Zombies, Run! the Boardgame Gameplay Runthrough
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Zombies, Run! the Boardgame Gameplay Runthrough

August 17, 2019

hey everybody today righto runs through zombies run the board game which is actually based on a very popular smartphone app that runners use to do their normal no daily running routine while pretending they’re trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland doing missions and all kind of stuff the original app is hugely popular and a very very clever thing and it has spawned this offshoot board game and I’m gonna show you how it works today in a solo run through although before you’re going I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goofs you’ll know what they are okay be done so then welcome to the vacation island of st. Florian the game actually puts us in the role of tourists who have just arrived for a well-deserved vacation when the zombie outbreak occurs wouldn’t you know and so you’ve got an actual tourist map this was handed to you right when you got off the boat with some information about interesting points of interest in the on the island and information about the various towns and whatnot and an actual map that is actually often very very important from a gameplay point of view a little key to let you know where different areas are and all kinds of flynch information which again are referenced on the other side and also just a little bit of background about of trying to vacation here in st. Florian if you were to do so alrighty so this game requires the download and use of a digital app on your smartphone or tablet which is not surprising considering the origin of the game is based on another smartphone app but I am gonna be jumping in I’m not starting a new game today because the interesting about this is the smartphone app you’re using keeps track of the events and changes to the players survivalist party and the island of Saint Florian itself as we are adventuring all over the place going from place to place events will happen will have deadlines to go and do certain objectives to save everybody and you know if we get new followers if we lose followers to zombie bites if we find equipment we can use all of this stuff is tracked in the app and then the app is also used as a timer during the real-time cooperative escape sessions so anyway I’ve been playing the game for a while now and I’m gonna continue my day where I am at the radio relay West and as this reminds me I’m at Radio Rio s I have 38 supplies and I’ve got a choice to make so if I want to remind myself of where I was it’s over here I’m over here not too far away from the towns of Horton and Fort side there’s a hotel and some villas a bit north of me and you know there’s the the tourist rail line there’s a little picnic area not too far away for me as well all of those bits of information may or may not be important as I investigate but I have some choices right off the bat I could get a short rest which is optional it’s going to take a look at that now I have no idea if you could actually hear that but the app is actually there this represents some operator you could hear that nice British lady who is giving us directions and telling us where we need to go and what we need to do and is invested in keeping us alive and alright so I can make camp I can catch my breath or I could cancel this now making camp means I spend some of my supplies but it means I can set up traps that will hopefully keep the zombies at bay when we start running because they’ll run afoul of our traps instead I could just catch my breath both making cap and catch breath also allows me to refill our litre deck which starts out when we set up whenever whenever we start the game for the first time or when we continue from a save game there are 25 cards in the leader deck which represents resources available to us although five of them are put on display here this is the leaders hand of cards and all of these as part of set up we put out five rows of five cards randomly these are all the opportunities available to us that we can use two escapes Ami’s so these are available to everybody these are available only to the leader player and then the leader player has a deck of right now 20 more cards the it’s the leaders job to make sure that he keeps finding new opportunities taking cards out of his hand and putting them available to us in the opportunity pile so we can use them to escape zombies and as he does that this deck will empty out and if we run out of cards we run out of ways to escape the zombie hordes so if we want to rest we can make camp or catch our breath that will let us get more cards and add them to the leader deck so we have more cards to stay alive if we make camp though we’ll burn through some of our resources but we’ll potentially set some traps if we catch our breath we will go on ahead and still get more cards into our leadership deck but there’s a chance that zombies might catch up with us in bad events would happen almost guaranteed if we try to catch our breath the battle event will happen whereas if we make camp only good stuff will happen but we’ll burn through our resources so I’m gonna say I don’t want to do either of those right now best to move on she said decided not to rest so I go back to my list and I’ve got 38 supply so I do have supplies to burn through if I wanted to set a trap but since we’re just starting we’ve got a pretty full deck I might rest later on if we’re running low on cards we’ve got a lot of zombies on our tail but right now