World’s Most Expensive Drones!
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World’s Most Expensive Drones!

September 5, 2019

hello everyone welcome to TDI welcome to
a whole new world of drones today popularity and demand for drones is
increasing exponentially due to multi-purpose personal and commercial
usage so without wasting your precious time let’s speak in our list on the 8
best and the most expensive drones in the world number eight walkera voyager three what
kara voyager three is a drone developed by a modern technology company called
Walkera the drone has a gps and glonass dual
navigation copter allowing incredible user experiences for those who are older
than 14 years old and have some experience already with the usage of
drones it has a three axis gimbal which allows you to make a stable video
footage with real-time video feeds on the f12 II RC controller the drone has a
360-degree camera view only by flipping a switch and has the wingspan of 13
point 6 inches and is quite heavy in terms of weight weighing around 3.6
kilograms or 8 pounds this drone is made up of ABS plastic carbon fiber and
aluminum to ensure higher resistance to Falls or crashes the propellers and arms
are made from carbon fiber this drone can record 4k videos at 30 frames per
second and 1080 pixel clips at 60 frames per second it has a 3000 mAh 8 s battery
allowing the flight time of just over 20 minutes and has a transmitter equipped
with 12 channels of 2.4 gigahertz with an fpv monitor number seven
DJI Mavic pro drone DJI Mavic pro drone has a flight time of 27 minutes and a
flight control range of around seven kilometers it has physical stabilization
with three axis gimbal 4k video resolution and has a maximum speed of 65
km/h in sports mode it has a 12 megapixel camera a GPS GLONASS sensors
provides HD footage up to 120 FPS 4k video at 30 frames per second and
ultimately see 4k up to 24 frames per second it supports a microSD card of 128
gigabytes has a battery of 3008 30 mAh light pro 3s an operating frequency of
2.4 gigahertz and speed of around 14 km/h in normal mode the drone is highly
portable and easily foldable with average dimension design has automatic
gesture controls for selfies or other tasks this drone also offers super slow
time-lapse shots at a speed of 2 miles per hour the cost of this drone is 999
dollars number six DJI inspire 1 pro the DJI
inspire 1 pro is a quadcopter which provides bird’s-eye footage this drone
has a lens of 15 millimeters and 45 millimeters focal length and has a
single battery of 6s 5700 mah 22.8 bolts lipo battery its propellers are around
14 inches long and has a distance of 18 inches between the propellers allowing
it to move freely due to its sonar and optical flow
sensors it can track the moving objects and follow them as well providing one of
the best aerial footage experiences you can have it has an average flight time
of 17 to 18 minutes and captures the video footage at 4k with 30fps and at
1080 pixels up to 60 frames per second the drone offers good low-light
photography which can conclude that its images seem to be taken from a tripod in
the sky it has a zero signal lag between remote control and a quadcopter the
drone is based on the most advanced technology has aerodynamic lightweight
body and 12 megapixel camera with 94 degree wide angle a 360-degree camera
rotation the cost of the DJI inspire 1 pro is around $3,000 number five
Aaron’s firefighting drone Aaron’s firefighting drone is a unique and
innovative drone by a company called Airness limited this drone is designed
with a purpose to outperform and at the same time assist firefighters compared
with the ordinary drones this drone can fly up to a height of 300 to 400 meters
and weighs around 55 kilograms it is a square-shaped drone with a length and
width of 3 meters the primary purpose of this drone was to reach areas which are
dangerous or impossible for humans to combat the fire and shoot water or
phones it can shoot water and foam through the front nozzle at a speed of
100 litres per minute with a maximum pressure of 200 bars generally with
these kinds of functionalities the drone becomes weaker however this firefighting
drone is different and to work swiftly even with these advanced functions it
can even lift and rescue people with a weight less than 145 kilograms it is
able to operate in narrow spaces and can avoid obstacles in flight mode it can
also be used for cleaning and maintenance purposes for high-rise
buildings or structures the cost of this drone varies between 3,500 to $6,000 number four mitrice 600 pro mitrice 600 Pro is the
largest drone made by the company DJI it has a six rotor system and was built for
heavy lifting performance it has pre-installed arms and antenna which
reduces the time required for setup of the drone for the purpose of lifting the
drone is equipped with actively cooled motors controlling the temperature of
the battery and also has an intelligent flight battery allowing it a flight time
of 40 minutes the drone has a total of six batteries and allows a 360° circular
view it has a retractable landing gear and allows flexibility to attach and
detach professional-grade cameras for aerial photography the drone has a long
range up to five kilometers allows professional HD transmission offers
compatibility with onboard sdk for building software for various purposes
it has a flight time of 15 minutes with 13.2 pounds of payload and 35 minutes
with zenmuse x5 our camera furthermore it provides a live video to the user at
1080 pixels at 60 frames per second number three free flight alta eight the freefly alte h comes with a
360-degree camera which offers a circular view the drone offers the tip
quick-release function which allows incredible speed flexibility and
creativity free fly alta h is weather resistant and
can easily bear harsh weather conditions the drone is made up of lightweight
plastic which allows it to move around freely it has a flight time of around 35
minutes when unfolded it is 52 inches in diameter when the arms are folded the
diameter can reduce up to 50% of its size it has eight rotors which are
equipped with f45 silent drive motor equipment which provides a maximum 6300
RPM it has such other amazing features as well including vibration isolator 3
watt RGB LEDs fpv mount and quick-release feature has the latest GPS
technology and allows fusion of that data with IMU and barometer the drone
can also be controlled by 2 users at the same time it is very useful for
professional photography the cost of an Alta eight is $17,000 number two DJI inspire to cinema premium DJI inspire to cinema premium is a
highly valued and premium drone which has a space of around 19 inches between
the propeller arms allowing the drone to move around freely the drone has a
flight time of around 27 minutes and has a flight control range of under 7
kilometers as far as this speed is concerned the DJI inspire has an
impressive speed of a 94 km/h it also offers 1080p full HD resolution video
footage in order to meet the highest professional filmmaking standards this
drone uses an S 35 image sensor and offers a 6 K cinema DNG RAW and a wide
dynamic range of up to 14 stops it has the world’s first integrated aerial lens
mount that allows the drone to switch between four available prime lenses
quickly and easily this drone is a perfect match for aerial photography as
it provides five four hundred eighty gigabyte cine SSDs eight intelligent
flight batteries for the purpose of extended flight time and allows the
powerful combination of sentence and crystal sky DJI inspire to costs around
twenty thousand five hundred dollars number one he hang 184 talking about the most expensive drones
in the world he hang 184 tops the list created by a Chinese company we hang
this drone is valued at a whopping price of $300,000 he hang 184 was built with
the purpose of transportation and traveling of one passenger weighing less
than a hundred kilograms it also ensures the safety of the passenger through the
auto landing feature in case of any trouble this drone is 100% eco-friendly
with no harmful emissions and is only charged by electricity roughly the
flight time for the ehind 184 is around 23 minutes and up to the range of 10
miles on full charge this drone offers a top speed of 81 miles per hour it would
take you a maximum of four hours to charge the drone
however the charging can vary depending on the usage of the drone by its user ie
hang company is planning to upgrade the drone and has already tested a
two-seater version of the drone carrying up to 280 kilograms of weight thanks for
watching which drone did you find the most
impressive and why let me know the reason in the comments section below
I’ll catch you guys in my next video peace with me with me

