WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Custom Header Image
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Custom Header Image

August 9, 2019

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to add
a custom header image to your website or blog. To begin, launch the Customizer by clicking on the Customize button
on the front end, or, by clicking on My Sites,
Customize next to Themes, to launch your website’s editing tools. There, look for the Header Image section. If you do not see this section,
this means your current theme does not support the use of a
custom header image. We’ll show you how to find a compatible
theme at the end of the video. Click on Header Image to choose
between your own images, or a selection of suggested images from your
current theme. To upload a custom header, click
Add New and you’ll be able to choose images from your site’s Media Library,
or upload an image from your computer. Note that only JPG, GIF, and PNG
files can be used. Once you’ve chosen an image,
you can crop it to your liking, or you can skip this step if the size
of the image fits your theme’s dimensions already. Hit the Save button at the top right
to apply the changes. The image should appear immediately. To view all themes that support
custom headers, visit the themes showcase then check the Custom Header box. For more tips and tricks,
visit the WordPress.com support site.

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  1. Thanks for the tip!

    Can you tell me how i can make this header visible on every page?
    I now use Panoramic from Out Of The Box, and mi header image only show's on the homepage. And i can not find how to show it on all pages.


  2. I like the short sweet to the point video, thanks.
    One question though.
    I go to Google images, and find a image that I want to use, and it's 1200×280 (perfect). When I drag that image to my desktop, it's lowered to 259×194. How can I keep it at the 1200×280? TIA, Cary
    P.S. This happens to ALL of the images that I drag to the desktop.

  3. Starting from 1:10 the video shows an option of filtering themes based on different choices. I don't find this option anywhere in WordPress.com. Why?

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