WORLD RECORD LONGEST SLIDE | Fortnite: Battle Royale
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WORLD RECORD LONGEST SLIDE | Fortnite: Battle Royale

August 30, 2019

What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. In today’s video we’re gonna be doing something actually
insane now if you didn’t see the video we created the other day we actually
discovered a very random rare glitch and it basically puts us into this freefall
more and it keeps us there so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna build the
world’s biggest slide we’re gonna make it humongous we have the zone actually
lads which is actually a good thing what we’re gonna what we’re gonna try
and do is try and build the biggest stairway to heaven at the top of it if
we find a launch pad we’re gonna trigger the glitch and then these two need to
try and keep me on the racetrack that we’re gonna build for as long as
possible it’s gonna be tough boys but I believe it is if you guys enjoy this
please do leave a like on the video and of course leave a comment below if you
guys have ever tried this it’s so worth it
it is hilarious like it’s actually wicked yeah it’s not I’m most likely
gonna find a launch pad line on the floor but we can get them from chests
it’s just slim very slim chance take it easy okay checking downstairs bandages
down there I’ll probably get them afterwards come on we need to find this
launch pad it’s the only way we can trigger it nothing here there’s more
minis nothing here just got shotgun not Knocked an enemy! Alright mate! He’s dead. Skronex: He’s just yea Sxvxn: Oh no wait, wait. Supply drop! right here. 200 come on please please okay here launch pad, come on! Yes! We’ve got a launch pad! We’ve got a launch pad! Got a launch pad! Got a launch pad!
Skronex: Yesss! Sweet!
Sxvxn: Okay, cool Woooo. This is how it begins let’s head to lonely let’s head towards lonely so you
can build this build this race course we want somewhere we can start building it
covert all right wailing would swear limits we want to build it over this
edge here are you ready to put me into a race track. Storm: I’m building up!
Skronex: oh yeah I’ve got my ramp set to down. You have your set to up, Storm. Sxvxn: Okay, here we go! Here we go. we want to make sure that we go in the
right direction so you might want to turn it like we want to make we might
want to turn it this way well we’re heading towards to see up in the sky so
we can set the launch pad in the sky then we’re gonna do like the longest
slide okay here we go I’ll use my resources just hope that we
don’t get shot build walls on the side the walls on the
side if you wanted to help. Storm: I really don’t want to waste all of my materials, especially when we’re going from one side to the other. Sxvxn: Yea. Okay, okay! We’ve gonna have to set this okay
so here we’re gonna set the set the stairs down okay here we go there goes
it’s working for me so someone jump on Storm: I’m on it
Sxvxn: it there we go sorry stay on stay on
don’t jump off don’t report it okay I’m gonna hop on it’s gonna glitch you are
gonna come out of this now I’m in the mode I’m in the mode. SLIDING BABY!
Skronex: Where do you want to go? Sxvxn: Hmmm. I don’t know. Where do you want to take me? We’re in the slide mode. Oh like that boys and getting
psyched that you need to protect mission my protectors left me my protectors left
me my protectors left me just kill them you need a build boys my protector okay
I’m heading down damn heading this way build down to the ground build on the
ground connected to the ground connection to the ground
(Skronex: It’s connected to the ground)
Sxvxn: just in case it gets shot down. okay okay okay
Billy build flats okay I’m with you Billy I’m with you
Billy. Head right. Head right, right. build right build right right.
Storm: I’ve got the sides.
Sxvxn: Okay I’m coming keep keep protecting me keep protecting don’t waste your ammo oh
your wood sorry. Just make sure you keep on protected all right we’re sliding
we’re sliding we’ve gotta get into the zone boys let’s oh shoot me in the back.
Storm: I’ve got you (x4) Sxvxn: They’re trying to disconnect it. connected to the floor connected. Quick, quick Storm: Keep going. Sxvxn: Connect it to the floor, Billy. Connect it to the floor. Storm: I’ve got it (x3) Sxvxn: Cool, cool, cool Okay, cool. Go, go go! Storm: Just covering your back. I’ve got 600 wood
Sxvxn: When you need to, when we get into the zone you can fight obviously to to
protect me. Where you going? Where you going? Where we going?
Storm: He’s just connecting to the floor
Skronex: Just connecting to the floor Sxvxn: Left head
Storm: Left. How much wood do you have?
Sxvxn: I’ve got 600 not much okay oh Skronex: Not much Sxvxn: oh no babe fell off
okay oh my god. I’m flying alright we probably want to try to go for that
hills over north and then we can set up and you guys can yeah go to the left
right left West he’s looking at me right now you shoot at me he’s trying to
(Skronex: Woah)
Sxvxn: destroy the base let’s try the base okay I’ll stay hidden under here I’ll give
you some resources hey here’s some more resources there’s brick that’s the metal
Skronex: Thank you Sxvxn: all right don’t let this get shot down Skronex: I’ve got loads Sxvxn: I’m staying hidden boys Okay Skronex: Come on Sxvxn: Do the damage that you can I’ll keep an eye what’s going on Skronex: He has a big fat tomato head and I missed it (Sxvxn laugh) Sxvxn: I’m just going to peek. I’m gonna look.
Shronex: Again? Sxvxn: What’s going on over here, boys? We’ve got on the hill up there.
Storm: People at rock. Be careful. Sxvxn: People at rocks? People near south, yea? Storm: Like 190. Yea, south Sxvxn: Okay, south
Storm: Let’s go for the mountain Sxvxn: Okay. Alright. I’m heading I’m coming I’m coming
