World’s LONGEST FLIGHT in Premium ECONOMY on Singapore Airlines
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World’s LONGEST FLIGHT in Premium ECONOMY on Singapore Airlines

August 22, 2019

– This is the premium economy of the Singapore Airlines A350 ULR. This is where I’m gonna sit today for the record breaking 19 hour flight from Newark to Singapore. (orchestral music) (saxophone music) – This is for you and enjoy it; your longest flight. – Welcome to the world’s longest flight. Before the flight takes
off let’s have a look what’s inside the brand new Singapore Airlines A350
900 ultra long range. There are 67 business class seats in one two and one configuration. The business class span across two third of the plane. Instead of economy there are 94 premium economy class seats at a rear section. So guys this is a sweet spot on the Singapore Airlines A350 ULR. I’ve got private space; never ever seen this. One solo seater in economy; in premium economy. And beautiful! Look at the bins. You got your own space; you can put your laptop, your personal belonging. Very very cosy spaces. The seats to be in 40C, 41C and 42C and also the other sides 40H, 41H and 42H. Business class and the elite cruise flyer can use the Virgin Atlantic club house at Newark. There is a table dining service and full bar. – We are so excited to
share this music with you. We sing in the style
of the Andrews Sisters; have some fun! ♪ We’re in the mood now! ♪ – Ladies and gentlemen;
we’ll count down together Three! – [Crowd] Two! One! – [Announcer] There we have
it ladies and gentlemen there we have it; congratulations to all right here and proud moment for Singapore Airlines. – I’m flying premium economy today – Okay – So what are your advices; how do I survive your 19 hour ultra long range flight? – It’s a day, a night and a day flight so start off with a meal, a movie half way through the flight, have a sleep five or six hours, wake up; have another meal, another couple of movies there’s 1200 hours to watch, and you’ll arrive in Singapore about half past five in the evening so you’ll be awake for
a while at that point and then time to sleep! So I can assure you; it will go fast and you’ll arrive particularly fresh. – Yes! I’m so excited. – My name is Phil and I’m gonna be filming the full flight on my channel is World Aviation HD. – So we got more passenger on the flight; they are from Ukraine. You come just to make this flight. – Yeah yeah yeah
– Sure! – To New York. – What’s your name? – Maxim
– Mikola – Maxim, Mikola! – This is Connor from Texas; he also made on this flight, what makes you decide
to go on this flight? – It’s ground breaking flight – Of course!
– Super exciting; you know just the atmosphere or something. – [Singer] ♪ Let’s fly with me ♪ ♪ Let’s take off in the blue. ♪ – ♪ Let’s fly! ♪
– ♪ Let’s fly! ♪ – Momentarily gonna board the flight now in just a few minutes we’re gonna start boarding. – He’s gonna be the very
very special passenger on SQ 21 the 12th of October flying SQ 21 to Singapore from Newark. Ladies and gentlemen; this is Ravi saying thank you and always have a great way to fly. See ya!
– Thank you! Thank you so much Ravi;
– thank you, take care! – you’re a legend!
– Thank you! – Thanks very much, thank you! – Welcome aboard sir. – See ya on there Sam. – See you aboard sir! For you! – Thank you, thank you.
– Enjoy your flight. I appreciate. – Thank you! Cute! – Thank you so much! – [Attendant] Have a safe flight! – Going to Singapore! See you in 19 hours. – Mr. Chui! – [Sam] Hi! – Welcome to SQ 21
– SQ 21 and today you’re in premium economy
– premium economy today! – [Sam] Oh, no business class! Premium economy! Oh my gosh! – No problem!
– It’s as good as business class. – [Sam] As good! Okay! Hey! – [Flight Attendant] Hello! – [Sam] Hello good morning! – Good morning, how are you!
– How are you? – [Sam] Hello! – Big fan man, big fan. – [Sam] Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Alright! – [Sam] Hello!
– Mr. Sam. – [Sam] How are you? – Good thank you! May I show you to your seat please? Sam this is you right by aisle – [Sam] Great thank you. Ah! Look at this! – [Stewardess] You get a goodie bag. – The goodie bag’s on every seat here. – Hey Sam; welcome to my business class seat on the world’s longest flight. I’m sitting just about here, in 27K. And then you are all the way back here!
– Where am I sitting? All the way back.
– All the way back – Oh my God!
