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August 10, 2019

What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. now in today’s we’re jumping over to risky reels were
in squads with cozzaand Adam both of these guys I’ve never played with them
before this is genuinely the first games there’s gonna be quite interesting but
you put into the brand new game mode that just came out the limit time game
mode which is called Close Encounters meaning everything is shotguns and jet
packs and explosives and shields and it’s just absolutely manic now me and the lads
we’re gonna basically try and build the world’s longest sky bridge which
basically is going to go hopefully if we can boys across the entire month no
one’s done this before we’ve got a mix on for it so imagine building from
around here all the way across the lake I don’t know shifty shafts or whatever
obviously probably don’t need to go like towards Anarchy I imagined to build down
I mean most likely it’s probably just Dusty Divot yeah there’s gonna be like a
sent them up finished more slightly just gotta get as many resources as we
possibly can I mean I’ve got one now because Adam just gifted us one
Cozza: I got one
So you got one as well yeah cozza? Cozza: yeah
yeah okay cool that’s two so
we just need two more jetpacks and then the team will be safe so to some degree
as long as we build the actual beginning point to the sky base outside of the
zone we should be fine I’m hoping that do you see anyone jump down towards
wailing or did you not
Storm: In the maze, the maze
In the maze okay Cozza: I think one guy
jumped over there what
happens though if we do for example a sky base it kind of like steers out of
the zone do we just have to make sky base into the next one like what rule
should be applied to should be applying oh there’s a port-a-fort in front
Cozza: shots in front, east, guys in front east
Yeah I see them jetpack as wel, they are fighting they are fighting, throwing my sticky’s over
Storm: I have so many nades There’s a guy one shot here, killed him
Storm: Nice I’ve clipped that guy, there’s a guy to your right
Yeah it’s the jetpack guy I’ve clipped him twice, he’s got potions nice!
Storm: One more with jetpacks
right there’s two jetpacks then, there’s a jetpack here Storm: Guy over here There’s a jetpack on this guy too, oh you just blocked me in Shane
Storm: I’m sorry Where’s he at?
Adam: Beneath me
Storm: He’s underneath
Oh he’s under here? Adam: Headshotted for 70
Storm: Oh there’s another team here Dude this person just needs to die Killed thus person, is the zoey dead? Zoey’s dead woo, boys that was sketchy dude, riht that was a lot of people just like flying up and down oh storm got perma killed oh no!
Storm: Yeah Storm got perma killed, cozza you flying dude, your glitching out your flying infinitely flying infinitely
Adam: Yeah he’s glitched out on me
your jetpacks isconstantly kicking off it’s not stopping Cozza: What!
try to take it off and then drop it and pick it back up what is
Adam: No way! What is that? dude your
Cozza: I am so confused
Adam: Take it off again
that’s insane dude it just keeps can I Can i pick it up and will it change? What no what?
Adam: It’s just on him
It’s just glitched on him Cozza: Wait what?
I do not know
Boys zone zone zone we gotta build up we’re gonna build up oh man I
had no that’s mad dude right we have to start sky basing what was with
your stuff that is insane alright Cozza: Was I just flying?
yeah you just in your jet pack doesn’t shut up it just keeps on doing the whole
jetpack thing
Storm: The animation of it
yeah the animation does it keeps doing it what
that’s insane alright okay well where should we so once we get in the zone
we’ll try and build a cross I’ll have to wait to see where the zone comes in I
guess as well because we’ve got jetpacks yeah I can actually hear him in the
background still is he still kicking off Storm & Adam: Yeah he still is kicking off
I may have to stay away from him, his jetpack is just glitched doesn’t matter what jetpack you pick up
either it just seems to do it that’s mad
Adam: Try flying with your jetpack again
Double tap and see if it stops
Adam: He’s fixed it alright we’re in the zone
let’s wait here then let’s see where let’s see where it takes us
let’s see where we can skip how much would you guys get away how many resources
Cozza: I’ve got max wood
okay I got 800 metal 700 brick ok the zones not too far let’s
keep going I’ll use all my metal open and we can head in ok so look how massive this is
what should we do that it should be should we Cozza: I can see some 218
I’m gonna drop down
and get some more wood yeah Cozza: Are we all coming?
t’s up to you so
don’t mind whatever it’s not like in the zone is it just in the zone
yeah ok just get as much wood as we possibly can come on I’m on 590 now like
this could be the world’s biggest the world’s longest sky base it’s gonna be
crazy now I just have to build up we’ve got 14
Cozza: oh no
oh you start building start
I’ll join you’s I am coming up Let’s go higher, lets go higher okay someone’s chasing us this is gonna be
cool and then imagine we jump down on okay so it’s chasing us this is gonna be
cool and then imagine we jump down on the final team and we just finish them
off okay so resource-wise that’s a 140 pieces out in place
is that right no yeah it is yeah that’s quite a lot of pieces actually to be fair
what have you got
Adam: I have 539 wood 262 stone and 262 metal quite a lot of pieces actually infer
what have you got even spotting can we see anyone they
