Zombies, Run! The Boardgame Final Thoughts
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Zombies, Run! The Boardgame Final Thoughts

August 18, 2019

hey everybody finals loss time for zombies wrong which I’d say is such a surprising little game I thought I knew what I was getting into when I open this box but so many twists and turns show up over the course of the game because of these sealed envelopes now for the most part they’re full of what you would expect extra weapons extra super tough zombies and little things like that that you pick up throughout your adventures but the fact that there are elements in this game that really would be very at home in an escape room style game like you know exit the game those sorts of things really blew my mind engine I found ourselves we want to travel all over this island just to be able to open all these things so we can find all these cool little social cooperative puzzle type scenarios those are really great and it’s such a welcome addition to what is at its heart a very simple real-time cooperative game with a very healthy dose of digital app integration and help because man I gotta say you know more and more there are you were seeing more and more board and card games bring in digital components to enhance the gameplay and provide experiences that would be impossible without and this one pushes that harder than any other game out there including like mansions and madness and stuff like that and I think that’s because of the origin of this game unlike most of the digital apps which are developed by people whose primary profession is board games in MO let’s branch out a little bit and do some of this app stuff zombies run is from a group of digital app developers who decided to branch out into board and card games and that’s a very interesting switcheroo because I mean I cannot stress enough just how much heavy lifting the app does in this game ohayo it keeps an entire ecosystem alive of this entire island with events that will turn on and off and characters you meet and so much audio I mean there’s an entire movies worth of of dynamic you know you know professional voice acted narrative that gets up you know related to you through this app and while I know there are some people out there who decry acts are ruining board games because they mean I don’t look at each we don’t look each other in the eye we just spend all our time looking at the app well if you watch the run-through you understand that this you look at the app very rarely in fact you almost never have to look at the app but you listen to it all the time it’s basically another character another person at the table relying information telling us about events that pop up and helping the story come to life in a way that other board games can’t compete with where you’re just reading a little paragraph of text off of a card the app integration here is really amazing but that should be expected because the zombie run developers have already produced one of the more popular apps in the digital world with the original zombie run exercise software so all that stuff is great the you know the escape room type stuff is really just bonkers fun the app integration is amazing it really takes his new heights but actually let’s just talk about the core game itself at its heart this is a simple dominoes matching style game but with cards instead of actual dominoes where oh yeah look there’s there’s a green zombie we need to have a plan ie a string of four cards okay I got a red – a green and then a green to yellow and then a yellow to another yellow and then yellow to a wild card and the wild card gives me the blue –boom got the zombie and at its heart this is a very very simple task to do if it weren’t for the timer um you would think well there’s just nothing to this game at all but that’s good design when it comes to real-time games because like you’ll escape curse to the Templar one not you need to have a fairly easy innocuous task where the challenge isn’t from having to puzzle out a lot of really tough stuff but just dealing with the pressure and the stress because the longer you tape to figure this out the closer the zombies get and when they actually do catch you I mean I just love that I Oh at the end of a round okay I’ve got a bike card I think honey I was bit on the leg was I and then I show her and she tells me and it kind of feels like we’re actually checking each other for bites and stuff like that neat cool nice little flourishes like that abound in this game that said as much as I respect it and I think the gameplay is solid I would say I think it’s at its weakest as a two-player game I have played this as a one two and a three player game and I think it’s a better solo game than a two-player game but I rethinking I bet I really think it’s at its absolute best the more players you get this is a game where you want a big group of people because with only one player having to do the planning because if you’re playing a two-player game one is the planner one is the leader and the planner being a player in control of all the plans for all the zombies I almost think the the puzzle becomes just a little bit too light the game is really designed to put you through your paces when no no there’s like two or three or four people all trying to play because you could have one two three or four plans being developed at the same time and you know and so if you have a lot of players okay I’ll take that zombie you take that zombie and everybody is independently trying to solve how to deal with their own zombie that’s when the extra level of challenge and interaction comes in because oh I need that card no wait I need that card for my plan all right well alright okay you can take it because I think okay I can do with this other way with this other thing and can anybody take this card because if you can get this card I can get to the card I need that’s deeper in the stack to finish my plan to get away from this oo B yeah but your zombies a little wuss we don’t care about him forget about that zombies start working on this other zombie because you can start a plan but then change and go in a different direction halfway through depending on you know when bosses show up or stuff like that so there’s a lot of interesting cool dynamic stuff where everybody can be involved but again when it’s only just one player in