Yikes…Jumping our of an Aeroplane at 12,500ft are you kidding!
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Yikes…Jumping our of an Aeroplane at 12,500ft are you kidding!

September 15, 2019

Good morning friends and it’s a beautiful Thursday morning and Yes, I’m out and about cause that’s what I love to do. and I was talking to a Mate of mine yesterday in London, and he jumped out of a plane at the weekend! 😱 Now a lot of us we get consumed by fear and what he was telling me his message to me he said Phil you know what I could really easily have been absolutely overwhelmed by the tandem parachute guy who was telling me as we were going up higher and higher, you know you’re at 1,000 your 2,000 and eventually they got to 12,500 feet now the reason he was jumping out of the plane was to do with the charity that he’s involved with to do with cancer 13 years ago, he lost his father to lung cancer, but he kept telling himself “dad you’re with me… dad were doing this together” and so my message really or what his message to me was was you know what I had a choice I could have been consumed by fear or I could have changed or taken the path rather, and said and this is actually what he did do was… You know what? I’m actually going to quiet my mind and I’m going to choose the and and face the fear I’m gunna dive into the fear literally, so you know fear and what do they say that acronym False Evidence Appearing Real Will face the fear and do it anyway, or feel the fear and do it anyway And so I guess that’s very much like online businesses, you know We all got on this little people you got on this list for a reason There’s something that’s not right or something that you’d like to learn more about So what you can do it’s a risk free application So if you submit your application from this email at the bottom of the email it’ll say “Submit Your Application” or if you want to change from Mondayitis “Submit Your Application” It’s actually risk what I mean by Risk FREE you’ve got 30 days to work out Hey, is this an environment that I can work with? Yeah, of course It does take work everything that does take work, you know as people we’re often intimidated and frightened by change But you know that’s a mindset if you embrace change there’s a lot of people out there to support you in our community, I mean God, I was not a Digital Marketer one iota… But I’ve learned some skill sets purely because I’ve been open to change and realize that you know what if I want to have the things that I want in my life, I actually need to make some changes It’s so that’s the my message for today that face the fear. You’ve got nothing to lose embrace it…💪 and explore and you know what still at the end of 30 days it wasn’t for you Hey, guess what you get your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose. So friends have yourselves an amazing Thursday I’ll keep enjoying my walk and bye for now.👋

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