WP Total Audit Review Analyze Your WordPress Website – Spencer Coffman
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WP Total Audit Review Analyze Your WordPress Website – Spencer Coffman

August 31, 2019

Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going
to show you a plug-in called WP total audit this plug-in is super easy to use basically
all you do is load it up enter in the license key and your entire site is analyzed or audited
on many different parameters so you can see here on the page I have loaded up my license
key and automatically all of this stuff populated below after I hit the Save Changes button
you can see all the different tests it says whether or not you have HT access secured
administrator stuff read these different files this is basically an audit of your site’s
performance and it says look here’s what you’re doing this is the WordPress back-end stuff
that you really kind of don’t know about it analyzes all that and tells you if it’s good
or not you can see here and I have some X’s these are things that you would probably want
to fix so it says no readme HTML file exists you can fix it now if you click this fix now
it says Oh deleted ok now it’s fixed now if you go over here no license txt exists in
document click fix now it got rid of it done file folder permissions are conservative so
since some of them are found well let’s fix that ok fixed it set them all back to default
now we go down here all installed plugins are activated I’ve got two plugins that are
inactive and these are some that I’ve done reviews on before and I just liked them so
I wanted to hang on to them and I’ve got them inactivated I’m not going to hit that but
obviously all you would need to do is go to your plugins activate them turn that into
a green check now here we have you are using a UTC based time zone that’s no good so let’s
learn more ok it brings me to the general options where I can change my time zone change
it to Chicago Save Changes done now that should be fixed no default content so it appears
you still have default content on your site sample page that is correct to get rid of
that I would just delete that page and create something else but as you can see this plug-in
is super easy to use it’s great it has really amazing features that you just click on them
and as you saw how easy it is so I would recommend you get this plug-in you can pick it up in
the description below it’s low cost it’s highly effective and it works well load it up on
all your sites you can charge other people to do it on Fiverr or on any other place where
you have clients loading up on your client sites charge them ten twenty bucks to go through
and and click on all these little buttons it’ll take you ten minutes good return on
investment you can grab a link to it in the description below while you’re down there
put a comment on the video let me know what you think of the plug-in or the review also
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