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You Asked Us: Aircraft

September 11, 2019

We look at a few things when
choosing the aircraft we use. There are things like seat configuration the range of performance of our aircraft the route distance, the number of crew and our food and beverage offering ultimately affects the
choice of our aircraft. As a rule of thumb, we use
the max speed of aircraft to meet different demands
of our shuttle flights. But for long haul, we tend
to deploy larger aircraft that have the capacity to fly
back and forth while carrying enough passengers and cargo
to make the route successful. The A380 has a lot of
limitations because of its size which can cause all kinds of complications when operating to the airports
that we currently fly to. These large planes tend to
have longer turn-around times. As you can imagine, they
carry lots of passengers and their baggage, which also means there would be relatively
less space for cargo. For example, one market
has 1,500 passengers from Hong Kong to London. We can have a choice
of deploying five 777’s or we can just deploy three A380’s since they are larger aircraft. We prefer to offer more
frequency and flexibility and therefore more
choices to our customers. Wide-body aircraft are a
better fit for longer flights. But we focus just as much
on narrow body aircraft because we want to grow our regional and long-haul network in parallel. Like most legacy carriers we operate in a hub and spoke model which makes use of Hong
Kong International Airport’s strong transit capability. For example, instead of filling
just one flight to New York we can now fill four flights to New York with both local Hong Kong
and regional passengers. This operating model provides
more choices to our customers. You have seen our brand
new wide-body Airbus A350 and in 2020, the new
narrow-body Airbus A321 Neo will join our fleet. So, you might find yourself on board on one of our new aircraft very soon.

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  1. Cathay Pacific says they prefer frequency over capacity, but they should be using larger aircraft because the airline is loosing pilots and crew for reasons that cathay could easily fix.

  2. Why no mention of the B777-9? Is it a possibility that CX may replace the order or cancel it? Still, a combination of Boeing and Airbus aircraft is excellent for the fleet.

  3. Flew the airline New York JFK Airport to Manila Ninoy Aquino airport back in 2005-2006. First ride with CX was september 18 2001 CX904 MNL-HKG B777-200.
    Would the Cathay Dragon A321neo fly to both Davao City and Clark Field Pampanga Province Philippines from Hong Kong?

  4. I really appreciate this kind of videos. Some questions have simple answers but getting to know the reasons behind them are interesting. I like it. All airlines should do that.

  5. 做咁多呢啲形象工程都無用,上到機啲空服黑面已經唔想再搭,又唔會企响乘客角度諗嘢,處處只驚人投訴。我上次搭班機去東京,叫個空服比我同我先生調返埋一齊坐,一啲都唔helpful,我以後都唔會再次搭國泰!

  6. Hey Cathay Pacific

    Please open your CXCitement or your souvenir shop in Jakarta.Indonesia is currently the leading market for toys in Asia as people here is very fond to collect a lot of things and they are not afraid to give good money for high quality stuff.I'd always order your souvenirs through official Cathay Pacific online shop but I sometimes find difficulties on how to order.If there is an CX souvenir shop,it would be fantastic! Please consider it

  7. Hi Cathay! Good job on refurbishing the 777-300ER, but please upgrade your a330-300 the economy is still the same since 2011! YOU ARE STILL ONE OF THE WORLDS BEST AIRLINE!

  8. The reason why Cathay pacific make a loss is because they are most often more expensive then the competition. Why would anyone pay hundreds more for something that's basically the same thing.Usually Special offers arr not actually special offers. In modern times businesses all have the wrong idea, If you offer something that people don't want, can't get or can't afford then obviously you'll loose sales. Instead of making your product and service more attactive and attainable you do the most to squeeze your customers out of evry inch of revenue and Space.

  9. This company Cathy Pacific will just tell lies. All to easy to make a big profit when you tell the customer one thing and then just goback on it some month later. They cost me 5 London Hong Kong returns. I even when to the head office and all the did was laugh. Has to be the worst people to fly with dishonest as they come are Cathy Pacific. They just rip people off and think it funny. As for customer care they are just words to them. The spirit of ripping people off

  10. 1500 passengers from HK to London? Should have at least 1 A380 with 600 seats, and 3 777 with 300 seats, that way you get both the flexibility and the ultimate in comfort from the A380 and give passengers more choice to choose from, if you prefer the space, and comfort of A380, fly the A380, if you want to fly on a 777 then go with the 777, thats giving your passengers the more choice and flexibility, HK to London is 11 hour flight, I would much prefer the A380 which has far better economy class than 777, and having 4 engines is much safer than having 2, a 777 with an engine explosion would probably crash where as the A380 survived 2 engine explosion flights with a perfect safe landing with everyone surviving, Qantas Flight 32 and Air France Flight 66

  11. Love Cathay Pacific, great cabin crew , on board entertainment, attention to customers needs . Great experience on the A350 and the big bonus is Hong Kong. Hahoo cant wait to do it again

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