WPCrafter WordPress Tutorials Channel Update – A Big Heartfelt Thank You
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WPCrafter WordPress Tutorials Channel Update – A Big Heartfelt Thank You

August 11, 2019

Actually I just wanted to make a video to
say thank you hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com were I make WordPress videos for non-techies
and I like to say like median and perhaps like you this video I’m actually knocking
to show you how to do anything in WordPress I really just wanted to say thank you you
know the funny thing about having this YouTube channel is I get comments like crazy I’m probably
getting around 60 comments per day and I respond all of them and so many people will most people
not everybody most people are saying thank you for whatever they learned in the video
whatever I was able to show them or share with them in the video or whatever I gave
them gluttons like yourself away and there thinking me but really the people that I want
to think are you you right now watching this video I have got to say that I have the very
best subscribers here on YouTube and that is you a couple things of happened to me recently
and I sent out an email update to everyone at the bottom of the email I mean I didn’t
expect everybody or a lot of people to actually read the entire email that’s why I put this
at the bottom but those of you who did receive that email and did read that email you know
that recently my grandmother passed away and it was very rough and challenging and I don’t
want to get like to personal and stuff like that on this YouTube channel or or in my email
but I did put that information in there because I just wanted to share how important loved
ones are and to make sure you make the most of your time with your loved ones and for
me I was really rough losing my grandma and you know you getting email you know it’s an
email sent a lot of people you just read it or you deleted or maybe read it then deleted
but so many people actually took the time to click on reply and express condolences
and well wishes to me and it was very touching to me to receive those messages from people
and I really appreciate any got me thinking man I got the best subscribers just yesterday
I released a new video and it was me reviewing a theme called the X theme Pro that just came
out and I was a little harsh on it I gave lots of credit but I was also harsh and I
had someone one of the haters you know attacking me on my comment section without even actually
watching the video I don’t mind if you attack me with valid points and you watch the video
but if you’re attacking me not on valid points and with out watching the video it’s a little
rough unvented counterattack back but I did each actually need to because you guys are
doing it for me and I really appreciated that that made me feel like you guys have my back
and I want you know I have got your back I have all my opinions everything that I produce
on this channel it’s all me I’m not paid to do any of this New Orleans these none of this
is content where I was paid to produce it or I was the paid for my opinion or my endorsement
I’m glad as if I’m even someone to endorse anything and it was just really awesome to
see people defending because I get heaters all the time on my YouTube channel I have
people calling me an idiot dive have people calling me a moron I got this stuff going
on my YouTube channel and I just immediately banned them from the channel I don’t even
want to engage but I have the best subscribers and you and I just want you to know that I
appreciate you thank you for supporting me on this channel I want to give you the content
that you want I want to make this a community where we can help each other in the comments
section and and I’m happy to help you in any way that I can if you want me to make a specific
video I want to make that specific video for you so anyway certainly notice a lot more
video content coming out I’ve made some tweaks to my schedule and my workflow so that I can
produce more content I got great stuff coming out on Beaver Builder on Elementor on how
to create a website from from A-to-Z for beginner I’ve got so much content specific content
coming out on things you can do to your website like e-commerce I just released an entire
video series over 20 videos on how to create an online course website that’s been exciting
I got lots of exciting things coming up for you I’m just now revving up this year 2017
but I did want to make this video and just say I thank you I appreciate you thanks for
being one of my subscribers

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  1. Keep going the good work, I'm never going to let you down no matter hard times or good times.
    Take care of you my friend.
    Salute from Switzerland.

  2. Good stuff! I came across your channel when I was confused about the Divi Theme and needed some guidance. Your video(s) on Divi have made a HUGE impact on my progress as a WordPress developer. Thanks a ton!

  3. Love u sir, We r ur supporter … haters r always haters everybody / everything. Sir don't react on them. Just ignore that & only response ur fans. Thank you sir, Our best wishes r with u. God Bless You ! 🙂 Have a gr8 day.

