Yondu’s YAKA ARROW Explained!
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Yondu’s YAKA ARROW Explained!

August 27, 2019

Built from a psionic-sensitive, Centurion-native
metal known as Yaka, Yondu’s Yaka arrow is an agile, stealthy, and very durable projectile
weapon. Similar to how many metals respond to magnetism,
the metal of the Yaka Arrow responds to sound, and can be weld and utilized by those who
can execute the proper whistle command frequencies; using the pitch and intensity of the whistle
to control the arrow’s speed, strength and direction. In addition to psionic articulation, the user
must also possess the appropriate prosthetic cerebral fin implant, that much like a radio
antenna, acts as a transmitter and receiver; extending the range and precision of the arrow
in flight. Also, practice is required.

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  1. I just realised. Why didn't peter get his own whistle arrow? Hell, why didn't they all have their own arrow? This could puncture thanos clean

  2. Why wasn’t the arrow used in infinity wars since it’s on of the most powerful godly weapons in the universe?

  3. I used to think that Yondu was badass, until I saw how weak he became in GOTG Vol 2 after someone just simply shot his fin transplant. Without that fin, he let others dump his loyal friends & crewmembers into outer space alive. Yondu (without his fin) is essentially as useless as nipples on a man.

  4. They had to kill Yondu in GotG 2 so Yondu wont score a headshot on Thanos lol otherwise Thor would be pretty angry ?

  5. My husband and I were just discussing this. I figured the whistle frequency and pitch is similar to the ones used for a sheep dog and its master.

  6. One of the children of thanos can stop that thing for sure. The guy with telekinesis can manipulate that arrow I guess?

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