WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Testimonials
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Testimonials

August 8, 2019

Hi, and welcome to WordPress com. This video will show you how to display
testimonials on your website. The first step is to check if your theme
allows testimonials on your site. You’ll know by clicking on MySites
and then looking on the sidebar for a link to Testimonials,
below Pages and Posts. Similar to the way you add new posts,
you can add a new testimonial under Testimonials. Put the testimonial author’s name in the
title field, and if you’d like an author photo or logo displayed, add it as
a featured image to each testimonial. Next, add the text to the testimonial
and press Publish. There are a few different ways to view
your testimonials after they’ve been created. The following links are created
once you add testimonials. You have your testimonial archive,
and your single testimonial page. You can also use the testimonial short code
to display testimonials in your content. For more information on customizing
the short codes, visit the WordPress.com support site.

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