Zombie Tsunami [Midget Apple Plays]
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Zombie Tsunami [Midget Apple Plays]

August 24, 2019

– [Little Apple] Giant Z! Whoa! (poppy electronic music) Yo yo yo Little Apple back
in the house once again, that’s right! And we’re playing a game
called Zombie Tsunami. I just love that. Look at that! There’s zombies back there! Okay, so in this game it
looks like I am a zombie. Just collecting some coins. Alright, this is pretty fun. Zero of four. What does that mean? Oh, this lady wants help, I’ll help- Whoa! (hearty laughter) Okay, that’s one way to help. Oh wow! Now I have two zombies! Oh I see, so everyone that I bite, I get another zombie. Oh, that’s why its
called a Zombie Tsunami. You just keep getting
more and more zombies. Alright, let’s get me another zombie. Yum yum yum yum! Usually I like zombie games where I get to attack the zombies. But this is pretty cool, I like this. Aw yeah! Give me more zombies, baby! Whoa! Helicopter? They’re trying to stop this zombie hoard? Can’t be doing that. Whoa! Oh I see. Okay, so if you hit something- Agh! Then yeah it gets rid
of some of my zombies. No no no. Okay, so don’t hit the mines. Whoa! What is this? Balloon! (cheers) Floating zombies all up in your business! (hearty laughter) Yes yes nom nom nom! Whoa! I got a whole bunch more
zombies, that was awesome. Okay, so for those- Yes! Yeah! You have to have enough zombies to be able to get to that car, so if it says zero out of
four you have to have at least four zombies
to be able to get it. Yeah! Yeah, baby! No! (saddened laughter) Yes, I’m kicking so
many booties, you guys! Yeah, get outta here! (triumphant chuckle) Whoa! Okay so I can hit those things, but then I lose zombies. Okay. So that’s good to know. That you don’t just die when
you hit vehicles and stuff, you just lose a zombie or two. Yeah! Who’s throwing boomerangs? Are we in Australia?
What’s happening here? Aw no there’s too much, it’s traffic, Ah! I’m losing zombies! No! Quickly, must eat this lady. Keep that zombie train a’rollin! Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin! Zombies eat and eat and
eat and eat and yeah! Nommy nommers! Yes! Brains never tasted so good! (triumphant laughter) Aw man this game is so much fun. Whoa! Oh, look out! Oh no! I only have three zombies left! Quickly, lady, you need to help me. You need to join the side of the zombie army! The little apple zombie army! Trust me, there’s no
place you’d rather be. Oh no, I only have two left. What is it, what is it? U.F.O! Whoa, cool! That’s out of this world! (teasing laughter) Whoa, what’s happening? Why am I getting teleported? What, no, stop! Don’t eat me! Why is the U.F.O trying to abduct me? Is that a good thing? I’m not quite sure. (wails) I lost another one off the ledge. Aw man, this game is so much fun you guys. I’m really liking it! Aw! It’s just like a good classic
arcade game, you know? Just, sometimes, it’s not that easy to find good old fashion
arcade games anymore. You know, everything’s
gotta have so many steps, you gotta go through so many levels, you gotta build your guy up, you gotta get all the weapons, and then, you know, upgrades and junk in the trunk
and all that stuff but this one you just pick
it up and play, you know? Oh no no no no no! (screams in anguish) Boom! Okay, okay, it’s okay! No! What is this? Do I get to come back to life? Aw whoops, I didn’t press it. Complete three games! Yeah! Toxic tap water. Okay. Oh we’re building up that toxic tap water. I’m not sure why. Yeah! 27 brains! That’s right. Check out that one back there, he kinda looks like an aligator. I don’t know why he would
be an aligator zombie but, that’s, you know, that’s pretty awesome. What kind of zombie would
you guys like to see? Like, anything! Like a rhinoceros zombie, could be anything, let me know, okay? Rutabaga zombie! Everybody
want’s a rutabaga zombie. (chuckles) Whoa, what?! I died?! Aw, zombie, there were
no brains down there. (hearty laughter) Okay, I only got two brains that time. That was a terrible mistake, I am so sorry. I always do that. Like I always do really
well on the first try, and then, all the rest
of the tries I’m like “Nah, you did terrible. “Is that a giant whole in
the ground? Well I’ll just “jump right in it.” (hearty laughter) How are you guys doing today? Hopefully you’re doing
super duper awesome and you’re not being eaten by a zombie. And if you are, you should probably tell somebody or, you know, I don’t know, maybe
go to the doctor or something? Alright, I’m in Los Angeles! Yeah! The graphics are really fun. I really like them. They’re cool and cartoony. Get outta here! Stupid car. I wonder what happened in the
world that there’s zombies ’cause there’s always a
different explanation, it’s always something- Whoa! Quarterback? Whoa, look at how tough they look! (hearty laughter) Oh, can I just blast right through this? Yeah! I can just crush stuff! And I don’t lose any
zombies. This is awesome. Look at all their walking, it’s so funny. They look so tough. (hearty laughter) Yeah, get out of my way!
I’m the quarterback! Give me my money, honey,
I want my quarter back, quarter back, quarter back. No! No, I didn’t have enough! (groans) See, I needed 12 zombies
to be able to get the tank. I didn’t know they were gonna
throw a tank at me, jeez! That just kinda came out of no where. But that’s cool. That guy looks like he’s
trying to catch snowflakes. He’s just sticking his
head outside of the window and be like “nom nom nom!” Catch snowflakes! See? Look at this guy.
That’s what he’s doing too. They really like catching
snowflakes on their tongues. That’s exactly what they’re doing. (hearty laughter) Man, it looks like there’s
