WRC helicopter wild ride – EXTREME pilot skills

September 14, 2019

I’m shaking. This is so cool! This is the pilot (joking),
and the Cineflex operator. I’m just the air hostess. It’s a simple flight over the cars. Maybe not so simple? Oh yes, it’s simple. You have to follow the car, and fly. Let’s fly the helicopter over the car and give the best picture to Bart. It’s the best job on the circut. Also the safest one, I think. Standing alongside the road – I must say,
these guys are courageous as well. Today, on this stage, we will be
following 12 WRC cars times two, that’s 24 minutes
trying to stay healthy. My guess is LOW flying at high speed.
I’m so excited for this! Sitting back there, looking out the window … … and there you see a rally car moving in 200 km/h. The crew is just doing their routine. And I’m on the biggest roller coaster ever!

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