Your Target User – A Minute of Overpass
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Your Target User – A Minute of Overpass

August 31, 2019

Hi! This is A Minute Of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. Now this week I wanna talk about “Your App’s Target User”. Okay, so this week I wanna talk about Target Users and being able to target your App Store users. So that like as we talk about every week, the biggest problem that we have as app developers is getting people to find our apps, right? We may put like loads of work into them or not a lot of work into them. We may reskin them. We might code them from over the course of years or months or days but it doesn’t matter. But the big problem we have is when we put on the app market is competing with the thousands of other apps that have been submitted just that day let alone ever. So our big problem as app developers is marketing. So one of the ways that you could do better at that is thinking about your end-user. Now the reason I bring this up is because somebody asked me on Snapchat earlier this week. Oh by the way, if you’re not following us at Snapchat, there’s the Snap code and we put things out everyday but somebody asked me and say “Hey I was looking at some of your games and how come your games for more like apps and not really like games” right? and it’s the same question I get from talking to relatives on Skype. Like last month, people I haven’t seen in a long time said “Yeah we saw some of your apps. Tell me do you have anything I could play that if I didn’t want to learn Swahili or something?” and I said well no not really. All of our games are education-based. They’re either Algebra or learning languages or Chemistry. And my kids are the same way. They’re constantly complaining that we don’t make games that are actually fun. They’ll play like… they’ll play like a game like Jetpack Joyride or something on a phone for you know look at me they’ll say see that’s a real game, right ? So yeah I guess I don’t know what to say. The reason why I don’t really target mainstream games and the games are very simple and more towards repetitive learning is because that’s what I’m interested in, right? I’m thinking about the target end user. Now I think I would find it very difficult if I did like a Candy Crush clone or something like that or if I did something like a broad mainstream game meant for everybody ’cause mainly because I wanna how to market it, right? When I thought about doing the language games, I thought about myself 20 years ago learning Chinese Mandarin in the army and later learning Vietnamese, it was really hard to find like good language learning resources. So yeah I mean this is pretty internet but you’re going into a bookstore looking around and you know there’s loads of Spanish, German and French books but you’re gonna find very much about Mandarin and if you could, it was maybe one or two books and they were very beginner. Now Mandarin is more mainstream but there are other languages that are not very well served and it might not be easy to learn them. Swahili is a good example, right? So when I think about my target end user going onto Google Play or the App store, I don’t think about them saying “I just wanna play a fun game”, I think about them saying “You know I would really like to learn Bengali”, right? So then they’ll type in “learn Bengali” and then that’s a very much smaller market and then I could try to target towards those keywords. So rather than advertise to everybody in general, I’m thinking about a small group of people. Now my big app Ear Spy that does have broad appeal, right? So you know but that was sort of I was thinking about a target group of people there too, it just happened to catch on. Now one thing like say Vietnamese Bubble Bath is a learning Vietnamese game, somebody wanted to learn Vietnamese would come in and they would search say learn Vietnamese or Vietnamese game and you know my app has a better chance of showing up because they’ve con in and search for it, right? So however there’s not gonna be a whole lot of people learning Vietnamese. However, if somebody…. my logic here is that if somebody comes in and they started looking for Vietnamese games and they finally find one that they like, right? They’re more likely to make a purchase, they’re more likely to play it more often than not, they’re more likely to just stick with that one subject. So this is how we kind of doing that, this is why we can make revenue with a very crowded market because we have a very niche subject or it’s actually we keep duplicating that same model across different niches. Like other topics like Speed Reading is something that’s very interested in. So yeah we did a Speed Reading application. We’ve done Algebra. We just this last week we had Agent X was featured several times on iTunes so we have thousands of thousands of downloads actually you know nearly 100,000 downloads and last week but prior to that we’ve had like hardly any but it is… it’s a very niche subject. So somebody who wants to just brush up a little bit, don’t go in there and do that so but that’s just my strategy. Now when it comes to other things you know I think the point I’m trying to make is when your marketing your app or your game, you have to think about that end user. If the end user is you then it’s even better because you know the kind of things that we’re looking for. You look at the kind of things they’ll be attracted to. What would really stand out to them? What can you write in the description and on the screenshots that would make them say “that sounds really good” as opposed to I just want to build something that for everybody. I mean think about it as if you were a musician and you just wanted to write the next big pop song, right? So you would just do something very bland and generic and put it out there and hope that it gets eyes on it. Or let’s say you’re a musician and you write commercial jingles, right? You have a much smaller market, less competition probably less money, the rewards are smaller but the chances of success are higher. So that’s it for this week. Again think about your target audience. If I was gonna have a Candy Crush game, I would not know where to start but when I have a game about learning a language, I know where to go, I know what keywords to look for, I know how to target it but uh and it’s all because I’m thinking about my end user and when you start getting users then you put analytics in there and know who your users actually are, they might not be who you expect, like with Ear Spy we know that they’re males between 18 and 25 for the most part but it’s very spread and other games you know we kind of we can target certain things so you start putting things out there. So that’s it for this week. I hope it’s been helpful. I’ll talk to you next week!

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  1. Do you have an advertising budget? If so, where do you spend most of your money? Love your videos. Very insightful.

  2. I wish i had made an app i would want to use. Instead, what i did is this: i made a movie trivia app. What a horrible idea that was.

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