a zombie party back there. That looks fun. We should go join that
zombie party, you guys. There’s three of us now. That’s technically a
party in of itself, right? Who wants a zombie party party? Nom! (hearty laughter) Kay, four zombies. Oh yup! I can get this
guy, I have four zombies. Nom nom! Delicious! So nutritious! Actually, probably not that nutritious. Eating cars? Probably not. Oh, that was close, I thought I wasn’t gonna make that jump. But luckily, a little earthquake brought the ground down to me. What is with the boomerangs? I guess I don’t understand. Aw! You hit it! You
shouldn’t have hit it, buddy! Ninja! Ooh, what does this do? Whoa, they’re sticking together
in their tight little pack. Okay, what is even happening? What happens if I’m a ninja? Nothing? What the-? I still lost one of my zombies! What good is the ninja?
It doesn’t do anything! I thought I’d be super stealthy
and not get hit by stuff, but I’m still getting hit by stuff. Maybe the reason that
that one’s good is because they all stick in a little pack, and then it’s easier to, you
know, not have certain zombies, you know, jump off the place
that they’re supposed to. (groans) See, like this! Oh no! I keep losing my zombie buddies! My zombie buddies! Yeah! Oh yeah! Gather a horde of eight zombies! I’m not gonna be happy
until I have a hoard of over 9000 zombies. Yeah, you eat that roof, buddy! Look, he’s eating the rough back there. (hearty laughter) Yum yum, this is delicious! Alright, got two more. Yeah! Don’t eat the
plane, get over the plane! Oh, that was close! I don’t know- Oh no! I don’t know why there was a- Flippin’ no no no! Go over it, go over it! Oh, that was close. Man, this is getting this is getting crazy, you guys. Things are really speeding up. Look at him, he’s eating the rough again! Aw, not the kitty! Aw, jump for two seconds! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. Oh! We got mad skills, you guys! Aw yeah! Zombies want brains! What’s this? Whoa! I get to be a dragon?! You kidding me?! Whoa, I can actually float! No! (pained laughter) I thought I could go through stuff. He looks big enough, he could
have eaten that whole thing. Aw man. Aw, whoa whoa. What happens if I get the toxic tap water? Anything good? Kay, what’s happening? I don’t know what’s happening. Yeah! You’ve unlocked an upgrade! Nice! Elderberry and guts tonic water. Can’t say that that sounds appetizing. Aw, look at that guy back there! (giggles) He’s slowly getting attacked by a zombie. He’s like “no no no no! Please!” “Please don’t shove me off the roof “and please don’t eat me!” Either way, he’s not having a good time. One way! My way! (hearty laughter) What’s up Professor Bignose? You just got eaten! Ha ha. Well, it looks like I’m eating them, but I’m kinda pooping them out
and they turn into zombies. (giggles) That’s cool. Yeah, I’m not actually eating them per se. Nom! It just looks like I’m eating them. Who’s leaving giant mines
in the middle of this place? Whoa, Z-airline! I’ll take you, you’re
coming with me, buddy! Oh yeah! Big jump, big
jump, big jump, come on! Yes! That was close, that was close. We got it, we got it you guys. Alright, back in Los Angeles once again. Yeah buddy! We’re going straight to the moon! Whoa! Zombie tsunami! Whoa, this is amazing! This
needs to happen forever. Just don’t ever stop it. What am I doing? I don’t even understand. Wow. Oh, I see! You gotta press it, okay, yeah. Zombie tsunami! Whoa! Okay, this is the best power up ever! Look at this! 13 zombies! Can’t even stop me now. Oh yeah. What? That zombie just
fell right off the edge. You gotta stick with me, bro.
You gotta stay with the group. Got the zoo crew. No! I’m losing all my zombies!
I keep jumping off the edge, I wish they would stop doing that. (screams in anguish) (pained laughter) Oh that did not end well. That guy? I don’t think that guy had legs. That seems like it could be a problem. He did have a parachute
though, so that’s good. No no, get over the tank. Nom! Get those! Aw yeah! Give me it all! Aw yeah, got that car, just eating cars, that’s
cool, that’s cool. Yeah, see? It doesn’t
look like he has legs. Maybe he does have legs.
Maybe they’re miniature legs. I mean, most of the zombies kind of have miniature legs too, but,
I don’t know, whatever. Whoa! Oh! Oh! I didn’t know that! I didn’t know! Aw, I lost all my zombies again, you guys. (groans) So sad. Giant Z! Whoa! This is totally awesome! This game has the best power ups ever! Yeah! Giant zombie brains coming at ya! Shooting lasers out of my eyes! Can’t stop me now, buddy! Yeah! Man, this game is fun! It’s really fun! Like, a lot of fun! Zomb-boni fun! It’s kinda like a zamboni
only it is with zombies so it’s zomb-boni. (hearty laughter) Yeah! Oh man, we’re kicking
many, many, many, many butts! Oh wow. But things are
getting a little crazy here. Don’t jump off the side! Oh, that was close! Yes, got some more. No! (pained laughter) Man, I just jumped in
a whole mess of mines. Just don’t do that you guys. Don’t even do it for a second. Man, I’m on an awesome groove here! I wonder how long I can keep this going. No! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?! I pressed the jump double pump
button and it didn’t work! (hearty laughter) Alright guys, well, this is awesome. This game rules. I love it. Thank you so much for watching, you guys. I’ve gotten like a billion
zombie brains here, it’s amazing. Thank you so much for watching.
Oh man, it’s so awesome. Okay guys, I’m gonna get going. I’m gonna scratch this first,
see if we get anything. Nothing, no. Okay. Alright guys! Thank you for
watching! Until next time. Bye-bye! (poppy electronic music)