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  1. Walkera Voyager 3 = 900$
    DJI Mavic Pro Drone = 999$
    DJI Inspire 1 Pro = Cost 3,000$
    Aerones Firefighting Drone between $3500 to $6000
    Matrice 600 Pro Cost $4,599
    Freefly Alta 8 = $17,000
    DJI Inspire 2 Cinema Premium = $20,500
    E- Hang 184 = $300,000

  2. Somebody who is not well versed in done technology made this video. There was a lot of mixing and confusing drone types in this. I guess for the average nieve viewer it works.

  3. Isn't it amazing how people accept these intruders on privacy? We can now not go anywhere, nor can we engage in any activity without the possibility of being spied on.
    Great for geeks and profits, a disaster for ordinary folks who simply want to live their lives without being, without their knowledge, the victims of gross violations of their privacy.

  4. Parrot Anafi :
    – shoots in 4K 30fps
    – 21MP Sony camera
    – can fly 25min
    – 180° tilt Gimbal
    – most silent drone in the market
    – ultra portable (weight 320g)
    – 50km/h wind resistance
    – PRICE : 699$ / 699€ / 549£ (on the official website)

  5. "YAWN", They need to work out the flight time issues on drones, I know they have tech to do it and build better batteries for flight time.

  6. "shoot foam or water at a speed of 100l per minute" … liter is not a measurement for velocity, but for volume .,, jeez ..

  7. Why always people use those marica songs to a video that u think is good but after u play it the music ruined all.

  8. So let's cut the crap…the most expensive drones belongs to the US Military ..and you won't see it here…trust me
    I flew one last Friday…it's deadly..when armed

  9. only one drone worth buying there and that was the DJI Inspire 2 Cinema Premium at $20,500 its a snip for your Chanel to buy me one for this review ha ha

  10. no dynamic in voice, i stop watching because is to annoying. sorry but you have to do something about that

  11. FYI: DJI Inspire 1 has 12MP camera (the X3), the DJI Inspire 1 Pro (reported here) comes with the X5 which has a 16MP camera. Flight time on the Inspire 1 Pro is less than the Inspire 1 due to the camera setup. Marginally better batteries are available for them, offering about 4 minutes longer flight time (max.).

