World of Warships Developer Diaries # 3: Aircraft Carriers
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World of Warships Developer Diaries # 3: Aircraft Carriers

September 6, 2019

Hi all! In the previous episode of Developer’s Diaries, we discussed the peculiarities and tactics for destroyers, cruisers and battleships. This episode will be dedicated to the most unique ship class in World of Warships — aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers in World of Warships are the fourth type of ship in the game. They may be the last class we are covering, but they are definitely not the least in terms of importance! These ships are quite large and are also another kind of capital ship along with battleships. Carriers are also fairly speedy; they usually have a higher top speed than battleships and are comparable with cruisers. Some are even faster than certain cruisers. This speed lets an aircraft carrier reposition easily; it can come close to an enemy to attack or it can move towards the edge of a map in order to defend. On top of this, it’s not easy to guess where an aircraft carrier is — after all, it’s a high-speed ship. Aircraft carriers are excellent at spotting enemy ships. Finally, aircraft carriers have tremendous firepower — even greater than that of battleships. One of their advantages is the operating range of their aircraft. Planes can cross the whole map with ease. A carrier can attack from unexpected angles. For example, if enemy ships use a mountainous island as cover, then the carrier’s aircraft squadron can bank around the island and attack from the side — something a battleship’s shells can’t do. The drawback is that a carrier’s squadron can be shot down. It’s not a shell, after all. Every squadron consists of several aircraft. It works like this: the more aircraft that reach the target with their payload, the higher the damage inflicted. As you can see, mobility and tactical flexibility make the aircraft carrier one of the most interesting ship types in World of Warships. Let’s discuss how you might effectively use scouts, fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. Let’s start with scouts. It’s simple: send aircraft up into the air to scout the map. You just have to move them from one side of the map to the other and they will continue spotting the enemy. There are more options when it comes to fighter aircraft. First: you can send your fighters to destroy enemy scouts. Second: you can send your fighters to destroy enemy fighters. The easiest way is to throw your fighter squadrons against enemy attack aircraft, thus reducing the damage they can inflict. Unlike fighters, torpedo bombers aren’t very quick or manoeuvrable. Their goal is to deliver a heavy torpedo, which can weigh more than a ton, then try to attack the enemy from the side, dropping their torpedoes. Ideally, you’d like to drop torpedoes from both sides. Then, no matter which way the enemy turns, it will meet torpedoes. Bombers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry as much about angles. They can attack from the side or from the front. Attacking head-on is better so that the aircraft spend the minimum time under the fire of the anti-aircraft batteries of a ship, or group of ships in a formation. There is an American aircraft carrier named Langley; this is the first aircraft carrier you can play. It has fighter aircraft and torpedo bombers. So the task is pretty easy; position your air strike force, while you intercept the enemy’s one. A player has a few elements to control. First, you have to control your ship. You can’t afford to run aground or stay in one position; a ship that isn’t moving or can’t move is a doomed ship. You have two new elements to learn to control, fighters and bombers and this is enough to begin getting acquainted with this class of ships. All aircraft carriers have similar weapons. Thus the tactics we use for playing them are basically the same. However, they do have different constructions, sizes and armour, so there are variations. First, you should know the difference between armoured and armoured aircraft carriers. Take a Japanese Shinano carrier, for example—it was rebuilt from a Yamato type battleship. It has a well-armoured deck and a nice armour belt. So it will be almost impossible to sink with artillery, even up to cruiser-size guns. Players used to play it in the front line, having no problem dealing with fire from cruisers. Its aviation group was also pretty effective at destroying the enemy. When you play an aircraft carrier, your game play will be more like that of a real-time strategy game. Tactical placement of aviation groups, finding targets and even the carrier’s position are very important. If you are operating at a very long range, your squadron will have to cover this distance to attack and then come back as well. So, if an aircraft carrier moves closer to its target when launching and receiving squadrons, and stands back while they are in operation, the aircraft need less time to reach their target. Thus you can use them more often and this means inflicting more damage on your enemy! However, getting closer to your enemy is a risk. So you have to keep a balance: consider the risks that come with getting closer to the enemy and reducing attack time and thus doing more damage. Carriers can easily decide the fate of a battle. Yes, you have to control a lot of things: your carrier, your aircraft group, as well as the tide of battle, but at the same time this helps you to assess the situation. It’s quite possible that clan leaders will choose aircraft carriers to go into battle with. Find out more about World of Warships on the official game portal. Get the most accurate information about the project first-hand!

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  1. Either misinformation of bad translation. You rarely wanna attack from both sides of a ship with torpedoes. If you hit only 1 side, each torpedo increases the change of the ship capsizing in that direction. 