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  1. Giant mega zombie zombies and also skeleton zombie and explosive zombie and I like this I also want to download the game

  2. play zombie rush on roblox so you can kill zombies as that you do as human you can play as a zombie too! And zombies won't attack you if you are zombie

  3. Thank you ! Re this the your yiyiyiyyiyt is going it's not the type the ride I issue that I iititiitit I 8iitrrieririritittttitiititittiitititititititittitititosikeles


    Ninja: You can double jump and throw shurikens at bombs
    U.F.O: It respawns more zombies for backup
    Giant Z: The zombies fused together and become a monstrous beast
    Quarterback: You can’t lose zombies, you can knock out vehicles and bombs
    Tsunami: A tsunami goes forth and slides the zombies. You can tap the screen multiple times to boost the size of the tsunami
    Dragon: Zombies became a dragon head and the body. When a zombie is killed, one piece of body is lost

    Balloon: The zombies’ head floats and to get them down, hold the screen if nessecary.

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  6. You can upgrade a bonus one there is an update to zombie tusnami
    They added a mecha you have to reach level 150 i guess well to upgrade you have to complete the missions and full the expirenent potion and order to do that complete some mission click the pause button or click go to potion and but some hat

  7. When you have giant Z you still loose zombies when you touch bombs/mines and those helicopters and cars that move

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