  12. I like the drone that can carry one person ! that is all I would need to go shopping ! or go to another close town where I would not have to worry about traffic ! because since you have to program it ! you would not need a pilots licence ! just let the machine fly itself ! period

  13. Pfft, listen at these poorly educated, ignorant, low IQ illiterate sheep. So, you say, it's not a Quadcopter, it's a drone? But, what exactly is a drone' what does it mean, what is the definition of the word? How did the word 'drone' even become a name, a machine, aircraft, RC toys, etc.? And if you ignorant drug addicted dunce think that 'drone' is now a name, what about the two other words, 'droned' and 'droning', are they names too? Do you call your multirotor a 'droned', or 'droning'? No. See, this is where you poorly educated, low IQ illiterate sheep with the mental capacity of 10 year old don't realise, don't think, don't make sense or consider the fact that the word 'drone' has never been a name or gadget, or machine or aircraft. It's a word often, in not – occasionally, used in a sentence or conversation to describe, indicate or point out a certain continuous and annoying loud sound, e.g. 'That jackhammer is annoyingly loud and is droning our conversation. Let's move somewhere quieter.' or, another example, 'The droning of aircraft overhead made me look and noticed they were a dozen B Bombers flying in formation over Louisiana…', etc. Nowhere and by nobody has this 'drone' bullshit ever been used to name anything because sensible men knew that is is not a name nor it can be used to name anything, not even that bullshit aircraft flown in 1936 as a pilotless experiment, or used to name bullshit male bees. These came from ignorant retards who have had little English schooling, would have had no clue on wtf they were talking about. And so, for nearly 7 years now, all of today's ignorant sheep spew out a word that is used to describe a continuous, annoying loud sound and use it as a name. But what about the other 'drone' present and past participles, 'droning' and 'droned'? Are these names too, are these also used to name whatever bullshit you have in mind you Yankee cretins? Do you mean you can call your multirotors 'droning', as in 'Ive bought a droning' or 'I have a droned'? You crazy Yanks and all the sheep who follow other sheep have absolutely no idea on what the hell you're talking about with this fucking drone nonsense because your brains are almost fried, zapped, burned out from all the drugs you and your family have been gobbling down over the years. Normally sane people are the only ones who have sense, intelligence and understanding that, first of all, a Quadcopter was named a Quad-copter because of its flight characteristics. It lifts off vertically, hovers still and flies in all directions exactly like a helicopter in principles. The word 'quad' was used at the time when these new RC gadgets first appeared because of having 4 rotor blades instead of a main one and no tail. They were actually modified model helicopters. So, quad, plus helicopter flight principles, equalled Quad-copter. And a name was gives as Quadcopter. So, how exactly do these fall into the word 'drone' and on what reason, what ground, where does a word that isn't a name fall into all this bullshit? Care to explain it you poorly educated dunces with a mental capacity of a child? Since when has this 'drone' bullshit been used as a name? I'll tell you what, get off the fucking drugs you senseless piece of trash. If you cannot work this out, you seriously need medical help. Your brains are fried and you don't know it, you can't tell that you're talking garbage, unless you're able to reason sensibly and intelligently acknowledge every word you say because people who lack the full mental capacity and alertness know that 'drone' is a word, not a name or machine, etc., but they also know that they cannot argue with mental unstable people because they're sheep who follow other ignorant sheep, what they hear they say, what they do, others do. It's impossible to educate so many sheep who refuse to learn better, hell no. All these vermins on YouTube who call Quadcopters drones goes to show that we have an epidemic of low IQ, poorly educated dunces who failed in class but think they are educated, yet have a look at them and their 'drone' bullshit. Play on, kids, play on.

  14. When you can sit in the vehicle it becomes a helicopte and not a androne. A drone is something you remote controll

  15. Where is DJI PHANTOM 4 series. Phantom 4 RTK is one of the most expensive drones for topography, mapping and photogrammetry. This is not good presentation and it is unfair.

  16. Hello ,please can you buy me one drone ? yu can choose of this in presentation , thx

  17. The Chinese drones are the spying instruments of the Red Comi Chinese government to steal critical information from the US companies who use them and the consumers likewise.

  18. So they hooked up a cheap drone to a camera and a video card and a few other cheap technologies….lmfao epic customer scam. Ooow ahhh carbon fiber….lmfao. glass products for glass freaks.

  19. I love my inspire 2 and you don't need any other drone that costs $2 hundred thousand dollar. I have taken incredible videos with my mavic pro also. I have a lots of drones but I only use my mavic pro and my inspire 2. I also have the autel x star premium and that drone has awesome videos. They use the inspire 2 on filming sets in Hollywood so you don't need anything more than that.

  20. Listen to the background music at 05: 53 then go and search Supergirly gamer listen to her intro… Same.

  21. Only thing I don't like about this design is that if the blades were to ever turn on, passangers can get hurt. Even Heli blade are safer than this, because passengers walk under it. I think these blades can really cause some great damage to people.

  22. Can't compare with DJI in term prices and quality.. bad news is American soon will Ban this product… Because of brilliant president dumb trump … fxxked up!!!

  23. The i2 still cost 3,000 dollars with the s4 camera and remote control. You can buy a used one for 2,000. The mavic pro has only came down about a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars. Not much of a difference in prices.

  24. Who ever did this video doesn't no a dam thing about drones. And once you putt a person in it THAT'S no longer a drone.

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