my other choices are okay I didn’t rest I chose to but I cancelled that I could listen to banks now I’m not gonna do that it’s optional and if I do that’s gonna be a character who comes over on the radio and will give us new objectives tell us about things that are changing in the overall state of the island and they’d be emergencies it might be you know requests for help from people who are trapped somewhere and then it would give us new basically if I listen to banks we’ll hear some evolution of the story and chances are some new option will appear on this list of things I could do I’m not gonna do that right now cuz I don’t want to spoil the story for anything but suffice to say we could get some more story get some more objectives but in the meantime my other choices are we could run to Horton the nearby town or hotel Akari or to plant security or to the Zumo bridge these are all the places that are close by to us that are points of interest because of other things that have happened in the story so you know what let’s say I haven’t been here yet I’m gonna run to hotel khari which is on the map again and you do some time it often doesn’t matter the app will do it for you but sometimes it does matter that you want to pay attention to this map because sometimes very important game information is kept in here not on there so here we are I’m gonna run up here to hotel khari and see if maybe we can find some survivors because one thing is players as a group control a group of survivors and I’ve actually lost a few survivors to zombie bites so we’re getting kind of low so I think I’m gonna go to the hotel and see if we can find some survivors to bolster our group so we have more people to survive so let’s say we run and we’re off okay we’re running now this is gonna take a little while it’s a real time thing and I could pause any time I want if I need to so we’re running along everything’s fine we have all these opportunities available to us and eventually hey we just found three more supplies on our run north that’s pretty nice all right now though zombies are chasing me right now if I had been continuing to play from a previous session there might have been a few zombies out that I hadn’t taken care of they were just milling around and as soon as I started running they started giving chase and whenever the app says zombies advancing they all move one step closer to catching if they go off of the board that means later on we’re gonna have to check to see if we got bitten now as it is there are no zombies out there right now because I just I picked up from a save game so that zombie advance wasn’t a big deal and I’ll just unpause now because eventually some zombies are gonna start chasing us and then I’ll explain how that works all righty one zombie detected hey let’s look at this now this isn’t oh okay we were gonna pause for a second now although there’s a timer here there’s zombies in the cars up ahead do we run past them break the windows in the cars or sneak past the cars what do I feel like doing well this zombie is still giving chase this zombie we need to run away from it and we need a plan with two cards in it to get away from genna’s this was her name before she turned into a zombie but this is still out here the game is paused we have 30 seconds left to decide as a group if I was playing cooperatively should we run should we break the windows of the cars zombies why would you break the windows in the cars I’m kind of curious why would I want to do that I’m not gonna do it I’m just gonna try and sneak past the cars that was not good I chose poorly they saw me I didn’t sneak two more zombies were detected and they all advanced oh dear so now I have got three zombies on us now the game is paused because it’s telling us through this and then we’re gonna continue so I went from one zombie chasing us to three zombies chasing us now these two are both the same uh we need to come up with a plan and in any given time we can be working on up to four plans see we got plans a B C and D we need to have plans to get rid of these zombies to get rid of Daniel here we need to have a plan that ends with running and is three cards long and Shahnaz was in just running a2 and to get rid of Stefan he’s the bad one we need to end with sneaking and it has to be five cards long so as soon as I press continue the timer’s gonna keep going stuff will keep happening and I need to start as fast as I can working on plans to fulfill those requirements so I can get rid of those cards before they go off the edge and potentially bite us at which point we would lose some of our survivors that’s why I’m coming to the hotel to try and find survivors but we might lose more than we get so um let’s go on actually know what before I continue I’m gonna explain how this works all these plans you can see they start with a wild card which means any card can be placed this is a game kind of dominoes basically if you know how you play dominoes where you you put a two next to a two and then on the other side of one and then you put a one next to the one so any of these are wild cards so I could put this here to start a plan it means I started with thinking then after the thinking I have to do some sneaking which means I could play um any card on it that had their sneaking on the right so I have to play cards left slow this would be legal so I could say okay now I’ve done some sneaking now there’s a wild card so I could put any card I want on the right and as you can see I’ve now got a plan with two cards in it and so if I went like this