WORLD’S LONGEST CAR MOD! (GTA 5 Mods Funny Moments)
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WORLD’S LONGEST CAR MOD! (GTA 5 Mods Funny Moments)

August 25, 2019

OOOOOOOOOOH- There’s a plane over there! THERE IS A PLANE OVER THERE Welcome back Kops , my name is Kwebblekop and do you ever feel like your car isn’t long enough well today, yes I’m not joking we have the longest car in the world As you can see this beautiful limo is a bit longer than it is supposed to be very pretty takes a few seconds to like
fully walk around it but it looks pretty let’s go ahead and let’s just get into
this limousine and I was like okay so this is world’s longest car legit
world’s longest car let’s give it a shot let’s try to drive
it see how it works in the you know in our daily life see how it functions and
maybe we can do some fun shit with it as you can see first time doing this
driving test driving is going pretty good the front moves a lot faster than the
back so umm it’s got to be hard to steer let’s go ahead and let’s try to go to
Los Angeles customs where we’re going to try to customize these beautiful
limousine if we can even get there okay i don’t
know if we’re gonna get stuck on anything We probably are but don’t worry about it.
The beautiful limousine is on its way The longest limousine in the world are you fucking kidding me ok so steering
as you can see really hard Don’t worry about it wait we have a
fucking hole in the back we’re just totally blocking the road
right now Where’s Los Antos Customs? It’s right over there let me just- Uh, let me just turn around over
here Yeah this is going great are you fucking
kidding me? this is really hard okay this Dri-
trying to drive this car in real life Would be impossible OK? It legit it would be
impossible ok let’s go just driving driving driving it’s going
great over here thought fuck did you say bitch? The fuck there we go ok no weird people are
allowed in their videos let’s go ahead and drive into the Los Santos customs fucking kidding me you guys closed or some shit fuck it come on
fucking let us in this vehicle copy modify . okay okay i
see i see now so you’re telling me I can’t fucking
modify this vehicle well you know what fuck you guys over there fuck you guys over there ok time for us to drive away then these guys are being racist again i hate it
when that happens ok so driving the limousine is going
great of course and try to customize it is not because these guys I don’t know but we have a little
booster you know we can use to try and drive and drive a little bit faster let’s go and fucking hell let’s go try
to get up to the highway with this sick stunt over here Wow limousine stuuuuuunnnnttt!!! ok there’s no way i am trying to control it oh shit fucking we just did that so
let’s try to get onto the highway because are you fucking kidding me we’re stuck I knew this was gonna happen
I knew this was gonna happen come on drive around there we go so let’s try to get onto the highway
and let’s have a look at how hard it is to drive a I don’t know how fucking long
this thing is limousine on the highway ok right over there come on yes first try to get onto the highway perfect now let’s try to turn around oh my god oh my god this is fucking
terrible we’re blocking the whole highway I’m so sorry guys I’m so sorry and this is awkward guys well stop trying to fucking driving into
me are you stupid i’ve insured so come on
what the fuck what the fuck ok let’s just let’s just wait right here i think
it’s i think this is fine what the fuck some cars disappear yeah
now these guys are getting pissed off guys have had come on guys what’s the
what’s the deal what’s the big deal guys guys come on sorry are you guys in a hurry this is
why you should ride a bike it’s better for the environment oh my
god this guy is pushing me all the way you fucking kidding me you fucking
kidding me you piece of shit fuck everybody hey fuck everybody on the highway okay
that’s enough let’s go ahead and start driving if we
can even fucking turn around with this thing this is what it feels like when you’ve
never driven a car and then you have to finally like parallel park I can imagine this is what it feels like
it’s pretty much impossible somebody turn around ok parallel parking we’re doing this come on yeah we’re doing
this this is going great ok finally we’re on
the highway going SuperDuper uber fast and we’re going to try to do now is
we’re going to try to just drive okay see how good we are driving this
beautiful car is that’s that’s what we’re here for you know that’s of course
what we’re here for it’s going what the fuuuuuuccckk!! what the fuck holy shit ok let’s go ahead and start
