WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Contact Form to Your Website
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Contact Form to Your Website

August 27, 2019

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you
how to add a contact form to your website or blog. Begin by logging in
and clicking on My Sites. If you don’t already have one, create a page
where your contact form will go. Hover over the toolbar until you get
to the plus sign, and click on the drop-down arrow to the right. Click on it to build your contact form. Your default contact form
has four fields: Name, Email, Website and Comment. If you want to edit any of these,
click on the pencil. You can change the field label
and field type, and make it required. You can just as easily delete a field
and create a new one. You can also edit the form settings,
to control what email address submissions are sent to,
and what the email subject line is. When you’re happy with your form,
press Insert to add it to your page. Publish or update your page,
and that’s it! Your contact form is ready to go. For more tips and tricks,
visit the WordPress.com support site.

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  1. Is this still up do date? Is the contact form still included in the distribution? I was not able to find it in the menu.

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