YOU SHALL NOT PASS! | Happy Wheels – Part 60

September 1, 2019

top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to : haaaaaaapppppyyy wheels!!! everything back here looks different but just you guys wait the plans are in progress to change everything the whole place tommorow is gonna be all magic and weird can you saved ? i can oh maybe not ! ohh i still crushed everything else … grab the bomb , grab it and fuck it over her side (cringe/grunt sound) grab it , there we go , go over there to Suzie bye ! (laugh) oh oh ohhh! Soccer , shit uhh , fuck it ! uhh nacro bag yea ! only pete scored at me now let’s hit the showers i see a jetpack challenge and i take that challenge and i will pass it in one shot well , if i know yes one shot , one shot jack ! okay we gotta go a little higher (laugh) not that high little higher , there you go willy … yea ! he like skitted across the ground that was cool arm test demo is that a shotgun ? ohhhhoh yes it was gamma ray dododo ohoho yeah! that was cool ! ohh i wanna see more guns jump or die i don’t wanna do either of those can’t i just stand still ? if , so i win i am not gonna jump and i am not gonna die huh. ohh! get fucked harpoons oh i have bested you can i get through all your cables ? yes thank you see you later Mini games special what do i do first ? boost fall i don’t do anything i can’t speed this up nehhhhh ah yeah colorful dig oh god oh god oh god that was easy thanks slinky slinky dink (laugh) oww my fucking leg i can do this , i am the best at jet falls told you oh god , oh god don’t’ don’t no ! no ! what’s that ? you wonna go again ? watch his spazy legs when he comes in (laugh) looks like he’s irish dancing i wanna grab the ball i wanted to grab the ball and throw it back on his face Sword throw look at little billy , billy is always the first to die when you hit people you get more swords oh no , just willy and billy right in your ti oh god betty got mangled yes yes woah yeahhhh!! (laugh) view replay view replay ! i don’t normally view replays but that has to be viewed so we got indie we knocked him over he bounced the sword over there and then Willy bounced in the air hahaha that was the coolest sword throw rope swing six what happened to the other five ? k i’ll do it anyway rainbows what i wanted to say was fuck it ! what i wanted to say was rainbow swing come on you can get of that and slide down come on come on Steve Steve ! Steve i hate you buddy , i hate you , i hate you i hate you no i don’t i love you the bits technically this game loves you to bits as well cause it wants to murder you to little bits don’t grab i am not grabbing ! listen to the game ! am I safe ? wheeeee!! don’t break your arm don’t don’t break it yea ! throw the ball to the empty spaces to form a word : win or die you have 10 balls to try i have to get win win win i have to fucking throw them over first there’s an i aw that’s the I from die shit get the E and i am dead nothing … win! win come on it’s right there , it’s right there win W W W okay we go fast this time cause all the balls started to they started to ball up as it were uh oh uh oh that was close ahhh! My nads it’s okay you can’t feel your legs anyway oh my leg shut up Willy we will sort out your legs in a minute after we win this yes yes ! that’s this games version of like MLG pro like : (makes sounds) can you shut up !? can you survive ? probably not ! it’s me and Billy me and Billy ohh god yes i lost an arm well i didn’t lose it it’s still there i know where it is it came off my body but that was a necessary sacrifice let’s do it again cause i enjoyed watching Billy die a lot oh! oh no oh no i lost both arms this time machete throwing it’s a load of colorful ones woo these are heavy betty ? i missed every body yea ! someone just took Betty’s legs from underneath her a little Abigail ah yea a cutie little one last jetpack run i am good at these wait till you see secret is to not suck like that hahaha fucking hard to see this is a very strong jet yikes ! it’s okay just stay above this one and you’ll be fine just keep the balance look how high it bounces me ooh ooh ooh jesus that was awesome Bottle run epic 2 Billy you know what they always say go Billy ! yea ! yea ! bottle run machine that’s me micro freeze balls what you call me ? that was bad you gotta , you gotta small profile small that’s as big as you can get ! I’m too fat yea ! ohh my leg i am fine i am fine i am not fine ohh this one is spike fall backwards that’s not good i am the spikefall magician so i can always do them no matter what…way the are there’s a billy at the bottom , i have to crush him ! see the thing i did wrong was get to much of the forward trejectory that’s how you wanna go you see there’s a fine angle when you’re doin’ a spike fall yea ! i didn’t crush Billy i have to do it again fall of nice and gentle there you fuck fuck ! can you let me kill Billy , please please it will be so much fun it would be so much fun here we go tasty Billy death what happened ? i died and billy went over there man dad i wanna come this is man’s country son! couldn’t have said it any better bobby let’s fucking do this..oh jesus balls daddy’s victory yea now we are getting the rythm now we are getting it Billy you’re looking a little pale ow my face there was a mine at the end of that didn’t matter still won hardest harpoon run don’t mind if i do it’s also the most … fuck me ! it’s also the first harpoon to be harpoon run to be drawn in microsoft paint ohh yes Billy is in a million bits doesn’t matter , kinda matters how bout flips for days you guys down with that ? flips for days don’t even have to look that was bad go Billy ! here we go , here we oh shhh you have to use the flying trick haha fuck you game i am sorry i didn’t mean it karma baby here we go out into the cosmos that’s not good that’s not good that’s fucking bad that’s so dead,,,duhn da duh i’ve never seen a more beautiful sight billy mangled into a milllion bits bobby eating his own foot and the game saying i am awesome this is the crowning moment this level is called you shall not pass ! we’ll just see about that mister star will we ? easy , easy i am not even pressing buttons and i already got passed the first three please please this ain’t jack’s first rodio do you know why ? cause it’s alot of balls , i love balls i don’t fucking love them now move move ye ball bastards (grunts) squeeze through right there force it Pete , force it yea ! yes it’s time for a bottle run you guys ready for the magic to happen ? everybody chant it with me go Billy ! shiiiiiii-et speed is key ? that’s the one ! no cause i didn’t say it right , it’s cause it’s speed is key ! that was the one , that’s what worked oh it’s a table run i don’t know what that is i am just gonnna stay in my table yay ! launch me ah! my table broke is that bad ? it’s probably bad right ? yea i didn’t even have a table ooh yea it only took a little few pages to get to , but there’s a jacksepticeye well , jacksepyic box escape i don’t know what that means but i am gonna play it anyway the boss box why would i wanna escape ? i am just gonna stay here i am a boss the bossiest boss of all bosses well then we gotta get out , we gotta get out yea ! fffall yea i got a fucking axe in my face and Willy is on the toilet tsss fine by me jackseptic boss toss that sounds awesome oh my god oh i am gonna get sick what is happening ? go ! you went backwards didn’t ya ? ahhh come on ! i landed between mark and me ? what are the fucking odds of that ? okay we will just go in the first swing yes ! oh! noob ? does this look like a noob’s face ? nuh uh round and round and round she goes where she stop’s ? Jack knows right at the end of the level epic no ! round , and go ! that’s the one that was one less then last time yes ! sweet air breh! smosh games ? there we go , finally don’t land on the , yes ! i though it was gonna land in the middle again cause that’s what happened the first time okay well that does it for this episode of happy wheels i liked that last level that last level was fun , really damn fun and thank you always , for the people who make levels for me it’s still awesome to go in and see that there’s still like highest rated levels made for me that’s so cool thank you so much also , this stuff that’s happening right now you’ll understand it very soon but for now thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss!!! and, high fives all around thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, in the next videooooooooooo!!!

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