WordPress Tutorial: How to Configure a Static Homepage
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Configure a Static Homepage

August 9, 2019

hi and welcome to wordpress.com there are two ways to configure your site’s homepage you can show your latest blog posts on your front page or you can create a static page which looks more like a welcome page or a landing page to get started go to your site here it currently displays the latest posts in reverse chronological order to change your home page configuration go to my sites and launch the customizer by clicking on customize click on homepage settings click on a static page and select the page to display as your homepage you can use any previously published page or create a new one and publish it here we’re using a page we’ve titled home click on the save and publish button to save your homepage settings some themes have different page templates that include one design specifically for home page edit the page you’ve assigned as your home page and see if you have a template under page attributes for more tips and tricks visit the wordpress.com support site

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  1. Hello how would you be able to make a page where you would have all of the posts lined up in tiles for a blog the hello blog on WordPress is an example it is hello WordPress com (didn't put dots in case this is marked as spam)

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