let’s say because this wild card means I can put anything all right I’ve got a plan with three cards in it but the top card is a sneak I need to get rid of this I need the top card to be a run but my problem is all the cards with running on the left the oh these are running cards these are talking cards thinking cards and sneaking cards all the running cards are buried deep so what I could do is say I could take this and this is all happening in real time I can put this here but then I need a yellow card I’ve revealed the run card I want but I’ve got to get a yellow card to play down and there’s no yellow cards I could play etc etc but no this is all the kind of stuff you do in real time instead of trying to plan it out while you’re pausing because that’s totally cheating so but anyway you’ve got idea of what I want to do I’ve got to make size 2 a size 3 and a size 5 plan that end in running and sneaking and also they can end in you if you play a card that is a wild card on the left that can stand in for anything so this could be the thing that triggers it so it’s very very powerful to have cards available to me right there so anyway these are all the cards that are available to the players who are running trying to come up with problems let’s see if I can come up with I can avoid some of these guys continuing and we continue running all righty run all right so let’s try and get that red too so I will um oh man yeah okay I’ll just go with a I’ll just do it really easy Hey Oh but zombies advancing they’re getting closer but hey I’ve made it to the top one I’m gonna say it’s a red these things got rid of that zombie but in the meantime a new zombie has appeared let’s continue to try and we found some supplies all right so these are the bad ones I need to end with the red here’s an ending with the red if I go blue and then I could go anything’s wild I want to end with red so it wild card to another blue there’s the red and then we end with this red hey we got a three that ends with it you always are running I just got rid of that one zombies advancing and I think we had another zombie added while I was talking to you guys so this one’s about to get to us we need to get that built up fast let’s build quickly quickly quickly alrighty let’s go ahead and do a blue to a thing and then a thing to a thing and then a C thing to a thing and oh alright yeah and then a blue or a zombie it was detected and oK we’ve arrived we’ve made it let’s pause for a second and breathe now here’s the interesting thing I have got one two three four I only need one more card in this is this a legal plan the me double-check it I see that yellow led to a wild that wild led to a yellow yeah you know it’s I’m cheating totally I’m not cheating but I’m making it really easy on myself by burning through all my wilds unfortunately but now we want a a blue oh shoot we needed this to be a green because if I could just place one more and it was a green or wild that I was placing we’d escape from this guy but unfortunately I’ve got a blue here and I’ve run out of wilds but here’s the thing this is where the leader comes in now of course it’s fortunate that the game is pause so I can explain this while the players and you know it might be one two three four players cuz there’s up to four plans can be going on while the players are trying to make their plans you know and do this domino style matching thing it’s targeting a different zombies like this one you need to talk your way past and sneak past it think past it oh this is interesting so right while we’re doing that the leader has his game he’s playing separately he is taking cards and adding them to the what he call it the I can think of word the the opportunities available but what he has to match a little bit differently he’s got a little more flexibility he could take let’s say this card which is a green and a yellow on one side he has to put it someplace that would match so right this wouldn’t work but you know if it were like this but you can’t rotate this would be a legal way so he can add stuff like what what was a good example of an ad right okay this would be illegal because hey there’s a blue here he can create more opportunities and now he’s got less cards in his hand and after that he could put this one here so he uh the leaders job is to replenish stuff playing his own little matching minigame that’s slightly different than the runners matching minigame and once he is emptied all the cards out of his hand he gets to draw five more and he can start replenishing again because if he’s not replenishing the runners will eventually run out of cards and will get bitten now of course I haven’t actually placed these down here but thinking about this if the runners job is more than just playing cards out here as fast as possible here’s the situation we this guy is going to be very close to biting us but we’re close to beating a metaphor we need to get a green if the the leader is paying attention to what his team needs the leader would say hey hey here’s this one he’ll put it over here because the blue matches or you know that he could put any place because this wildcard matches but by putting this out there we as a group and realized yes that’s perfect look at this we’ll take this the blue matches the blue now we’ve got one two three four five that’s more than uh remember it had to be a green but because we put a while there we can now put say this one out and we’ve made a sixer it ends with the green and that means we got a rid we got rid of Stefano’s before he would bite us that’s all