– Near the back of the aircraft. – I’m sitting at the very very end of this plane here. You know what? The seats are so wide in business class maybe you can let me sit here for a little bit
– Absolutely yes. – I’ll sit together
– Yes just stay. – Even two of us will fit.
– Why don’t we switch actually – Really?
– I’ll take your premium economy seat.
– People want economy? They don’t want to sit in business class? What’s going on here? – Maybe for a meal; we’ll see. – I like to fly with you Sam; I’m looking forward to see your report. – [Sam] Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s a pleasure! And you just came in on SQ22 – 22 yes. – [Sam] Look at your beautiful shirt. Look at this. – Well don’t forget 14 years ago I pick up first flight here! – [Sam] Yes you did this one, and you did Los Angeles as well. – Yes. – [Sam] So 22 out; here you go ma’am this is your seat. – [Radio] And we’re doing the Newark to departure. – Bye bye! – Bye, bye bye! – Thank you! (door closes) Off we go back to Singapore! – [Sam] This is like an Antonov 24? – (laughs)
– Yeah! – [Sam] (laughs) – You know I was
wondering who got the seat in the solo seat. Here’s my friend Alberto here. – (speaking in Spanish) – Say something bad about me. (upbeat music) – [Captain] Ladies and gentlemen; your Captain Ray Chaudhury. Our journey begins; Have your cameras ready on both sides. If you’re sitting by the window we will have a water cannon salute. (upbeat music) – So here I am I’m still smiling; I’m sitting in premium economy here and I’m still really really happy. We just taxied off and we have a beautiful water cannon salute and we’re about to go to the active runway for takeoff. (engine pitch rises) (passengers clapping) – Yeah!
– Whoa! (passengers clapping) (upbeat music) – What’s your name? – Rob Meyer. – Rob Meyer? – Yeah.
– How early did you book this flight to get this seat here? – Let’s see here Like a day after it was available. – Oh my gosh! – (laughs)
– You’re so lucky. – Are you satisfied? Are you happy? What do you think about it? – Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, it’s great. – The bigger seat is good? – Oh it’s great! Yeah I like it. – Yeah
– Alright nice! – So yeah thanks! Yeah it’s great!. – Great nice to have you here! – Yeah, yeah, what was your name? – Sam. Sam Chui. – Okay, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – (laughs) (upbeat music) – There’s some really heavy turbulence passing through, so especially in economy we sit at back you feel more of the turbulence; it’s bouncing around. Oh my gosh! I love it! It’s like a rollercoaster going bouncing up and down. Here it is! There’s also the goodies in the bag. This is going to my collection forever. This is the certificate of the flight today. The world’s longest flight; Newark to Singapore. And we also get a nice moisturiser gel to keep your skin moist. – Mr. Chui we have the complementary wifi from Panasonic for you today. – [Sam] Thank you. – You like a eye sheets? Ear plugs; soft Z2 ration bag. – [Sam] Thank you. (upbeat music) – [Sam] The atmosphere
on board was so great; everyone was relaxed, had different things to do and ways to pass the time. – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Cheers guys! – Cheers! – Cheers!
– Cheers! – So I’m just settling down for this long flight here. I actually brought a lot of things in prepare for the longest flight 19 hours. So I actually brought t-shirts, shorts to make myself comfortable. Sitting is not bad it’s really good. So really good to recline as well. It’s very comfortable I’m pretty confident I can probably pass 18
hours on this flight. (bottles rattle) – Hi gentlemen are you ready for lunch? – [Sam] Yes! – So we have three choices: we have the beef with mashed potatoes, the canyon ranch chicken
breast with lentils, and the fish curry with rice. Thai style. – [Sam] I will go for fish curry. Table’s in here? – [Stewardess] Yes. Alright! So I have the fish right here for you. – In 15 minutes I got my meal; serving so fast today.
– Yes! – Thank you so much!