  2. iv been playing world of tank for 3 years now ans i plat every day but now looking at all the vids out on the game play of world of worships i can play world of tanks now all i want to play is world of warships and when i play world of tanks all i think of is world of warship so please please can i have a bata key please help me

  3. They need to make it so torpedo bombers can not launch so damn close to the target. As it stands now you can launch your torps right next to the target leaving him zero chance of dodging and your have very little chance of your plane being shot down so you can do it all over again. Doing some bullshit like that should cost you the bomber every time. As it stands carriers are just as OP as arty from back in the day. They need to balance out torps big time.

  4. Don't believe the hype – the actual game play for carriers is more boring than watching this video 20 times. 

  5. the langley does not look like that in game, they need it to look like that, and I will be happier, as it is it looks much less detailed….

  6. why do i feel like a carrier will be less popular ship, since most of its action is planes, and world of warplanes already have planes

  7. So about submarines and realism vs. gameplay concerns:

    1.) Needing to make an underwater map: If it were realistic, you wouldn't be able to see much of anything underwater and would rely mostly on charts, HUD mini-maps essentially, and active/passive sonar which would most likely be another kind of minimap. But then this would be incredibly boring for players, since they'd mostly be relying on a few HUD images instead of the game's full display. So in either case you have underwater maps, but either they are too detailed, or there is nothing to see and the player depends on their HUD almost entirely.

    2.) Survivability: A submarine is remarkably small and is very easy to sink once found. All the fuss and effort that the developers would put into making a submarine map, models, etc. would yield very, VERY brief stints of gameplay that would end with either the sub crashing, getting depth-charged, going too deep and crushing, or most-likely: getting shelled or destroyed. Subs are very fragile. Go watch Das Boot if you want a better idea of what I'm talking about.

    3.) Payload: Most subs from WW2 had a light surface-armament on their top deck but almost always relied on their torpedoes. Meaning the players would, at best, have only 2 kinds of weapons to use. The torpedos would be quickly launched, and either they have an unlimited supply (unbalanced due to their stealth), or they have a finite supply (unbalanced due to this being their main asset) and would need to almost constantly be heading back to some point on the map to resupply or, worse, they would fire their ammo and then be unable to contribute to the game. This means that the central weapon of the submarine, the torpedo, either makes it too powerful if its unlimited (due to the explosive yield of a torpedo), or too weak if it's limited since the sub can easily run out of ammo and then be of no help to the rest of the fleet, deteriorating the gameplay since a player is unable to significantly contribute.

    4.) Stealth: Subs would be very hard to detect, like a sniper indeed, and historically were countered with destroyers armed with depth-charges, sonar, and high speed and maneuverability. However, now the developers have to add a sonar mechanic into the game just for one class of ship. Also, given the unpromising potential gameplay duration for submarines, this would be an infrequently utilized mechanic, being necessitated only for the brief period of time that a submarine has any torpedos or hasn't been destroyed yet. Moreover, now the developers have to create depth-charges, again, just for submarines.

    5.) In summary:
    I would love it if somehow they were able to include submarines in a way that made the game fun. But if they intend to do so, then the aforementioned obstacles are what the developers would have to overcome. The biggest weakness is the fact that there would need to be a great deal of development and introduction of new mechanics just for a single class of ship. Then most of the developed products for subs would go to waste due to the fact that the player wouldn't be playing as a sub for very long either because they are out of torpedos, or because they die too soon. If they didn't run out of torpedoes then they'd have an extreme, and unrealistic, advantage over every other class. A damning allowance to be made for the case of submarines since most arguments for them cite realism.

    EDIT: I suppose one of the few potentially valid means of including submarines would be to make them like a killstreak reward like from CoD. Essentially what this means is that if a player gets a lot of kills/deals a lot of damage or whatever, then perhaps they could gain a killstreak reward option that would direct some computer-controlled subs to fire torpedoes on a certain area, like an airstrike in CoD. This would bypass the need for a new map, would capitalize on the brief-period of gameplay (since it would be a one-shot thing), would negate the question of ammo limits (since it would be a single-use reward that dispatches some torpedoes into an area, a weapon that is already present in the game), and ultimately merely necessitate the need for sonar and depth-charges for destroyers. Comparatively, this means the developers would add: 2 game mechanics (sonar and killstreak rewards with one for ubs) and 1 weapon (depth-charges). Without needing to add: underwater maps, sub-models, and the aforementioned issues. But that still may not justify the inclusion of the weapon and game mechanics merely for a single killstreak reward. Like I said, this may be one of the few potentially valid means of including subs, by making them computer controlled temporary combat enhancers.

  8. bem que poderia colocar tripulação né? e colocar os pilotos mesmo dentro do aviao fica mais perto do real possivel

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