WordPress Tutorial: How to Add an Image Widget
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add an Image Widget

August 9, 2019

Hi, and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to
add an image widget to your WordPress.com website or blog. An image widget displays a picture
in any widget area on your site. To get started, click on
Customize, next to themes. Click on Widgets, and select the widget
location where you want the image to appear. Next, add the image widget. Add a title to your widget, then click on
Add Image to open the media library. You can select an image already in your library,
or upload a new one from your computer. Select your image. You can add text, a caption,
an alternative text, if the image doesn’t appear; you can also control what the image links to. Control the display with height and width
settings, then click on Add to Widget. When you’re happy with your widget,
press Save & Publish. And that’s it. For more tips and tricks,
visit the WordPress.com support site.

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