
going to add a picture over here and I’m going to add some content below it and also
while I’m here, you notice that all the pages have this leave a reply at the bottom
and we want to turn that off. Let me show you how to do all that. Well, jump back over
here to the admin side, we want to go over to pages and I might click on pages so we
can see a list of all the pages we have. You see that here’s our homepage. I’m going
to hover over that and click edit. Now, what I want to do first is I want to go ahead and
turn off the ability for people to leave a comment on the page because that just doesn’t
make any sense. Normally, you would scroll down here to the
bottom and there will be an option right here to turn it off but it’s not showing. I’m
going to give you a second change to guess where that is and we’re not using the same
answer as earlier. If it’s not showing where do you think we’re going to look? David: This is the part where I really hold
back from giving a sarcastic answer. Mark: Yes, just give it to me. David: Sorry, I’m I’ve been focusing on
the chat why don’t you just tell us. Mark: Okay. [laughter] Mark: We’re going to go to screen options
up here and in the top and we’re going to click, there’s two things up here and this
is kind of weird what it’s doing is you want to be able to turn off discussion and
comments options on the pages but you have to actually turn them on here so you can see
them, discussion and comment. Now, when you go down here it says allow comments, allow
trackbacks and pingback we’re just going to unclick both of those and then now when
we update the page now you’re going to see that that is can be gone and it’s gone.
You’re going to have to do that on every page one the 2015 theme because it automatically
defaults to having that on. It depends on which theme you’re using as to whether that
default is on or off but that’s how you turn those off. As we work into there if I
forget to tell you on the other pages, you just simply go up here to screen options on
each page, click the down arrow turn on the discussion and comments and then go down to
the bottom and turn off allow comments, allow trackbacks and pingbacks so that’s how you
do that. Next we’re going to add a picture and some
content here. Right in this area is where you’re going to add your pictures and content.
The first things we do is I’m going to just click in this area and I’m going to go up
here to this button that says add media, I’m going to click add media. It takes me to our
media library and show everything that I’ve currently uploaded to our website which is
wood background. I’m going to need to upload something else. I’m going to click upload
files and I’m going to select a file and I’m going to David’s Donuts and I’m
going to upload maybe some header images, I’m not sure what I’ve got there, yeah,
okay. Let’s use this picture of this donuts just
for fun. I’m going to double click on that, it’s going to load it into here now while
this is loading you can bring in the picture that you want to use and size however you’d
like either before you bring it in here like in Canva or Photoshop or whatever you have
or you can possibly even crop it in here as well depending on which you’d prefer to
do it. Now, before I click insert into page I want to show you a couple of options here.
Right here under attachment display settings, the first thing is alignment and you can have
it aligned left, center, right or none I’m just going to leave it at none. This is important
right here. Link to, I don’t typically want my big header image to be linked to anything
in other words I don’t want someone to click on the picture and go anywhere, I just want
it to be displayed as a picture, so in this case I’m going to click the down arrow and
I’m going to say none. I don’t want it to link to anything. Then size, it automatically defaults here
in this case to medium size I want it to actually come in and have the size that I actually
made it at. I’m going to full size but you ever size you’d like. If it comes in smaller
than you expected it to be, chances are you probably just had something less than full
size and then click insert into page and then in just a moment there’s that nice big picture.
If I were to click update on the right and go back to David’s Donuts, in fact David
I’m going to need you to go get some donuts right now if you would do that that would
be great. David: I’m on my way. Mark: Thank you. Okay, so there’s the picture.
