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Year Walk iOS iPad iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 27, 2019

Isolation, loneliness, darkness, despair,
and fear – such are the emotions exploited by thrillers and horror based titles, and
Year Walk by Simogo is no exception. However, instead of relying on cheap thrills and spills
or obscene violence like a teen-slasher, this title gently pushes you in to a world dripping
with macabre portents, leading you deeper and deeper in to its dark and disturbing story. For a developer known for their upbeat titles,
Year Walk makes for a surprising change of tone, though one still executed with the same
competent visual flair and pitch-perfect audio design of its predecessors. Similarly, the
controls are elegant in their design, allowing players to swipe and ‘scroll’ through parallaxed
vistas, moving around a relatively small maze-like forest. Your reason for trudging around such a spooky
forest is fairly simple – the character you control has decided to undertake the ‘Year
Walk’; a ritual with pagan origins that place the person involved at mortal risk, but should
they survive they’ll be granted a vision of the future. Although clocking in at around about an hour
of gameplay, the game manages to tell a disturbing tale of a man who seeks true love by taking
his own life in to his hands. Along the way you’ll encounter mythical creatures and spirits
who will test your powers of deduction with light puzzles. Solve them all and you’ll encounter
the Grim and his portents of the future. It doesn’t end there though – a companion
App allows the player to dig deeper in to the mythos surrounding Year Walk, and for
those who find the ending disturbing all I can say is there’s a way to change it. While Simogo’s earlier work sought to entertain
over an extended period, it was also far warmer and inviting, bringing you back time and time
again. The chilling story behind Year Walk is one that only needs to be experienced once
or twice, but doing so is satisfying in a way so few Arcade focused titles on the App
Store manage. If you don’t mind a few jumps and are fascinated
by folklore from off the beaten track, check out Year Walk. PROS: Dense atmosphere of dread and fear enhanced
by the almost fairy-tale like visuals and cold, wintery sound effects and aural themes.
Wonderful story pacing; starts off gently and whips the player to a fascinating frenzy
for its disturbing crescendo and grim finale.

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  1. Hey now, don't sell entertainment short, there's nothing simple about it.
    Making enterinment out of experience like this however, that takes skill. ­čÖé

  2. Brilliant!

    I love works that don't waste my time. An hour is perfect for me, I'm too busy to mindlessly grind for useless things.

  3. 1 hr is basically an equivalent of gta 4 story to me on an iPhone. Considering I hardly play games and this would keep me busy for some time yet!

  4. Those begins aren't pagan, they are part of Scandinavian folklore that people genuinely believed in far into the 20th century.

  5. No game on the App Store has ever made me jump in my seat or left me disturbed for a while. O_O I applaud Simogo, this game was an absolute treat. ­čÖé

  6. I don't understand why people don't like pop-up scares so much sure they aren't nearly as good as being creeped out by the atmosphere and what not but they are still a good thrill

  7. Hey Appspy whenever I try access your site, Google gives me a huge warning that your site contains Malware. I have never gotten this message before, but I am sure it can deter viewers – so perhaps its worth a look into

  8. My interpretation of creepy would be, for example, the Pale Man scene from Pan's Labyrinth. The artistic element seems sufficiently lacking here for it to be anywhere near creepy.

  9. to be honest that doll gives me the creeps. the one hanging on a noose. i hate dolls, mostly because of the whole horror movie connection. and i don't watch many horror movies O_o. but from what i'm seeing here 5$ is not a reasonable price for what seems like not much content.

  10. i tried this game, got through the whole thing. was disappointing. it has since been removed, the story is not disturbing to me. i've seen crime shows far worse. and other games. a few jump scares but mot much beyond. mostly boring, no fighting or death in the way i like. story was far too short and is just a generic crime story like others. not worth the 5$ by any means. now amnesia that one deeply bothers me, that game is disturbing and not just in the story. glad you like, not for me.

  11. I loved this game! It's not scary, but rather continously eerie, wich just makes it so much more haunting than other games! Since I'm Swedish, the game has more relevance to me, and I knew about many of the creatures before playing, but I imagine it's still bloddy good even if you're not familiar with the mythology. And with the companion and the opening of the box, the game reveals just how utterly clever and sophisticated it is. And the design is just amazingly beautiful and breathtaking

  12. It's NOT an hour long!! It's only that long if you're somehow god and worked out each puzzle instantly. It's a puzzle game hence it takes literally AGES of fun as you try to work out how to complete and find the puzzles. The ONLY way to do in one hour is to simultaneously watch a walk through and do the game EXACTLY as your instructed. Who wants to do that? That's ridiculous and boring. This game was consistently been rated as totally awesome by EVERY major gaming site, like 5/5 or 10/10. It's simply gorgeous, beautiful, challenging and darn cheap given how much effort has been put into designing both the visuals and inspiring puzzle based gameplay. Either that's your thing or not. But to say $4 for an hour is a rip is retarded. Most PlayStation puzzle/ first person games take ONLY an hour if you use a walkthru and they cost $100. So come on ppl…I think this game deserves ALL the awards and +ve reviews it's gotten. Definitely worth a lot more than a cup of coffee! PLUR

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