WordPress Update Checklist – WordPress Attack
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WordPress Update Checklist – WordPress Attack

August 12, 2019

jbjb Hi! This is Christina Hills from www.WebsiteCreationWorkshop.com
and this is your WordPress Attack. What I’m going to talk about is updating WordPress.
I’ve talked about updating WordPress before. But what I want to give you is a little checklist
of the things that you need to go through before you update your WordPress website.
I’m talking about the self-hosted version of WordPress from WordPress.org. That s where
you got it on your own servers. So, the first thing I do when I notice it’s time to update
WordPress is I contact my theme company if I’m using a premium theme. It usually takes
them a couple of days once it’s released to make sure that their theme will work with
the new version. So I wait a couple of days, contact them, if they give the thumps up then
I go ahead and I update WordPress. But before I do that, you don t want to forget this,
I backup my site and the plug-in that I like is Backup Buddy. It’s very easy to use. It
backs up the whole thing and you don t have to worry about it at all. So, contact the
theme company, backup with Backup Buddy, then I update my WordPress software, and I just
login to WordPress, click the little button, and do the automatic update. After that, then
I go look at my plug-ins and I see which plug-in has updated to the current version of WordPress
and if they have, I update my plug-ins. After that, I look at my site from the outside as
everyone else would see it and then I login and I look inside in the admin just to see
what s changed and what’s new with WordPress. It doesn t take long, it’s easy to do, and
it keeps your WordPress website up to date. This is Christina Hills with your WordPress
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  1. Great info but does that work with a Theme that is not premium?
    See am new to wordpress Hey Christina can you do a video on wordpress "Jetpack I see it in my admin but am afraid to update to it cause I don't know what the heck it is… Thanks your the best!

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