Again, you can make it taller or shorter depending on what you want but for now we’ll just
use that as well. Again, we’re going to come back and turn this off here in just a
little bit. Next I’m going to ahead and put some content underneath the picture and
if you remember, right here we had first type of donut, second type of donut, that kind
of thing. We’re going to go ahead and do that, I’ll show you how to do that, we’ll
go back to the admin or to the edit page. We’re going to scroll down below our picture,
I’m just going to hit return there and we’re going to put in a picture and some text. I’m
going to put in some text first and then the picture. I’ve got a little add on to my
Chrome browser here for dummy text so that I don’t have to type any. I’m going to
ahead and copy this dummy text here just so we have some and I’m going to paste some
text, you could type whatever you’d like and I’m going to click a couple of options
here, so I’m going to paste it twice so that we have some dummy text Next I want to go ahead and put those pictures
of those donuts right here on the left side. I’m going to click my cursor right before
the first word in the paragraph then I’m going… because that’s where it’s going
to put the picture. Now, I were to put it in the wrong place I could drag around but
it’s nice to just put it in the right place first. I’ll put my cursor there, I’ll
go up to add media and I’m going to upload a file again. David: Mark, while you’re doing this one
of the questions we have from the other day was someone who was asking, well what if I
don’t want the photo to be either absolutely on the left, absolutely on the right or absolutely
in the center. What if they want to drag it around, what are their options or is basically
the answer that this is not the right thing for you. Mark: Okay, I think I understand what they
mean. If they want to like put it in a very specific place [crosstalk] like maybe in a
column or something of that nature that’s a great question. David: Yes. Mark: In the 2015 theme there are not really
any options to do that, you just simple have one large column. There are plug ins you can
use to make columns or there’s code you can use to make columns but if you want to
just use this theme out of the box, it doesn’t do that. David: Okay, good to know. Mark: That’s a great question. Again, I’m
going to turn off my… I’m going to actually turn my alignment to left but you could do
this here or afterwards, link to none I’m going to have it come in and you know what,
I’m going to chose thumbnail make a little smaller, 150×150 insert into page and there’s
that first donut. You see how this text is starting to wrap around this particular picture?
I’m going to ignore that for a moment and I’ll show you why. I’m going to click
down here to the next one, I’m going to say add media and upload another file, I’m
going to grab my picture of my chocolate donut here and… David: I got a great question for you Mark
from Doug who just brought this up. He’s asking are any images that you add in the
site automatically optimized for web viewing or do you have to do that step mainly before
you upload the image? Mark: Man what his name again? David: Doug. Mark: Doug. That is a great question. Thank
you for asking that. No, they are not automatically optimized. There are some plug ins that do
that as well but I highly recommend that when you bring a picture in that you optimize and
incase you guys don’t know what I mean by optimizing. You want to make it a small file
size as you can and still have it display well. In other words you don’t want it pixilated
but you want you want to make a small file size. I don’t have the time right now to
go into the different file sizes, maybe we can talk about it some other time. I would
just say as small as you file size can be. In this case I think, I didn’t pay attention
but I think these are probably the 30KB to 40KB range, this two donuts. You want to keep
them as small as you can. The reason why if you don’t do that, like I’ve seen people
go out and take their DSLR and they take amazing photos and how big is an average photo in
your… David: For me, if I’m doing JPEG it’s
still usually a few megabytes, multiples, yeah. Mark: Let’s say it comes out of like 3MB
or something. I’ve actually had a client that brought in something like eight to nine
megs each and when you put in pictures that are eight to nine megs each you’ll realize
that the whole website’s got to load all of those pictures and so it’s going to load
very, very slowly so you don’t want to do that. David: Speed of dark. Mark: Speed of dark, that’s exactly right.
You’ll see it here in the back side, now back to looking at our donuts here. You’ll
that it doesn’t look like it’s going to align correctly but I would do first is would
click update and let’s go and see what it actually looks like. Okay, so now what I’m
going to do is I’m going to back to the back and I’m going to add an extra space
here and I think that will align correctly. Let’s go back over here, I’m going to
go right here and add one. David: Here we go. Mark: Now, but I do want to tell that just
because it looks correct here doesn’t always mean that’s going to look the same way on
the other side. We’ll look at that and I bet it’s going to align up just perfectly
and there you go. There’s kind of the homepage, you could add more items down here if you
like just for fun, I’ll go ahead and I’ll show you, you saw that in the demo we had
a map here. I’ll go ahead and show you how to do that real quick. The way you do that,
again I want to emphasize, the way you do that in this theme because if you’re using
a premium theme chances are really good that it’s already going to have a feature built
in that shows you… that helps you add a map in fact even maybe customize the map through
those features but this one doesn’t have it. What we’re going to do, is we’re going
to Google Maps, maps.googl.com and we’re just going to look up… I don’t know we’ll
look up Tulsa, Oklahoma which is pretty close to where I’m from, all right. There’s
Cain’s Ballroom which is a great place to go see concerts. David: Thank you for that random info. Mark: Yup, no problem. In fact I can talk
about Dr. Robert J. Herman orthodox treatment anyway. David: That’s okay. Mark: Okay. Well that’s where my daughter
gets her… David: Fantastic. Mark: Okay, sorry. [laughter] Mark: What you can do is you can pull up whatever
address you’d like, you can put in the address that you need and then if you go down here
to the right, bottom right to the little gear option. You could go to share or embed map
and then go to click on embed map here and then what you’re going to do is you’re
going to choose what size you want the map to be, small, medium, large or custom size.