  4. You are a very helpful man. Help me , I want to learn How to do animation image that use www.getresponse.com website.

  5. After using Yola.com to create my website for the past few years, I have now switched over to WordPress. I use Linux as my daily drive so I embrace open source and it's nice to see someone like you taking the time to put out these great and informative videos. my site is content heavy and I wanted to know if you could do a video on what is better, creating a page in WP or linking to an outside page. if you go to my in transition archives page and select a show from March 2017, I am living king to a page on my hosting server called 2017.htm. would I be better to take the code from tht page and put it in a WP created page called 2017, for example? keep up the fantastic work 😀

  6. Wow! One needs to have tough skin to run a successful YouTube channel. The passion, time and energy you put into your work and give to us is truly astonishing, Adam! Hats off to you and thank you, thank you, thank you! You're helping me FINALLY launch my WP course website using LifterLMS after six months of having LifterLMS and inmotion hosting!

  7. Nice video, sorry for your loss. I've seen you in the elementor group on fb 🙂 maybe you could review my site? Built with elementor and generate press. Jeromebrown.co.uk

  8. Thank you Adam for all the awesome videos, learning such a lot from your amazing videos, doing an awesome job…keep it up…👍

  9. Hi Adam, sorry to hear the sad news. Condolences to you and your family. Thank you for all the great videos. Keep up the good work. I'll always be a subscriber 🙂

  10. Keep up the great work! I absolutely love your channel. You put much effort into it, I think we all are aware of that. It's insane the amount of videos per week published and how well explained they are. You're a top-notch WordPress educator for me. Congrats on everything!

  11. Thanks for all YOUR content – What a CRAZY world we live in when someone like you who gives so MUCH – could possibly have HATERS – How could that possibly be ? – Keep up the good work – I have gotten so much from your videos – and approach to website development. You truly have been a thought leader in this field for me – THANKS AGAIN.

  12. How to make the Dynamic text thing on your website's home screen? To specify its the changing text after "Confidently".

  13. You're welcome Adam. Thanks to you I'm really happy with GeneratePress Premium & Elementor Pro, and with your tutorials I'm making the best site I can! I wonder if you could make a tutorial on the best practices to use Elementor as a post builder, what are the positive and negative points of doing so.

  14. I love all of your videos!! I'm proud to say that your the person who has taught me how to build wordpress sites and have recommended you to everyone. So THANK YOU!!!

  15. thank you for making me understand so much about WordPress that would have taken months, years by myself !! take care

  16. Thank you Adam! Been following you for quite sometime. You're such a big help. Keep on doing what you're doing. You're helping a lot of people. Thank you, thank you! Just ignore some negative people around. There will always be some people like these.

  17. Actually, thank you for your time and efforts! Truly sorry for your loss. Best wishes for you and your family during this difficult time.

  18. Firstly I am sorry Sir for lost your Grandma.

    Thanks for all your great teachings, I watching your videos, it helping my website knowledge a lot.

  19. Thank you, Adam. Many Condolences for the loss of your Granma. Keep up the good work and rewards will come to you. Let the dogs bark and go forth Magnanimous!

  20. Sorry to hear about your loss of your grandma. My condolences to you and your family. Honestly, I really enjoyed your teaching very much. It's very clear and step by step easy to follow for people like me non-techies. Thumbs up! 👍👍👍

  21. So sorry for your loss Adam. I'm praying for you and your family. I have experienced a loss recently too. I haven't completed my website yet, but when I'm ready, I know that you have videos that will help. You are the BEST!!!

  22. Sorry for your loss Adam. It's a tough time in one's life to lose someone special. My condolences to you and your family.

  23. I think wpcrafter videos are the best in the business. I have no patience for other videos. They have too many fillers and self-promotion. Not so with Adam's videos. All videos are very informative, clear, and content filled. I highly recommend the videos to anyone who is getting started with word press. I asked all my staff to view all the videos.