– Yeah we have to make sure everyone get there meal in time! – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Champagne economy class. (piano synth music) – Flavor’s good; spicy. Very spicy food. – Mr. Chui, would you like a
baby Haagen Dazs ice cream? – This is Daniel – Hi! – Look at his hair; so cool! I wish my hair’s like yours – Thank you
– Love your hair Daniel – Love it
– Thank you! – [Sam] I was really impressed about the noise cancelling
headset in premium economy it’s great quality. The internet was not so fast due to the bandwidth constraint. After complimentary 30 megabytes the price are pretty steep. About three hours into the flight we began seeing some beautiful iceberg and arctic scenery below us at 39 thousand feet. – Hi! My name is Ray Chaudhury I’m the Captain of this flight SQ21 Newark to Singapore. Longest flight. Flight time today is 17
hours and 20 minutes. We’re flying over the pole The North Pole. We took off, climbed to 35 thousand feet. Right now we are over Canada. We just passed Equalit and in the next two hours we will go up to 87 degrees north we’ll have the North Pole right to the left of us. And then we will go over Siberia; One of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Baikal and then Mongolia, China on to Laos Thailand, Malaysia and then on to Singapore. – Do you have any actual alternative from Newark to Singapore apart from polar route? – Yes, this is the world; Newark is here, Singapore is here. We are anti poles. – Yeah
– So exactly on the other side. So if you take off from Newark you can actually take the Atlantic route – Atlantic. Ah! – You can take the Pacific route; – Yes – Or the polar route so you can take one of the three. It depends on the time of the year; what the winds are doing, and then we select the most optimum route to fly to Singapore. – We’re about four hours in the flight; 13 hours to go. Drink some water. (slow piano music) – [Sam] I settle in to watch a movie there were so many choices to choose from. The sun started to set about five hours into the flight. The scenery was remarkably beautiful; broken iceberg, arctic tundra landscape, snow capped mountains, I enjoy watching these unspoiled scenery passing for hours. We’re just about 30 minutes away from the North Pole. – [Captain] We’re approaching 87 North which is, almost as close to the North Pole as we will get. The actual North Pole will be slightly to the left of the aircraft. We’ll be passing this region 87 North to the point of Bering Which is Siberia. Russian Siberia. The sun is setting on the left side of the aircraft. Just to let you know that we’ll be traversing this northern most point for about 30 minutes starting now. – Okay so we have the multigrain ciabatta which is with chicken, and of course we have a vegetarian option which is the vegetarian tortilla. Some more healthy options as well as a multigrain, wholegrain sorry wholegrain chips. And some almonds and cashews as well. And of course a little bit of chocolate! – [Sam] With seven hours into the flight it got really dark and I start downloading my video footage as I ran out of memory card on my camera. – Mr Chui would you
like a hot towel please? We’ll be serving our next meal shortly. – We are eight hours into the flight. About half way. It’s really exciting I just couldn’t sleep you know, I’m really happy so far in everything and now they’re serving the second meal which is dinner. – Sir a glass of champagne for yourself? – [Stewardess] Here’s your meal (mumbles) chicken, fried rice. – So nice, there’s a napkin. It’s not just a tissue. Oh man that tiramisu is something just delicious! Now it is about New York 9:00 PM so it’s time for sleep. (air rushing past) – So we got only two hours to go on the world’s longest flight. I slept about five hours non interrupted; and now I’m just stretching out doing a bit of more exercise and getting ready. Even I changed my outfit getting ready for summer in Singapore. – This is one of their hydrating cocktail specially for this flight. It’s coconut water mixed
with pineapple juice. – This is my friend Isabel who flew in from Singapore to Newark, now on the way back to Singapore – 58 hours all up. – 58 hours. – It’s per (mumbles) – So Isabel what do you
think about this seat? – It is you know, the reach. It’s actually very good
for my size as well. – Yeah!
– I like the footrest and the calf support. That really makes for a comfortable seat. – Mr Chui, on behalf of the crew of SQ21 here’s something for you to remember. – Tracy thank you so much on this wonderful flight. – You’re welcome. – You know; 17 hours in
economy seems impossible but I did it. It was such a pleasure I was so excited throughout the flight. But 17 hours just flew past. I’m well rested and the
premium economy seats is indeed a very good way to fly. (air rushing) – [Captain] This is Captain Ray Chaudhury We have already started our descent into Singapore. We are descending to it’s runway zero two left of Changi
International Airport. We are now in Singapore; recent rain, temperature
28 degrees celsius. As they say all good
things come to a pause. We come to this; the end, final phase of our inaugural Newark Singapore flight. We hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I did, and don’t forget to tell your friends. (plane touches down) (passengers clapping) – [Passenger] Woo! – [Passenger] Whoa! (clapping) – This is behind the scenes now after landing we have a cake to celebrate. The world’s longest flight has reached back home in Singapore! (flight crew cheers) – [Flight Crew] ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ (clapping) (cheering) – [Sam] Cheers one more time for the world’s longest flight! (flight crew cheers) (upbeat music)

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