charge of all the plans that’s just not at its best unless you’re playing solo because I didn’t actually demonstrate this in the run-through but if you play this as a solo game well like always you’re in charge of planning for all the zombies but you also take on the leader role and and the leader role change little bit now I should actually talk about the leader role because it’s an interesting one you can play it I mean if there’s a player who’s devoted to being the leader really your number one responsibility is for making sure the game is working smoothly though whatever you pay attention in the app so it you always beat remember to advance zombies you all remember to add new zombies if you watch my run-through since I was doing it all myself and I was talking I might have missed a couple of of those advancements me like so the leader is supposed to you know just keep up with the the zombie management as driven by the app but there are other job is to feed cards to players and that can be an either very easy or very challenging job if it’s an easy job that just means oh okay I’ve got a card with a blue and yellow oh there’s a blue I’ll put it there or oh there’s a yellow I’ll put it there oh and I’ve got two Reds okay I can put it there oh I’ve got a wild card I can put it anywhere and you just put out cards and then you just become kind of a random seed of cards they’re just kind of coming back into the simulation and the the runners the planners like you covered up the card I needed cuz that’s the thing to be a good leader you have to be thinking ahead of all the players yeah I mean you’re the players you just think about okay I’m building a building I’m building I’m building my plan you have to be think about right what card are they gonna need to finish that plan oh they’re gonna need a green I’ve got this green card here but where should I put it if I put it over there I’m covering up a bunch of wild cards they might need if I put it over there I’m y’all and so you have those kinds of considerations and it’s an interesting challenge now what happens in a solo game is you’re responsible for both which if anything I mean which I think that comes you know the the fact that the planning just as a one player game isn’t quite compelling but planning and being leader at the same time is interesting what happens is there’s an extra element that as you know when you’re playing solo the leat you as the leader you can still just reseed the possibility space uh-huh or you can take cards directly from the leaders hand and put them into play so you have that much more control because um yeah I mean like I said as a single player it just wasn’t it just didn’t feel right he really felt like man there needs to be more people all working on this problem of all these zombies coming after us in a two-player game it didn’t feel quite right but then as a solo it suddenly did again and I kind of wished the rules for two-player kind of emulated the solo we’re in a two-player game there is no leader there’s instead just this extra hand of cards it’s a slightly different pool you could pull from I guess you could I mean that would be a perfectly reasonable variant and I think the two-player game would be more interesting if both players were planners and you just share the responsibility of the leader in the same way you do in the solo game I think man we should maybe go back and try it that way I think that would probably work better but all that aside the core game it’s a simple one just like escape curse of the temple is a simple just roll dice try to match symbols to go through doors and stuff like and I think that’s appropriate if it weren’t for the timer it’d be kind of a kind of boring game but with that tension and more anything else with that app this app that has a sense of humor um you know and uh you know in personality and will not be I mean oh as you’re playing along that’s where the game really comes alive and like I said oh my gosh I’ve had the Box upside down this whole time um there were so many surprises you know every time you get to open a new one of these you’re gonna be Wow oh my gosh I can’t believe this look at this cool thing we get to do now now X I should say there’s a couple of surprises as well I’ve don’t have the regular version game I’ve got the party pack which means it came with some extra stuff specifically it came with a whole extra deck of opportunity cards because you can play a competitive version where there are two teams or I guess you can play this as a two-player game so there’s a whole other set of zombie activations and there are these extra zombie cards I haven’t used them Jen I have not tried cooperatively but then on top of that there’s this other crazy element to the party aspect oh where are they um where to be able to beat zombies you can do it the the way I just demonstrating you know try and get combinations of cards but there are other types of zombies that will come out too like Agnes here who is a purple party zombie you don’t do this by making a plan that ends in red green yellow or whatever instead you have to do party tricks like take shots or do little dance moves or basically do silly fun party type things so um obviously that accentuates the fact you know the fact that they actually went and made a party version of this game so you can get a whole bunch of people and everybody gets a little tipsy and and just gets kind of silly this is a game designed for more players at the lower player counts it works like I said the more I think about I think that might be a good two-player variant where you drop the leader and you just work as a solo game but suffice to say you know the the card game it’s a nice little card game but where this game really excels is with the app with the storytelling with the cool surprises that are in these envelopes and that’s it folks that is zombie run now you have any questions comments concerns always please let me know otherwise a very very nice day talk to you later so long ABBA bye

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  1. So, if you lose the game totally how is everything reset? Do you try to put stuff back in the envelope it came from? Does the app have a reset or start new game button instead of continuing an existing game? Do you ever win and the story ends?

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