In this case I’ll just say I want it 800 by I don’t know 300, you can choose whatever
you want. Then what you want to do is you want to copy this code right here and then
we’re going to go back to your page and if you scroll down, I assume that I want to
put it below these donuts so I’m going to space down a couple and then here what’s
really important if I paste the code right here, it’s going to actually display the
code and not the map. Because right here I am on the visual editor
and not the text editor, so for this case only I’m going to over to text and it’s
going to show you the code that it takes to display what we have already and I’m going
to go right below this and I’m going to paste in that code. If I go back to visual,
if you go back down here it’s going to show my map here, so if I update and then go back
to David’s Donuts and hopefully if I did it right, it will load in just a moment and
there’s the map, [crosstalk] that’s cool, that’s cool. David: Great. Mark: That’s how you do that. All right
so let’s take moment and fill in some more questions and maybe if you can answer a couple
or if you can fill a couple, I’m going to grab one thing real quick. David: A couple of people where asking where
are the best places to go get the best premium themes and I want really emphasize we do it…
for this reticular topic Mark did a ton of research and plus keep in mind he is a full
time web designer also. We’re going to include links to everything in the description of
this video and for those of you who are here live, it’s going to be when it’s published.
There’s so many different options out there and frankly part of it is Mark has worked
with so many of these themes, he knows what they don’t tell you necessarily when they’re
publishing it and you want to make sure you have a good theme that has a good amount of
plug ins that are really versatile and when you’re checking out a theme, don’t just
go based on whatever fake business they’re advertising. Like with this one, you’re like “Okay,
it looks great for donuts” well it’s going to work great for a bunch different businesses.
You have to keep in mind that it’s always place holder text and part of the difference
between an amateurish looking site and a really, really good site is good photography, good
graphics. If that means paying a few dollars and I mean with Deposit Photos it’s a couple
dollars per photo, it’s worth the money. A few people on the chat were asking me about
how much do we expect to pay for these themes, so I went through the list and they’re usually…
it’s not outrageous. It’s usually averaging right around $50 to $60 but this is a tool,
it’s your business presumably, so it’s important that you make the right decisions
and invest your money wisely so I think it’s absolutely worth 60 bucks. Mark: That’s great. In fact we are going
to give hopefully at the end I’ll be able to mention a couple of my favorite themes.
We’ll give you some links to those. All right, so I want to go ahead and show you
how to get rid of the page titles here and forgive me, one of you early right before
the class started gave us a link to a plug in to do this and since I have… and I want
to make sure I respect you being in the class I haven’t personally test that plug in so
I will not recommend it yet but I bet it’s going to be great. But we need to get rid
of these page titles here and the 2015 does not automatically give us an ability to do
that. Again, almost any good premium theme will give you just a click on, click off but
this one doesn’t If you were to use Google, like I use it in.
I know we both Google all kinds of stuff and I just Googled WordPress 2015 remove page
title and of course you can get just a little snippet code to get rid of it. In this case,
I found some and I’ll go ahead and put it in the chat. I don’t know how many of you
guys are actually using the 2015 but just incase I want to have it and put the little
snippet of code in there in the chat, so hopefully that comes up for people to see and that’s
how you can remove… that’s the code you can and I’ll show you how to do this. If
you go back to the edit page and you go down to appearance and then edit CSS right here.
You can take and go right here, I’ll hit enter a couple of times and you can paste
in this code and then save style sheet. David: It was Randy by the way, Randy from
the Netherlands. Mark: Thank you Randy from the Netherlands.