the stuff you’re doing in real time the leader is putting cards out as fast as possible paying attention basically paying attention to what types of cards the player is gonna need to beat the zombies the players are all working on their individual plans I’ll say okay I’ll take I’ll take Clara and then I’m trying to make it one that’s too long that ends in blue but the ones that end in blue hey there’s that one so if this one if somebody else takes this or I take it and put any number they’ll so then this reveals which is what I need to do that so it’s a real time it’s very very difficult for me to demo this for you by myself let’s just say we had done that though before time was up and then right before I was about to say boom we did it we got Stephano we arrived hey here we are in town Nolan alright and so now here’s the interesting thing every time you finish a run to go from one place to another which is the main portion of the game this real time pattern matching game you check for bites and what that means is if any zombies if we had failed to get him and he’d come off the board now and say you know a couple more zombies had come off the board oh no there’s two zombies here we would have to get bit twice potentially what happens is there’s this bite deck it means that this means the zombies caught us twice we got away we kept running because these cards are out now but because we got caught twice two bit cards will come out and this is telling us hey before you continue with the story check for bites so we check for bites or actually or we couldn’t go sacrifice but if we check for bites that means each player gets one of these cards and the player who’s holding this card says hey check check my left arm I think might have been bitten on my left arm or the player who’s holding this card might say check my torso or my head or my right arm or my left leg or my right leg there are five places we could potentially get bitten this is a bit of a guessing game so let’s say we did get attacked a couple times I’m holding this card and I say to one of my teammates I’m afraid I got bit in my left arm could you check and then the other and then we show it and hooray I wasn’t I chose left arm and there’s no bite there so if I had said oh I think I got bit in my left leg and then revealed this it turns out I did get bit in my left leg so we avoided a bite this gets discarded and again because we’re saying two zombies got to us another play says oh I think I might have got bit in the head check my head boom we did get bit okay so that meant that this player would have had to say Oh check my leg or my left arm and they would have been fine but said head or torso or right arm or right leg that was a bite so here’s the deal when we get to the end of a run can you we have to check for bites or if we pulled a lot of cards if a lot of zombies got to us and we think man we’re gonna get bit a lot this is gonna be bad we can inch it instead to a noble sacrifice and that means one of these survivors of this island not us the players are always here but one of the members of our group of survivors in the story we will choose who makes a noble sacrifice that one dies and all the zombies that would have caught us they got away and you know so if we think we’re gonna lose players to you no survivors to bytes anyway we can have a noble sacrifice and get rid of everything but instead I check four bytes and that’s when we do all this stuff I was talking about where we reveal the cards players take a guess and in this case say we had one bite and that meant either Johan who is a special named character we met Johan we helped him out he joined us he might have special skills we need we don’t lose him and here’s the fail at this point in the story my survival group only has Johan and one of the starting characters that’s why I came here because I’m hoping to find some more survivors because I don’t want to I mean if we run out of survivors oh my goodness well that’d be very but Johan is special I don’t want him to die so I’ll say extra character number three died and okay we’ve made it to the hotel now of course they didn’t actually die I actually just messed up my game for you people because of course the you know number five was over here and number two was here and I think everything was fine and I was about to get it but let’s say that one of the zombies caught us and now it reminds us to refresh our opportunities and refresh our zombies what that means is all the cards that we were using the opportunity cards and the zombie cards we basically shuffle them back into their starting decks so these zombies the you know we never kill the zombies we just escape from them the zombies can always come back and bother us later and these cards get shuffled back into the deck which is where more leadership cards can come from because you know so the leader has put one card back in once he puts all these he’ll draw five more once he’s out of cards we’re doomed but that’s why we need to get we need to rest occasionally to get more cards out of this deck and put it in our leader deck but anyway so we’ve done that we’ve refreshed and refresh the zombies and here we are we can get some rest we can enter the hotel or we can go to the nearby villa and if we enter this hotel chances are interesting storyline stuff will happen sometimes we just listen to the nice British ladies sometimes we meet new characters sometimes we’re given challenges and those are special puzzles because here’s the deal the game is paused right now we’re we’re we start