flying with Izzy this is the moment in every in every in every mod video where
you know I’ve played around with the mod enough now this mod needs other mods to make
this model of even better ok so one of them is of course one of my favorite
mods it’s a flying mod and you know I always have this shit enabled because it’s fucking awesome but pretty
much what we are right now is a flying fucking limousine ok how often have you heard anybody talk
about flying limousine look at this shit look at that shit ok and we’re flying
again we’re flying again oh shit ok time to line up to this highway then I
guess you know where we’re going from my way to highway come on just stop flight stop fucking
flying okay there we go back on to the highway and
shit ok no we gotta block the highway that’s
our life goal ok block all the highways stop it guys
come on this is bad bad for the environment stop the fix the
environment ok oh my let’s get out the environment
will survive at least one more shit okay there we go so this is a nicely
spawned limousine what the fuck everybody’s in a hurry
over here but you know we all know that’s not gonna happen i would say we just blew up our
limousine what was really stand on a car and it blows up what happens when that we do that
nothing happens great fuck everybody everybody’s gotta
die ok we need a new limousine there we go
so we now have a new limousine you know just chillin over here and it’s its
blocking oh my fucking it has to start blocking that cars already know what the
fuck are you saying you piece of shit ok let’s try to spawn
a new one there we go ok now that just um that
just blew up there we go i like the white one the white one looks really
nice let me just get it I think we’re safe
over here Kops I think we are safe I’m pretty sure we
are safe actually let’s start let’s start very sticky bombs there we go yeah we’re safer in the
limousine this is great to like make sure the traffic doesn’t get through this is amazing ok this is going great I think it’s time for us to start flying
and because i don’t know i think i think the police will only there’s so many
people over there can we catch him no we can’t okay sorry
about that guys this was an accident that out of my
driver’s license yet I don’t have my driver’s license yet okay there we go
then there we go time to fly Wow what the fuck Wow come on fuckin ell you fuck me yet Franklin ok ok this is fine this is fine we’re on mount chiliad and right now going
down fucking mount chiliad let’s go and do this I want to kind of land onto mount chiliad
but we all know that that’s really hard to do okay so we’re just going to go for
a little little little trip what time is it by the way ok it’s still
noon you know make sure that the weather’s
clear extra sunny there we go ok so let’s go ahead and fucking crashes that
I don’t know what to do with this vehicle ok it’s a fucking limousine which is a
bit longer than i was expecting it to be okay maybe we can try to get that plane
out of the air that’s never gonna work though ok how
about we just go back to the airport let’s go to the other airport ok we can
fly with this shit now let’s go let’s go there ok we’re here now you know cops this is great this is a
this is very nice let’s fix this fix this shit by their we
don’t it’s like a brand-new limousine what the
fuck oh there’s a plane over there there is a plane over there you’re not
going anywhere my friend and you’re not going anywhere oh yeah
it’s okay so we kind of fucking stop the plane already we stop this plane it this this went
great come on push it back push it back come on
we got this we want to go we want to hit it really hard ok let’s go there we go start fucking
taking a plane with you take the fucking point you know what fuck this fuck this
shit okay there we go get back into the
limousine we just did that ok what you’re going to
do about it what you gonna do about it Oh what the fuck are shits leaking what
the fuck is that ok i guess our limousine is leaking em now it’s not anymore we fix it which
is nice which is exactly where Edward we blew up a plane we kind of fucking destroyed everybody
in this in this whole city which was great the limousine is still holding up I
think you know I’ve tested out lot many mods many vehicle mod but none of them
were able to carry this many people you know we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 32 minus 1 we can have 31 guests in this limousine isn’t that crazy isn’t that what you’re
looking for in in you know in a vehicle On that note im going to end this video be sure to drop a like and dont forget to subscribe and will see you kops tomorrow. Buh bye BYE

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