Oh keep me protected keep me protected don’t let me get shot. This is mint! I’m up here. I’m coming up yes, at long it’s connected. Storm: Ohhh. Who built that? (Sxvxn: Weird sound) Skronex: Ah, noice!
Sxvxn: I didn’t build it Skronex: Good edit, good edit Sxvxn: Protect us. They’re sniping each other I’m coming up storm well coming up nice
all right here we go connect it all up boys can actually builds wall to wall to
wall so I got sniped I’m gonna get sniped no no. Stay on the hill. You need defense point. we’re getting sniped at.
Storm: I do need a sniper by the way Sxvxn: Here’s a sniper. I’ve dropped a sniper drop. Wait. Why can’t I can’t drop my sniper? Okay. I can’t drop weapons Storm: We’ve got 12 people left. We’ve got people on the mountain on the 197 and we’ve got people to the right. Just be careful. Sxvxn: There’s a guy in the tower. Snipe him on the ground. Get him knocked out. there a guy pushing the valley right now
he’s pushing towards the top will you just sniped him I wish I could give you
my sniper carrying it. People are fighting. Let’s see where the zone is boys. Skronex: HEADSHOT!! Sxvxn: Let’s see where the zone is. We’re in the zone. We’re in the zone. Nice. Okay. I’m going to see. Can I get out of here? Can I climb out of here? I don’t know where to go,. Storm: I can build out if you want Sxvxn: Let’s go towards some of them guys You want to go towards them? Oooo. I’m getting shot at Storm: We can go. I just deagled him Sxvxn: We can go for that guy on that hill. Build towards them. Let’s go! Storm: Okay. Let’s go! Sxvxn: I’m coming. I’m with you. Skronex: Build down.
Sxvxn: Build down. He’s pushing that house. You see him? He’s by that log. Running to the house Push the house. There is he in the open. GET HIM BOYS!!! Get him. Haha Storm: Oh no. I need to reload.
Sxvxn: Oh no. I fell off. I fell off. I fell off Okay. I’m with you guys! Storm: I’ve got another launchpad Sxvxn: I’ve slipped, but cool cool Skronex: Aww. You’ve lost it. Sxvxn: I’ve slipped off. It’s fine. Skronex: We got you so far Sxvxn: It’s fine (x2) Top 10 is alright. We made it the top ten let’s get some kills
let’s get the win it’s already It’s fine. It’s fine. I’ve got a launchpad I count that man that was downs dope
okay let’s say snipe him in the head Storm: NICE SHOT! Sxvxn: Get some RPGs. Let’s say get my sniper out
gonna RPG go into what some and don’t Skronex: Center of the zone circle thingy.
Sxvxn: Yeah boy okay there’s a guy there Storm: Watch out for that mountain. Sxvxn: towards the Taco. There’s a guy back
taco there’s some guys in the middle – you guys got any Rockets by the way? Storm: Sadly not, but there’s Sxvxn: I’ve just missed him
Storm: Behind us Sxvxn: You’ve got any rockets?
Storm: 160 Sxvxn: Okay, cool
Skronex: One just launched pad. 160. They’re running at the side of me I’ve got rockets
Sxvxn: I’ve an eye on the guy
back taco one sec dude back taco there’s a guy right there he’s waiting
he should have to push he’s waiting they gonna snipe
Storm: He’s in Wailing at the moment and he’s a good builder as well
Sxvxn: whoever’s missed him I can go and get them. I’m gonna get those Rockets right there – oh you just want to snipe at me
up me
Skronex: oh come on come on I’m going for these Rockets bros this guy see to the
to the side of us right now it’s just Shronex: Where’s the launch pad? Sxvxn: whoo he’s just falling down.
Skronex: You need some more rockets?
Sxvxn: I’ll see you later bro how did he not die? Storm: One right here. He’s got a jetpack as well. Sxvxn: Got him and knocked him I’ll get his jetpack. Where’s he at? There he is. I’ll get his Jetpack. I’ve got people at the bottom as well
I’ve locked myself out I’ve locked myself out there we go
Storm: I could hear a person at bridge. Sxvxn: Yea, there was there was a guy by
bridge oh boy boss double launchpad I’ve got two large pads on me pushing him Storm: Okay, okay. I’m coming onto the launchpad Sxvxn: Build up let’s get him let’s go Jet
Park hit him for 100 somebody been Skronex: beneath me somebody back where we were
Sxvxn: I’ve hit him for 45.He’s gonna die. now I’m gonna get him. You got him? Noice
Storm: Yea. I got him
Sxvxn: We’re looking for 2 more more two. We’ve got this.
Skronex: Back where we were. Storm: Knocked him. That quick scope tho Sxvxn: I shot him. We’re looking for one more. Let’s have fun with him guy I’ve got my RPG on the go trying to get him to kill himself. Get him to
kill himself if he shoots it off you hear this come on lasted for ages though
with that as well and that was that was cool and I know built them just builds
everywhere but we did like a really that was like a crazy long belly slide that
was mine I was a lot of fun you

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  1. When you know someone’s a noob : they run straight past a gold burst and keep the scar. Maths tells the burst is better: gold burst headshot damage is 66= 3 bullets shot at once= 3 headshots = 198 damage in one shot

  2. You should do a custom game in duos, everyone must have shopping carts and it is handcannon only.

    Hope you use this idea, if you do at least say it was me, I don't wan't someone to steal my idea.😃😃😃

  3. Legend says if you comment on SXVXN video he will reply back.
    So I dicided to put this to the test.

  4. so why do you have to stay on mats? does the slide wear off after you hit the grass or something? someone pls answer

  5. Goood job I thought this was like a compilation and it would be a small slide but no it wasn’t great video!

  6. You know you just can jump on the launchpad and just when you gonna hit the launchpad yiu will get in that posistion and you dont need to build you can be on the ground

  7. This is a little late but because you do SOOO much building I decided to tell you in the comments I GOT INTO MY FIRST BUILD BATTLE AND WON!!!!!

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