WordPress Tutorial: How to Use Featured Content

August 25, 2019

Hi and welcome to WordPress com. This video will show you how to use tags
to control featured content on your website or blog’s homepage. Featured content can be displayed
with large thumbnails, or with a slider. If you’d like to know if your current theme
offers featured content, launch the Customizer. If you see the option, then you’re all set. To find out how your particular theme displays
featured content, click on the theme name at the top of the showcase and
read the theme documentation. To get started, click on the Featured Content
section in the Customizer. Here, you’ll be able to set what tag you’ll use
to label your featured content. Save your changes. Next, go to the pages or posts
you want to tag as featured. Click Edit, and add your newly selected tag
in the tag section. You’ll also want to upload a featured image,
since most themes will display these as part of the featured content. Press Update. Return to your homepage to see how it looks. For more information about customizing your site,
visit the support site.

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