won’t even build shot us because of the thing we might even find sky bases to
you not as people over there building up to the the tower you can see them to be fair we might actually wanna go highter and just so they don’t to the the tower you seem to be fairly
maxint wanna glow and just so they don’t actually see us yeah otherwise they
might they might be any might the buildin up to us you know okay
where’s this finishing it is loose you Storm: No like you can shoot them
but they build up this way I thought you knew that fight didn’t bless at that job yeah Shane did that
the other day everyone was dying when he Storm: No!
He jumped out and went straight over the edge see you later did not we’ll see where it takes us it’s a
beautiful view up here boys
Adam: It is! all the way from wailing all the way across
Cozza: Like a racetrack
it is isn’t it it’s our own little racetrack so cool
Storm: Imagine if you did that glitch as well
what you slding your belly?
So you got the guy down there going into salty see him
Cozza: oh yeah
yes we’ve got buildings
that has happened over there can’t see tilted stuff you seen it have you seen
what Nick eh 30 did by the way he dropped his jet pack threw it off the edge jumped down and grabbed it
Both: yeah
he’s an actual god there’s a full team there look there having a party you alright there lads how you doing?
they’ll be looking up like
Adam: Chill here for now there I’m gonna party I’ll be looking up
going now you’re in the center oh yeah that is really cool
okay let’s mark up as many enemies as we Cozza: straight west there’s two teams fighting
we’re the only sky base too there are no sky bases, Wooo
Cozza: South! look at the team down let’s kick it off for each
Cozza: south west southwest they building like imagine we had enough resources at
sky base the final zone that would be cool Oh trike imagine we had enough resources at
sky base the final zone I’ll be cool Oh weaknesses we stayed alive because we
just sat in a cellar okay hello lads that’s I mean we’re gonna we’re
gonna have to kill am i that’s let’s hello that’s I mean we’re gonna we’re
gonna have to kill am i that’s let’s push the wall yeah let’s push towards
them oh we’re gonna have a sky base war no
way right zones come in 15 seconds ah oh let’s not let’s not build down keep the
hang on keep a hang on zone oh wait wait wait wait where’s the zone, wheres the zone on right okay Adam: They’ve not seen us they’ve not seen us He’s throwing grenades
Storm: He’s throwign grenades?
Cozza: O my Gosh!
I wish I had nades
Adam: Shall we drop down on them? I am hitting them for 6
Cozza: Shall we drop behind them we’re hitting them for like 10 damage Oh boys
fallen oh no I didn’t I’m back Are we jumping down? Adam: Got him
Cozza: nice
Adam: oh my god
no Adam survive you do it nice
my god no I didn’t survive you do it Zones coming in okay let’s let’s
rebuild rebuild back
Adam: Right one sec, I won’t be able to-
Storm: I think that does 10 damage Adam: I’m nor making it
Storm: It’s doing 10 damage
oh it’s doing 10 damage
Adam: Oh I took to much damage
damn it, damn it
Cozza don’t go in the storm it does 10 damage dude no Adam got killed
Oh man no that was clutch place though damaged shoes no I don’t got killed
Oh oh my no that was clutch place though we got down there pretty pretty well
oh okay whoa all right let’s build team
Adam: yeah
Cozza: Must be
there’s a guy there Adam: okay wait no it is a team of two okay
okay okay that’s what we want we don’t want a full squad that’s the last thing
we want is a full squad guy
Storm: Sky base
okay let’s see so you’ve got oh are they reviving? there’s a full set of three Cozza: yeah there’s three
Adam: There’s a three and a one, full team of four
oh it’s a full team of four, it’s us versus a full team of four and they’re coming for us oh
they’re coming as well oh man okay here look Sky sky base as
much as we can block them off as much as we can
Storm: you got any bandages?
Cozza: I do I’ve got five
Storm: That’s not going to be enough
We’ve gotta block them off dude We gotta block them off got it
block them off can’t let them build up to us
sky base it up
Storm: How many resources you got?
I got like 600 are they launch padding?
Adam Yeah
Are they trying to launch pad up?
Storm: They are trying too Cozza: the hole in the middle oh they are right beneath us
Storm: The final zone!
Sxvxn: Oh the final zone
Everyone: Oh no No i’m not prepared for this no no,
They knocked me down
Go for the revive-
WE WON! Storm: I just realised I’m muted I said he can’t shoot you down
Yeah I know yeah

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  1. 0:35 holy crap I’m triggered he left the gold gun even tho he had a purple

  2. We have done it from welling to dustydevot ??? it was alot of fun there were other 2sky base but much lower then us and we we're fully up

  3. Omg i think i was in that server but i died and spectated my friend an we saw the sky base in this shotgun/jetpack mode

  4. What sets SXVXN apart from other Fortnite YouTubers is the effort that he puts into his videos with the editing

  5. I believe the zone always ends at the mountain in the center of the map because every time I played it ended there

  6. You should combine two challenges and do the launch pad glitch, and build a skybase track in Close encounters

  7. Awsome work bro but this is not the world record, I did one from moisty to wailing and someone did one from pleasant to moisty


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