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Zombie Carnaval iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 8, 2019

We’ve talked a lot before about that if you’re
going to copy the formula of a successful game, you’d best have a firm grasp on what
actually makes that game work. That way you have a solid foundation to build on, and hopefully
you change enough to make the game your own. Zombie Carnival has high aspirations, trying
to replicate the endless runner fun of Jetpack Joyride, and you might be happy to find out
that they succeed, wringing some enjoyment out of the market over-saturation of zombies
in the process. You start with a sole zombie, running and
jumping to collect coins and avoid obstacles. It isn’t long till you come across your first
victim… I mean human. Chomping down on their delicious brains zombifies them and adds them
to your horde, and they will follow your tap to jump actions, essentially acting as extra
lives (adding a dash of Grim Joggers into the gameplay stew). Before you know it you’ll
have a whole gaggle of zombies following you as the game gets faster, and more mines and
tanks are thrown at your merry band by the pitiful human army. When your last zombie
finally bites the dust, any missions you have completed will tally up (awarding you with
coins for leveling up), as well as the game cataloging the brains feasted upon. Filling
the screen with brains from multiple plays will culminate in a lottery ticket, that can
award you with random items from the store. The store is what you would expect. Coins
can be spent on silly hats and novelties, but there’s also an upgrade screen that adds
bonuses to the play, which gives you something more to work towards. Now a lot of the charm of Zombie Carnival
comes from its presentation. There’s something about games with a claymation style that just
raises the fun level of the experience. From the wide-eyed stare of the zombies, to their
eating animation, to the special giant form; it all combines to create nary a dull moment.
And that’s what the game has to offer, some quick enjoyable surface level gameplay that
should keep you returning because of the missions and store upgrades. A game with depth this
is not, but sometimes you need something a little simpler, especially when you get to
eat people and flip over cars.

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  1. This game looks stupid.

    Jetpack Joyride works, this doesnt.

    Andrew can you please review 'Combat Monkeys'?

  2. Jetpack Joyride also has the same bug since release date when I paid 99 cents for the app

    It randomly deletes your saved game data and achievements especially if you answer a call in the middle of a run

    Id rather not play a game for months and lose all my progress in one fell swoop

    This game doesnt look stupid, it plays well, and it is honestly one of the better runners out there

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  4. Please tell me. How did you decide that this game doesn't work? I apologize for my english, it's not my mother tongue.

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