Then I’m going to refresh and now you see that the page title is gone and it looks a
little better, so that’s how you can you do that. There are probably some other plug
ins that can do that as well. Again, another plug for a good premium theme, all right so
now we got our homepage, we’ve got some content on there. I think that you guys can
probably figure it out. I’m not going to ahead and add content to the donuts page because
honestly it’s exactly the same process that we just did with the homepage. I do want to
do one more thing before we get into a bunch of… or two more things, sorry. I’m going
to talk about permalinks and I’ll also want to show you how to add a contact form, all
right and then we’ll start jumping into some questions from you guys. Thank you for
being patient. I’m going to go ahead and add a content
form first, so I’m going to go back here to pages and I’m going to my contact page
and let me tell you there are a lot of different ways to add a contact form. I’m going to
go ahead and just use the built in contact form that comes with the Jetpack plug in.
When you have the Jetpack plug in it automatically comes with your install when you’re using
the 2015 theme. I automatically puts this button right here that says “Add contact
form” it honestly… it couldn’t be easier. I mean, you just click this button right here
and it pops-up with this little window and it’s going to say “Here’s what your
form will look like” and I’ve got a name, email, website and comment fields. I don’t
usually need someone to give me their website, so in this case I’m just going to hover
over this little minus button, I’m going to click that and it’s going to delete it.
This is what my form currently going to look like, if you like to add more fields to it,
you can click add new field and then you can label it like [typing] I don’t know, where
are you from of course you would not do that. Then you can choose what type of field type
it is, like a drop down or whatever kind of field type you need you can decide whether
it’s required or not required, whether they’d have to fill that out and then you can save
the field. In this case, I’m going to delete so this is all I need for the contact form
but before I click add this form to my post, I’m going to go up here at the email notifications
and click that and then I’m going to enter my email address because if I don’t, when
someone fills out this form, I’m not going to get notified. I will just put in [typing]
[email protected] and then message from your website or whatever you like it to say.
Save and go back to form builder and then add this form to my post and now it puts in
this code and then if I click update and go back to our website and click contact, you
can see that now there’s a nice clean form there. Again you could add pictures on the top, you
could add other content but we’re going to do that for now because we’ve already
kind of covered that. There’s one other thing I want to do before we jump into questions.
If you go up here, you’ll notice that in the address, the URL bar you’ll that this
page name should be contact but instead it’s ?page_id=8 and you’ll see that all the pages
have some similar… with the exception of the homepage, they’ve got odd names like
that and we want to fix that, we want it to actually say the name of the page. That’s
really easy, let me show you to do that. If you go back to our admin panel again, you
go down here to settings and to permalinks, right here and when the default it actually
show a page number like ?p=123 or whatever we’re just going to go down here to custom
structure and click… I’m sorry I’m going to use post name but you could use custom
structure also. Post name and then go on to save changes and now, when I go back to our
site and reload it and if I go to donuts, guess what right up here the name of the page
is donuts like it should be. Whenever I see a website that shows ?=p_7549
I realize that someone just doesn’t know how to change that, so that’s another great
way to update your site and make it look more readable for an average person. All right,
so I think we’ve gone over quite a few different things to help you get started. Let me start
seeing how I can do with your questions. David: Okay, so I’ll throw a few here. One
I know the answer I’m going to let you do it. Can you use multiple themes within a single
website? Mark: Okay, that’s actually strangely enough
it’s not as easy as you might think. The answer technically is no but you could actually
do a sub-domain like for example if you did chocolate.davidsdonuts.com as a sub-domain
you could actually install another theme on that because it’s… [crosstalk] technically
a separate website so in that case… so to your actual question, can you use multiple
themes on one website, the answer is no. David: Good point. Very common question from
Jules, how do you get rid of “Powered by WordPress”? Mark: Okay, now… again, I can’t emphasize
this enough. Everything is different, every theme is different and so that’s in the
footer and so in this case you’re going to have to actually go into some code to get
rid of that for this but again on any good theme, any premium theme that’s just simply
an option under customize and you could just simply type it on in there. In this case it
will need to be a code to get rid of that on this one. David: You wanted another one? Mark: Sure. David: Let’s see. Well, see this is from…
let’s see is the cost of a… is the cost of a theme a time purchase or reoccurring,
also images, some are reoccurring fees too? Mark: Great question. A theme is one time
cost, there are few exceptions to that rule. There are some really good websites that actually
you can buy a membership to. One of my favorite just escaped me at the moment, but… right,
there’s one called Elegant Themes and you buy a membership to them and then you have
access to a whole bunch of different themes for that membership but you do have to pay
that on a recurring basis. That’s not generally what I do but there are some exceptions that
for the most part, when you theme that’s a onetime expense and then any good theme,
when they do updates like some of my favorite themes, they update every single month and
the updates are all free after that for a lifetime. You do however, legally you’re supposed
to… if you want to get updates and you want to use the theme on more than one website,
you’re supposed to buy a copy of it for each website but it is not a recurring price.
