World’s longest aircraft ‘Airlander 10’ to go into production
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World’s longest aircraft ‘Airlander 10’ to go into production

December 8, 2019

the world’s largest aircraft is set to
go into full production it’s over 90 metres long and goes by the name the
airlander 10 our eastern jet has more details the prototype for the airlander
10 first took off for test flights in 2016 and despite a few hiccups here and
there it proved to be successful the world’s largest aircraft is now grounded
after its final successful testing as the firm behind the aircraft hybrid air
vehicle received production organization approval from the UK Civil Aviation
Authority the 92 metre long airlander 10 is a hybrid of a blimp helicopter and
plane and it’s designed to stay a law for days at a time it uses less fuel
than a plane but tests show it’s able to carry heavier loads than conventional
airships not to mention having less of an impact on the environment and the
idea was to make a very efficient modern aircraft they used the benefit of having
helium as a lifting gas within the aircraft so nobody had done that before
so the engineers here made an investigation and they came up with this
design what it does know will do is fly point to point a bit like a giant
helicopter taking bigger Lords longer distances cheaper safer and crucially
without the same damage to the environment it’s hope the full
commercial model will take to the sky sometime in the early 2020s Eason J
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