  24. Adam…you have been instrumental in helping this "old gal" learn how to build websites and other technical stuff. I have always been a geek at heart and it's awesome that someone like you finds it in your heart to share what you know with the rest of us. You are a very valuable member of the online community. If it wasn't for you and my other "geek god", Steve Dotto, I wouldn't have been able to advance as I have. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!
    Sorry about the loss of your grandma, I bet you were very close to her. My sincere condolences. Hugs, Ana

  25. And I am so very grateful to you, Adam, for all you hard work you are putting into this to share your knowledge with the world, especially us non-coders and beginners. Your videos are so extremely helpful to me… just watched the intro to MemberPress…it is invaluable! Thank you! It's people like you who make the internet a success… and a community effort (which it was meant to be).

  26. I had no idea that your Grandmother passed away. So sorry to hear about that. Think of her, and she will be with you wherever you are.

  27. Hi Adam, I've spent most of my Saturday working on ramping up a new WordPress site. This time, I intend to get it "right" instead of the half-assed ways of some of my previous sites.

    Soooo, I am weaving through your site, watching many of your videos to get your recommendations and advice on so many of the decisions I need to make now. Such as which page builder to use, or your recommended security and backup plugins, or how to run a development environment locally instead of online.

    You are an amazing source of excellent content. Additionally, you're showing all of us by your example, how to build a solid business by over-delivering to the public. That's why you've got so many rabid followers now who appreciate you so much.

    Thank YOU!

  28. Adam, THANK YOU my friend!! This is John From Seattle who used to live in your neck of the woods. We had a great chat a few weeks back, if you recall… Anyhow, I have been following your videos, and have been suggesting your channel to many friends. Your content is some of the best I have found!! I'm an Elementor Pro/Astra Agency web developer, because of you!!! Thank you so much for your videos and courses!! I've learned so much from you!! Next time I'm down there, I wanna buy you a beer!! 😉

  29. I am so sorry for you loss. It is so hard losing someone you love so much.

    I really appreciate ALL of your positive and negative critiques of products. It really helps to make a decision. You are appreciated more than you probably know. Little Linda Pinda THANKS YOU!

  30. Adam, I am running a successful WordPress developer business and I learned everything I know from you and because of that, I make the BEST sites in town! Thank you from Colorado!

  31. I want to thank you too, more often than I actually do, because I know how busy you are with all that and I dont want to take your time away to make you read my comments or reply! 🙂 but Im a big fan! Thanks again Adam!

  32. Could you please make a video for a non techies on how to get rid site redirects. The other day, i typed in some of my site urls one after the other and was shocked to see it it was all being redirected to some university site. When I informed the hosting company they did a scan and said that some files were quarantined. But today is is back to square one. They also recommended using a paid redirect removal software costing about 4199/- per year !!! Wonder whether hosting companies allow such redirects to happen and then recommend software to get sales. This is the site it is going to https://honestsun.top/bungling-thief-pulls-whole-chicken-from-his-trousers-after-being-caught-stealing-food/

  33. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I not only have learned much from you and your videos I have used what I have learned to build websites. I work for a small family run medical business and when I came on-board with them they had a website that was not professional looking at all. We changed our hosting to InMotion hosting as you have suggested and I totally rebuilt it. So now we have a professional looking website. There are a couple of other guys on YouTube that I have learned from too but honestly you are the go to guy when I am looking for something specific. Thanks for all you do.

  34. Adam, your simply one of the best channels for tutorials on WordPress. I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you.

  35. Hello, Adam and thanks for your valuable content. May I ask you what software do you use to make your tutorials? I really like the round circle where your face appears. Thanks in advance.

  36. Dear Adam. Over the last year or so, I have been working on a project to build a website for our small business. At the beginning it was daunting, but with the help of your videos and insights it got really easier to walk through the huge amount of things I needed to know. Specially your insights, right to the point and recommendations helped me a lot at the beginning and when I felt like I already was getting a grasp on the whole thing, started developing our own plugins and theme modifications. It would have been otherwise without these videos, a much more uneasy process. Thanks.

  37. I enjoy your videos and the info you share. Thank you for this information helping me, the 65 years old – non-takky. Thank you for this video, making me feel appreciated!

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