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Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

September 2, 2019

It seems the never ending thirst of the app
store for zombie games rivals that of the undead’s thirst for all things fleshy and
brainy. In Zombie Wonderland 2, Chuck has found a way to rid his home of this slow shuffling
menace once and for all, but to do so, he has to acquire some components for the good
doctor at the museum. The small hitch being that most of these components are somewhere
in time. Yup, zombies and time travel. Players of the original Zombie Wonderland
will feel right at home, and will be happy to find out that the game hits the ground
running this time. Within the first few levels (which act as a tutorial), you have access
to boards, traps, special bullets and turrets, all to help protect each level’s special item
which must be kept free of pawing zombie interference (as well as not dying yourself, and cleaning
up as much of the zombie goo that splatters the floor as possible). Each level plays out as a variation on the
castle defense genre, with waves of zombies and their special brethren (and sistren) being
attracted to the small shack, barn, castle, or tomb you’ve found yourself in at the time.
All your special items are engaged with the press of a button (with the boards and turrets
only working at windows), and moving and shooting zombies is handled with a tap of the screen.
This is the cause of the greatest issue, as often enough a misplaced tap will send Chuck
running over to a zombie to get his head munched on instead of shooting it. Some might also
be frustrated at how the defenses at Chuck’s disposal always seem under-equipped to handle
the onslaught. This was less a concern for us as that under-equipped feeling gives each
level a greater sense of panic and tension, and even though it makes every new upgrade
purchased in the store mean something, you always feel slightly behind the difficulty
curve. Zombie Wonderland 2 is what it is. While not
significantly different from the first game, this is a visually pleasing well made castle
defense game with time travel and zombies. Whether that sounds appealing to you or not
is your measuring stick for whether this one is worth your hard earned cash.

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  1. PLEEEEAASSEEEE!!!! Make one action adventure game. I have had enough defence games. One more and I throw up, two more, and I smash my 4S into rocks.

  2. Ugh yet another zombie game. Back when zombieland The movie came out they were briefly cool again then cod zombies raised the mark. But now I'm so sick of zombies it's not even funny I see another zombie game I ignore this looks like every AppStore cliche all wrapped up into one cmon devs originality goes a long way these days too many play it safe with another td zombie vampire games arg it's played out to death become undead and shot in the head the undead r past dead

  3. No more zombie games if any devs read this aren't y'all tired of making blank any word fill in zombie game. It's time for something new. And no more text rpg not even deserving of the name those press do it games like nongame Facebook games such as world war or mafia wars or crime city those r just as lame as any zombie titles

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