It’s just a onetime fee. Now regarding the pictures, those are also onetime fees but
some of the places including Deposit Photos, you have to buy a block credits. Like I believe
Deposit Photos I think is a $32 block of credits and then you can use those all up and there’s
no recurring price unless you of course want to buy more pictures. David: Okay. A question came in earlier, forgive
me I don’t remember who it was that asked it about when you were talking about installing
updates. Basically should you back up the website before installing updates and also
how? Mark: Yes, yes and yes. You should definitely
always backup, backup, backup it’s just like the rest of your computer, backup and
it will save your butt. There are a number of different plug ins you can use to back
up your site. My favorite it is not free but my favorite is Backup Buddy and that’s made
by a company called iThemes and I did mention this in my video that I made a few days ago
that’s called Mark’s Top Seven WordPress Plug Ins and Backup Buddy is my favorite because
you can setup a schedule and it will automatically back up your site everyday, every week, every
month how often you want and it can send a backup of your site to your Dropbox or your
Google Drive account or it can email it to you. It’s my favorite it’s not free I
believe… boy I can’t remember how much it cost, it’s on the top of my head I believe
it might be $80 a year I think for two sites. That’s what I would recommend but absolutely
you should be backing things up before you plug ins just incase it crashes something. David: Is that a good question right there?
This one that’s listed there, we already answered that. Mark: We did answer that, okay. All right,
let’s see going through some of the other ones here. Maybe if you want to clarify, do
you see the one from Janet there, right beneath up, there you go. Do you want to clarify that? David: That’s a good question [crosstalk]
not right now though. Mark: Okay. David: Because it’s a little deeper, yup.
Let me just take a look some of these, sorry for the delay we’re just… there are a
lot of question, so we’re looking through all of them. Mark: Okay, let me answer Marty’s question.
Is there a way to only show a .com instead of showing… visiting seen extensions like
wordpres.com okay, so it sounds like if you’re website, I’m making an assumption here but
if you have a website that ends with wordpress.com like let’s say it was markcollier.wordpress.com
that means you are using the wordpress.com side of WordPress which is great. But what
we are discussing today is specifically the wordpress.org which the difference is with
wodpress.com you essentially are using… you are actually building your website on
their server and you are using all of their elements to build your site and so you want
to use like your own domain name or if you want to use various plug ins or themes those
are potential add ons that you got to pay for and there’s… if you will Google what
is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org you will see some great resources
out there to help you explain it. But what we’re talking about here is you
install WordPress on a server space that you have purchased from a place like Bluehost
and in that case, it’s going to display whatever domain name you set up as suppose
to the like markcollier.wordpress.com. You can change that on wordpress.com but I believe
that’s a paid add on that you have to do. David: Another question here, it’s kind
of a broad one it’s at the very bottom. Was what can we do to prevent getting hacked,
it’s a tough one. Mark: It is and there’s a lot of steps to
that. Again, I’m glad you asked that because I want to refer to my plug ins video that
I did a few days ago. One of my favorite plug ins is called iThemes Security. I highly recommend
that you use that because it will protect you against all kinds of things. There are
also some other great ones out there as well besides that one, there’s one called…
I actually don’t know how to pronounce it Sucuri which is another highly rated one it
was just great. David: Well, will put links. Mark: We’ll put links there too. But I would
definitely look for a plug in that will help you with the security. Depending on who your
host is, they might also provide some protection for that but iThemes Security is my favorite
one and it does a great job. David: Fantastic. Are we good at this good
or are you going to… Mark: I think we are. David: All right folks. Well, thank you so
much for taking your time to come out here and join us for those of you who’ve been
watching us on Youtube, again we really do… and also the website, we do appreciate your
feedback. Leave us a comment in the section below if you’re watching us and either we
do of course appreciate it, if you do click that little like button, the thumbs up bottom.
We will see you next time. This is David A. Cox along with… Mark: Mark Collier. David: And we’ll see you next time. Take
care everyone. Bye-bye.

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