WordPress Tutorial: How to Connect Your Blog to Facebook Using Publicize
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WordPress Tutorial: How to Connect Your Blog to Facebook Using Publicize

August 23, 2019

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to connect
your website or blog to Facebook with the Publicize tool. Enabling Publicize will automatically
share a link to each new post you write on Facebook. To get started, log into your site
and click on My Sites. Click on Sharing to view the Publicize
services you can enable. Click Connect next to the Facebook logo. A message will ask you to authorize
the connection between your WordPress.com website and your Facebook account. This also allows access to your public
profile and friend list. If you’re publishing to a Facebook page
instead of your personal profile, you’ll specify this in a later step. Facebook will then ask you to allow
WordPress.com to post publicly on your behalf. You can set your default privacy
settings right there. Click the Okay button. Finally, WordPress.com will ask
to manage your pages. Click Okay for this as well. You’ll be taken back to your dashboard,
where a screen will ask you to choose between your personal profile or from the pages
you manage. For this example, we’ll use the personal page. Click Connect and you’ll see a Success message. Click on the little arrow next to the service
you just enabled, to make any changes. You can enable the Publicize feature
to all site editors and administrators. You might need this if, for example,
you run an online magazine and you want each editor to be able to promote
their articles to the magazine’s Facebook page. Let’s say we wanted to connect a page
instead of a personal profile. Click on Connect to a different account. You’ll be prompted to choose your
new connection. It’s pretty easy to switch between several
accounts, but we’ll stick to the personal Facebook profile for this example. Now let’s go test it on a blog post. Now that you’ve connected Facebook,
it will appear as an option in the Sharing section on the left of the editing screen. You can also customize the message
that introduces your post on Facebook. If you don’t want to publish a specific
post to Facebook, just uncheck that box in the sharing settings in the post editor
before publishing. Publish, and that’s it! Take a look at your brand-new Facebook post. If you want to disconnect your Facebook
account, return to your sharing settings and click disconnect. For all of your WordPress.com questions, visit our support section
at en.support.wordpress.com.

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  1. 0:28 None of that happens. It just connects to the profile and doesn't give any option to post to a manged page.

  2. This is all good until your facebook post had no title, just the first paragraph of the blog post. I have rechecked my settings and read a few dozen google posts all to no avail. So basically it looks like I posted a picture with some text. Not a good way to draw people to my WordPress blog.

  3. Thank you, while the options I was given slightly differed, it worked perfectly.  Now, the other question is can I get it to work the other way, that is, can I get posts I make on my Facebook Page (not my profile) go right to WordPress?

  4. I don't see a "My Sites" option. I do only have one site.. but then I don't see "Configure>Sharing" either??

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