running again we’ll be able to turn this plan in to get rid of him before he advances but if we enter the hotel it’s very likely we might find somebody I don’t know trapped in the kitchen under a refrigerator let’s say the refrigerator fell on I mean he’s trapped or something and so the game will say do you want to help them you get tons of storyline choices to make all the time throughout here and of course we’ll say yes we’ll help him and then the game will give us a timer and it will tell us a specific plan to make it’ll say something like make a plan four cards long that has two thinking and one running and we’re like okay we got 60 seconds to make that with what we have available plus what the leader can feed us and if we succeed at that then we’ll save that person maybe they’ll join us maybe they’ll give us a cool weapon that we can use to fight etc etc now again I’m not gonna enter this hotel because I don’t want to store spoil the story we can open up a whole new line of investigation to find out where did these zombies come from what’s going on and stuff like that I don’t want to spoil it but there is one more thing I’m going to talk about in the box you get all the cards you get the the zombie cards you get the app the get the bottom also comes with a bunch of sealed envelopes and at certain points in the story like say if you or I don’t want to say what in fact actually when you open the box it tells you don’t look at these things so don’t look very closely at these things but basically they’re a bunch of envelopes full of things and when certain events happen when you go to certain places when you rescue certain people when you complete certain objectives it’ll tell you okay dig out the envelopes find the envelope that says X open it and then pull stuff in these envelopes have lots of different things in them they have new boss zombies they have cool items you can get but what’s really surprising is they are these envelopes also have cool meta puzzles that are kind of like the stuff you would see in an escape room if you can imagine that and I mean I’ve seen a few of these escape room puzzles and so in addition to all the real time running and pattern building and leadership type stuff occasionally the game will pause and have you do some kind of really elaborate puzzle using special measuring devices and coming back over to the map and I don’t know I mean I haven’t seen this but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s puzzles that say okay figure out the distance between fort side and Town Hall how long would it take you to run based on that information plug it into a question I mean there’s all kinds of funky stuff that happens this game is full of surprises that when you get to certain areas certain interesting events will happen that will have you open certain envelopes that will do you you have no idea what they do constantly surprising you I’d love to show them but I dare not spoil that because that’s some of the coolest neatest things in the game but then eventually once we go into the hotel and we deal with we rescue the person from the refrigerator they’re trapped or we do that we open the envelope that says to open and we do the cool big puzzle that might be a puzzle do we have to do several times this might be equipment in here that will let us go back to someplace we’ve been in the past and do new things that we couldn’t do before because of course the app will know if we’ve opened this or not and that will give us new opportunities to explore the island but then eventually oh and then also while we’re here hey if we were getting low on cards we could rest we’ve got 51 supplies we picked up some along the way and if we let’s say if we rest and this time I will make camp and I can spend 10 supplies to camp without any spat events like zombies jumping us or I’ll spend 20 I laid some traps cod zombies in trap escape 2 zombies and get 25 more cards so I get to put a whole bunch more cards over here so we have more and you’ll say hey let’s say we escaped these two because there although man we’re about to do this one but you know what this group could be used for this guy as well because hey he’s also 5 tough and he needs to end in a yellow so let’s say we set the trap she spent some resources these are just instantly gone so we don’t have to deal with them we have more resources because we spent some of our you know or and now we’re down to 31 supplies I could still go into the hotel or from here we could run to the nearby villas and maybe meet some people over there but I’m not gonna do that folks because I’m gonna stop right there that is zombies run the board game if you want to hear some final thoughts you can hit that I on the top right corner follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. I really enjoyed playing this game. The game is very simple, but the app adds a lot of story to bring it to life. Definitely more interesting with more people, the extra chaos adds a lot. The extra elements that come out as the game goes on add some interesting surprises.

  2. Dear Rahdo, thank you for this video, just bought the game and it's all your fault! šŸ˜‰ Please reassure me that at 11:40 that the top card is in fact a running card and not a thinking card? Sorry… you are correct it is a thinking card but it is the card we need as to escape zombies you need the link to be correct and not the type of card. šŸ™‚ Oh… all the escaping examples are wrong… But it does not matter as the mechanic is correct. šŸ™‚

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